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WhatsApp’s Old Status Feature is Coming Back as “Tagline”

WhatsApp Live Status Feature that was brought to live with its very recent update had face a massive backlash from user. The cross-platform instant messagng App has made the feature available for all the mobile OS latform counted as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The newly launched Live Status feature replaced the old style of creating a simple text based status. This has brought a huge different in the feature that was much useful and familiar to the users.

WhatsAPP live status

Reasons Majority of WhatsAp Users Not Appreciating Live Status

The new feature is live from 23th February 2017 and users from all across the globe have been making negative comments ever since.

# The old “Status” feature allowed users to keep a simple text based status that was also used as “left message” in needs. For example, your exam  has started and you won’t be available in WhatsApp untill your exam gets over. You could simply leave your status with a message on it such as “See you guys after exam,” “exam is on, will be available lately,” etc. And once the certain exam session is all over, you could get back to WhatsApp with a new status. Now that the facility is gone.

# On the other hand, the new feature called “Status” lets users to upload images, GIF, and videos in the Status bar. The Status bar has also replaced the account “Contacts” tab in user account that used to be a very useful one for scrolling through the contact list and pick prefered contact to get connect with.

# Old WhatsApp Status have been usedd as a medium to express current emotions, situations, etc. They were also used for funny and entertaining activity as using the stautus texts and phrases, people could narate their thoughts better. Now that the facility of text post is no more and only uploading images option is left, people find it difficult to express their thought through images.

# WhatsApp has been standing in the crowed for its 1-to-1 and private conversation. Now that it have become much similar like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc after the latest update. WhatsApp was never been a photo-sharing platform and users won’t accept if it tend to become one.

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So, literally, users of WhatsApp are not happy with its newly launched so-called “Live Status” feature. So, whats next?

WhatsApp Old Test-Based Status is Making a Comeback

WABetaInfo, has been leaking many WhatsApp feature from its beta version. On their recent Tweet they cited that WhatsApp is likely to bring back the old style status feature. Interestingly, the upcoming text-based status will be titled as “Tagline” according to the source.

WhatsApp Tagline

As the feature is now under the beta test, it is still not yet confirmed when the feature is making the comeback. We have to wait till the old style WhatsApptext-based status as most of the user are not happy with the new one.

WhatsApp old Status

However, its a strong fact that WhatsApp is planning to bringthe oldie back to track as the business is all about keeping the clients happy. And, the “Tagline” thingy does not sound bad.

We are eagerly waiting for WhatsApp to come up with a better feature to keep its good work ging as usual.

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