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WordPress WP Super Cache Plugin Settings Tutorial Guide

WordPress is one of the best blogging platform today. I am using WordPress since last 1 year, I enjoy the easy configuration in WordPress all the time. WP Super Cache is recommended plugin for every WordPress user. Default settings of WP Super Cache plugin is not good for site. WP Total cache plugin also does the same work, but it consumes more resource. Due to this reason I recommend my readers to use WP Super Cache plugin for WordPress blog.

Why we need WordPress WP Super Cache plugin?

I used to read on other blogs about the importance of this plugin. But when my traffic increased my server failed to handle. I don’t blame to my hosting server, but the reason behind this was wrong setting for WordPress WP Super Cache Plugin as well as blog optimization. Blog optimization is one of the most important thing you must look after. Caching mechanism helps to save execution time and reduce load time. WP Super Cache plugin also creates static pages of your site, also calls less number of php calls.Without caching your page load will increase significantly, it is highly recommended to use cache plugin for shared hosting users. In shared hosting you gets very limited usage space thought your hosting company provides you unlimited space, bandwidth etc.

WordPress WP Super Cache plugin has very special features. It optimize database by generating static HTML files. When your page is requested the files created is used to serve the request instead of processing PHP scripts.

How to install WordPress WP Super Cache plugin?

It is very easy to install this plugin in Your WordPress Dashboard.

Download this plugin from here.

Dashboard<<<< Plugins <<<< Add new <<< upload <<<<< Activate.

After you complete installing this plugin next step you have to do is, change the default settings.

Complete guide to WP Super Cache settings:

This is very simple plugin which is very easy to use and configure. This plugin is so well configured that we need not to make much changes in settings. Slightly small changes are required for sure, but there is nothing complicated work in setting WP Super Cache plugin.

Once your installation is complete and successfully activated. You need to switch on cache by goingDashboard<< Settings << WP Super Cache.

Have a look at this snap shot below and make the same settings.


  • Advance Option.
  • Cache hits to this website for quick access.
  • Use MOD_rewrites.
  • Compress Pages so they are served more quickly to visitors.
  • Cache rebuild.
  • Mobile device support.
  • Click on update option.

This is the small change you need to work on your blog.

Important Tips:

We all know very well that WordPress runs with the help of plugin. But over use of plugin also leads a blog to load time increasing which results to server down in most of the cases.

Do not use plugins more then 20 active. Try your best to use less plugins by removing unnecessary plugins. You can use this trusted essential WordPress plugin for every WordPress Users.

It is very important to use only trusted plugins, also remove those plugin which consumes more resource.

If you are facing problem on your WordPress with your server, you must use only 13-15 active plugins.

If you have any doubts or questions please ask me via comments.

Thank you.

Best Regards.


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