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WWE to hold RAW live events in India in December 2017

wwe raw coming to India

If you are WWE fan then this has to be an exciting news for you, WWE is planning to hold RAW live events in India in December.

Now the last time WWE performed live in India was back in January of 2016. Recently the company performed live in Japan and Australia, and it seems that the company is now planning to hold two days of live event shows and this time around also WWE plans to hold it at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Arean.

This is the same arena where WWE performed back in 2016.

wwe coming to india

What’s the reason behind the tour?

Its sure is a great news for WWE fans in India but there is more to it. At present, WWE current World Champion is Jinder Mahal, and according to various reporters, WWE will keep him the World champion until January of 2018.

WWE is planning to have a feud between John Cena and Jinder Mahal, and their face-off will take place in the Royal Rumble PPV where Jinder will lose the title to Cena.

So, as far as promotion is concerned, WWE has picked at a good time for doing promotion in India. However, as it’s a RAW live event, WWE fans in India will not get to see  WWE champion, Jinder Mahal, as he is part of the SmackDown Live roster.

However, WWE fans in India may get to see the glimpse of Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar, as the two-day live event may feature a WWE Universal Championship match like the way they did last time.

When will be WWE be holding the RAW live events?

You already got to know the venue and the place but the date of live events are yet to be confirmed by the WWE.

Nonetheless, according to PWInsider, WWE is planning to hold the live events on  December 6th and 7th.

There are also plans that WWE superstars will also be invading the WWE weekly show RAW Sunday Dhamaal.

Even though Jinder Mahal is part of SmackDown Live but it will be really great of see him perform in India as the WWE World Champion.

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