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Best YouTube Cover Songs 2017: #Viral #Talented #WorthWatching

Listening to new songs can keep you calm, relax and motivated. And having different apps on our phone, the way of listening music have become more advance. With the help of the internet, people have started making some awesome videos which they direct themselves with their talent and gain popularity. And cover songs from the original songs are too given equal priority by the viewers on the apps like YouTube.

YouTube is one of the best apps for watching videos where any celebrities and also the common people can use this site to telecast themselves for free & earn in the process. So many Cover songs have recently been launched from the original songs are released every day. And interestingly few of those cover song are ven better than the original ones which you must check out too.

Here below you can watch the top 10 new cover songs which have hit the YouTube channel. All the songs are selected relating to the most liked and Viewed on YouTube. So hope you would enjoy this new song & the Best Cover song now.

Top 10 New Songs, Cover Song That has Rock on Youtube

After checking all the analysis, rating and comments and likes/views, we present you some of the best songs that is very much popular on the YouTube. So listen to all the song and enjoy them all.

1. Sia ft. Sean Paul- cheap thrill [cover]

Cheap Thrills is one of the most viewed songs which has gotten all the new singer covering on this song. Juts like the Original Song, Cheap Thrill Sung by Sia, all the cover songs are damn to awesome. Here below is one the most liked & Viewed Cover Song of Cheap Thrill Video Song.

The video is created by a group namely Jonny, Greg, and Allie Gorenc. You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel to listen to a more awesome cover song. You can also follow on their #Instagram Site, for viewing their latest activities

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2. Rockabye- Sean Paul ft. Anne Marie [cover]

This is another sizzling song cover by Shirley Setia on the song- Rockabye, Sean Paul ft. Anne Marie with Clean Bandit. Shirley is trending on YouTube from India whose voice is liked all over the world and her latest Rockabye cover is awesome and a must hear.

So play the song, listen to her voice and enjoy the video with her great voice now. For more great song sang by Shirley, you can watch her on YouTube channel. You must subscribe to stay updated with new songs to listen more or you can also follow her on #Instagram

3. El Perdon

El Perdon aka Forgiveness is one of the best Spanglish songs sang by Enrique Iglesias along with Nicky Jam. Just play the song right now and enjoy the beautiful combo of both the singer. While you can also listen to the Spanish version, you can Follow Nicky Jam for more interesting Spanish duo with Enrique Iglesias on #Instagram

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4. Ed Sheeran- Shape of You [official]

Ed Sheeran has become a very popular singer and his new song Shape of You is making all the groove in his voice. This below is the official video of Ed Sheeran, as there is no match for another cover song to match his level. Hope you will enjoy the song- Shape of You. Also, view him on Instagram for more new song and news.

5. we don’t talk anymore- Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

This is the official video song- We don’t talk anymore which also ranking high on the YouTube and its views and likes are still flowing and became one of the best songs of the year 2017. So enjoy the song now. You can also follow Charlie to get his latest songs and news on #Instagram

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6. Closer- Chainsmokers ft. Hasley [cover]

Chainsmoker’s Closer has also become the top rated song which is a love song with great actions in music. The Chainsmoker ft. Hasley original song is too pretty cool that has given such sweet music and thus huge cover songs have been created so far.

This song is again covered by #Gorenc and the team which has brought a good mix tape,  with their own style and twist. Listen to the Song Closer- The Chainsmokers ft. Hasley [cover] below

7. Picky ft. Akon

Picky..! this song have also gotten much likes and views on YouTube and its remix ft. Akon is awesome.You should listen to this song now, as they are good for enjoying the mood for a party, outdoor etc.

Listen to Joey Montana on YouTube and also you can follow on Instagram for latest news

8. You Belong with Me [Filipino talent show]

Xia Vigou, a 7-Year-Old little girl singing on Taylor Swift song- You Belong With Me. And her cutest and sizzling performance have brought a great excitement on the stage of Filipino talent show. She has performed on the live show of Taylor Swift’s song whom she wore the exact outfits and dress and have perfect matches along with her Red Lips. Watch the mini size, Taylor Swift, now.

She has performed on the live show of Taylor Swift’s song whom she wore the exact outfits and dress and have perfect matches along with her Red Lips & painting. Watch the mini size, Taylor Swift, now.

9. Faded- Alan Walker [official vide]

Faded is no matter how much you listen your ear will keep asking for more. A special song sang and created by- Alan Walker has become one of the most liked on YouTube so that we have brought you here and enjoy the song below.

You can also check him out on Instagram for latest photo and Instant Story.

10 . Cold water- Indian Mix [cover]

Justin Beiber is no doubt an awesome and dashing singing but here vidya along with her crew have created a great Indian fusion that makes Cold Water Cover best song on YouTube. The original song is sung by Justin Bieber ft.Mo with Major Lazer.

If you like Vidya, you can also follow her on Instagram and stay connect to her every moment. For more awesome cover song, subscribe to YouTube channel now


Final Views

Hope you have listened to all the song and enjoy. All the song contain above are either Original or Cover, and all the song are relatively top rated on YouTube Site. If you have enjoyed all the song, tell us your views.

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