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Why Playing Pokemon Go in India is Dangerous?

Pokemon Go, ever since the game is out in the market, it has been in the hype. The game has faced both the negative and positive reaction from people. The game came on severe news headlines for accidental deaths. The very first Pokemon Go related accident was reported in Japan which caused the death of an old lady.

Pokemon Go driving car

When it comes about Pokemon Go in India, the very first car accident was reported in Mumbai when a Bandra-based young man got his Mercedes car bumped by an Auto-rickshaw.

Pokemon Go is not yet officially released in India. However, many players got their handful with Poke-ball using many Pokemon Go hacked, APK, MOD versions.

Why Playing Pokemon Go in India is Dangerous?

While no country is really free from accidental cases that can occur from playing Pokemon Go on streets, India is certainly far more prone country for Pokemon Go accidents comparing any other nation.

Here is the list of possible reasons why playing Pokemon Go in India is not safe.

1: Potholes Everywhere!

Place in India without pothole is hard to find. Of course, the credit goes to the Govt. and its system. Running behind those virtual monsters with Smartphone in hand can, absent-minded can lead you to step in one of those potholes. The consequence, you can easily predict.

Why Playing Pokemon Go in India is Dangerous

During the rainy season, you get more vulnerable to taste a bitter Pokemon Go experience. Pokemon Go is an addictive game. Playing this game while walking across the roads of Indian cities, is not any close to safe.

2: Pursuing Pokemon While Driving is More Dangerous

The car accident in Japan and Mumbai I have cited above is are just some common example of what Pokemon Go can lead you to. While many countries with better traffic rules are failed to control the accidents due to Pokemon Go gameplay, India is not even any considerable country.

indian traffic jam

Road accidents have always been a prime concern in India. Use of mobile in India while driving is strictly prohibited in India according to its traffic rule. Playing Pokemon go while controlling the car steering can make paying fine or occur a serious road accident.

3: Addiction in Pokemon Go is no Good for Your Productivity

The concept of Augmented Reality game is brilliant. So the Pokemon Go is. But, obsessed with this game can make a negative impact on your work and productivity. And, you cannot expect your Boss to tolerate this. You definitely won’t like to see this kind of notice at your workplace.

playing Pokemon Go At work

Even if you are working as self-employed and no Boss is there to shout on you, decreasing your daily productivity is not an acceptable cause. Especially, in a competitive market of India.

4: India Lack of Quiet Hangout Spots

India is the second largest populated country in the world. Here you can hardly find a quiet place for evening hangout. There are very few spots where you can spend your good time under the open sky. Now imagine a bulk of furious and noisy people ruining all the fun of being within the fresh air and quiet surroundings.

You know, Indians do not score well in tolerating any intolerance. If you are looking for any place where you can have the fun of catching, training, and battling with your virtual monsters; it does not exist in India.

5: Vandalising Public or Private Property

With the popular Pokemon Go slogan “Catch Them All” in head, if you sneak into others property looking for your favorite Pokemon, you are certainly going to have a bad day. Vandalizing others property while playing Pokemon Go may end up with a nightmare. Neighbours in India are not so polite and tolerating as they look.

On the other hand, mesmerizing structures in Indian streets are not we are familiar of. And, if anyone is found destroying of this kind, that may cause a serious issue here.


Keeping in mind all these factors mentioned above, you better keep yourself away from playing Pokemon Go in India.

Even long way before the official release of Pokemon Go in India, the games has already faced many controversies. Apart from the minor accidents occurred due to Pokemon Go, a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) has been filed in the Gujarat High Court alleging showing those virtual eggs are hurting religious sentiments of many.

Instead of Pokemon Go, you should try Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. This game is currently a trending mobile game in India. This is a very fun multiplayer game, and it’s absolutely safe to play as you won’t be bothering anyone else or yourself.

There are Hack and MOD versions also available for this game. You may try Mini Militia cheats as well to give your opponents a tough challenge.


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