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Wifi Booster for Android- Speed Up Your WiFi With These Apps!

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Wifi is a good medium through which Smartphone, computer, tablet and other devices connect to the internet. Moreover, it enables the wireless device to connect with each other remaining in a limited range. Sometimes, the Wifi speed is very bad, and you might face difficulty in uploading, downloading, or streaming.

Wifi Booster for Android

So, to improve the performance of Wi-Fi, there are various apps available now. In this post, I will suggest you top 15 best Android WI-Fi Booster for improving your internet speed. If you are interested in knowing about some of the best Wi-Fi boosters, then read this post.

Top 15 Best Wi-Fi Booster App for Android:

#1.Wi-fi Signal Strength BoosterWifi Signal Strength Booster

If you are facing slow internet connection in your router, then this app is best for you now. This app is good for boosting the Wi-fi speed on mobiles and provide stronger Wi-Fi signal. Using this app, you can increase your phone’s Wi-Fi stability. This is an android app and all android users will easily able to use this app for improving the Wi-Fi speed on their device.

#2.Wi-Fi MasterWifi Master-Speed Test & Booster

This is the best signal booster that can make your network speed faster and stable. Using this app, you can test the speed of your Wi-Fi easily and boost signals. This app provides you with Wi-Fi speed test feature that helps diagnose the connectivity issues. This also provides secure detection by preventing threat like the DNS hijack and APR attacks. This stops all the background running apps of your device and free RAM.

#3.Wi-Fi BoosterWifi Booster

This app enables to easily scan and test Wi-Fi signal strength and boost it by providing encrypt detection. This app optimises the network signal by identifying the relevant information channel on your device. This is the simple and easy way to enhance your network signal and choose the available channels of networks. You are free to optimise your network or Wi-Fi connection and stability with this app. This booster works with McDonalds free Wi-Fi, Airport Wi-Fi, wcpss Wi-Fi, etc.

#4.Network Master – Security & BoosterNetwork Master-Security & Booster

The Network Master app safeguards your network speed by boosting Wi-Fi speed of your device. It includes signal booster, 3G/4G data manager and a wireless protector that collectively gives awesome performances. This app evaluates security levels, resolve network issues and detect intruders. This is a real time testing of your network speed by protecting the available network bandwidth. It restricts all the background data secretly and enables you to share your network as well to others easily.

#5.3G 4G Wi-Fi Maps & Speed Test3G 4G Wifi Maps & Speed Test

This app lets you easily check the signal speed of your Wi-Fi and save data to your SD card. It let you share, findings and compare the network connection with that of others. It has the features such as personal statistics of the signal quality of the device, see all the local cell tower, see the network speed, reliability, etc. It provides an easy speed test for upload and upload of your device and gives a solution to those issues easily.

#6.Internet Booster & OptimizerInternet Booster & Optimizer

The Internet Booster is a powerful speed accelerator that boosts the Wi-Fi speed of your device. This app performs perfectly in cleaning cache memory, RAM memory by making the secondary processes. However, this app contains some ads which might be annoying to users while using this app.

#7.Wifi BoosterWifi Booster

This is the easiest Wi-Fi boosting tools that analyse and fix all kinds of network problems and slowing down. This app comes with IP speed signal strength of the analyser, Signal to noise ratio, etc. You can use this app in all versions of Android mobiles and tablets. This app analyses all kinds of functions like DNS resolving, latency, overlapping, signal power, etc.

#8.Fast Wifi Speed-Booster PRANKFast Wifi Speed-Booster PRANK

This can be one of the recommendable Wi-Fi speed boosters that enable you to fix all kinds of network issues. Working in slow internet speed is really irritating and time wasting as well. So, this app will completely boost your network. You can boost your data speed in a single click only from your respective devices. This app works for both mobile data networks such as  2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi signals.

#9.Wifi Easy BoosterWifi Easy Booster

This is one of the unique Wi-Fi boosters that works in different mechanism for boosting your Wi-Fi device. This Android app has a simple user interface that helps you to easily boost your device within a click. You can now improve your downloading, uploading, transferring, and even streaming online easily with Wifi easy booster app.

#10.Wifi Signal StrengthWifi Signal Strength

This is another recommendable booster that enables you to optimise the Wi-Fi signal strength in your Phone, Tablets easily. This app can boost any kinds of network connectivity that you have on your device. This app keeps constantly updating the signal strength which let users walk around anywhere with good internet speed.

#11.Wifi ManagerWifi Manager

The Wifi Manager is yet another explosive tool for managing good network speed on your Android devices. This app enables you to connect to the best Wi-Fi network by scanning and let you open the network easily. You can easily see your network status like speed, strength via this app. This Wi-Fi booster also has the geographical channel radar which is a much advantageous feature of this app.

#12.Open Signal Wifi Map, Speed TestOpen Signal

This app enables users to map cellular coverage, test and improve reception, get faster data, find Wi-Fi hotspots easily. You can open Signal Wi-Fi Map that provides the powerful signal compass. So, you can move according to the direction of the compass to receive the signal.

#13.Wifi AnalyzerWifi Analyzer

This is one of the best Wi-Fi analyser and boosters that you can use on your Android devices. This app helps users to trace, and find the Wi-Fi channels with good strength. Using this android app, you can easily boost your network speed and locate the available best networks easily.

#14.Network Signal BoosterNetwork Signal Booster

This app improves your network performance in your device by boosting the performances easily. You can now overcome all kinds of cellular signals and network problems and boost by simple and easy steps. You can easily view the current status of your Wi-Fi connection with this app. You can scan your wireless network anywhere and in any location using this app.

#15.Signal Booster 3G 4GSignal booster 3G 4G

This is the best signal booster that works with all kinds of network signals such as 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, UMTS, LTE, etc. This app gives better download and transfer speed on your device by boosting your internet speed. You can enter the Signal Booster app and click the tower button, and your network connection will get reset easily.

You can use any of the app suggested above to experience good internet speed in your devices. The discussed above are the best Wi-Fi Booster for Android. Thus, you longer need to face any slow network connectivity issues as I have provided the best solution in this post. You can now keep a check on your present network status as well using any of this app. Enjoy downloading, uploading and streaming anything on your Android device now.

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