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Why I Use Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin Without Adsense?

Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin is popularly used for placing adsense ads between post. We all use Quick adsense plugin for the same purpose & I have seen bloggers using it only when they have adsense approved account. Today I am going to show you how I had used Quick adsense for different purpose.

Why Quick adsense WordPress Plugin is commonly used?

Google Adsense is one of the best Ad network with highest CPC worldwide with ton’s of advertiser. Which allows publishers to display ads on their respected blogs. There are many plugins available in WordPress but some of them are scam.

You will find small decrease in your CPC while using such plugins, which are not trustable. They usually take some percentage of your total earnings due to which your earning get reduced. Quick adsense is one of the safest plugin for flexible ads placement.

Features Quick Adsense Tutorial:

Quick adsense allow you to use ads between your post, in very flexible ads position. This not only helps you to get more clicks but also increases your cost per click on your ads.

  • It allows you to place ads before content below your tittle, in right position, left position or center etc.
  • It allows you to place ads in Middle of the post in right, left & center position etc.
  • It Allows you to place ads at bottom of the post.
  • It allows you to place ads below paragraph 1, 2, 3 ….. 50. [ You can place multiple ads code in single ads code]

Best Ways To use This plugin Without Adsense:

I am going to share you tips to use adsense ads for different purpose, other than placing adsense ads. Quick adsense is useful for placing affiliate ads or subscription box or any other ads network ads. It works as a same process, it will insert your ads between post for better conversion & CTR.

It is not necessary to have adsense account approved to use quick adsense plugin, you can monetize other ads networks instead of adsense using same plugin. Also you can add anything on the bottom of your post using this tool like images, subscriber box, affiliate ads, other ads network ads or anything important notes.

Do You Know?

How to add Ads above the post in Quick adsense?

To add ads above fold Go to Settings << Quick Adsense<< Ads 1, 2 or any 1 out of 10[ Place your ads code].

  • Click on Assign Ads & Choose the position of ads[ center, right or left]

    Quick adsense WordPress Plugin

  • Also you can place any code in the ads code space, choosing your desired position.

    Quick adsense Step by Step Tutorial

Over all quick adsense is awesome plugin, I currently use quick adsense for adsense ads, affiliate, & subscriber box.

Do you use quick adsense only for placing adsense ads??

If you have any unique or interesting method please share with us.


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