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130+ Best WhatsApp Wallpapers HD Image Collection for Chat Background [2017]

WhatsApp Wallpaper

Some people do not really bother to customize their WhatsApp Wallpapers.

I am sure you’re not among them. And that’s a good thing.

We don’t follow the same menu for daily meals. So, why would someone keep the same default chat background all the time?

WhatsApp is a great App of its kind. I love every single feature it comes with.

As a better user experience is concerned, WhatsApp allows you to do things besides all the typical services.

It has a good looking chat window, yet, the App allows you change it as however, you like.

So besides changing your WhatsApp DP and WhatsApp status, do you change your WhatsApp Wallpaper too.

Quick GuideHow to Change WhatsApp Wallpaper on Android, iPhone & Windows Phone

Pick A Wallpaper for WhatsApp Chat Window Right Away

Have a look at the WhatsApp default chat window.

whatsapp wallpapers

It’s a clean background, but couldn’t be it better looking?

Well, you should keep your WhatsApp Wallpaper clutter free. And there are WhatsApp background wallpapers available with a clean image, yet, much more appealing.

Many amazing sites out there giving away picturesque WhatsApp Wallpapers HD for free download.

And the best part, these HD Wallpapers can be used as Phone Wallpaper as well.

The WhatsApp Wallpapers I have collected are categorized into three parts.

All of these background wallpapers are great looking.

130+ Best WhatsApp Wallpapers HD for A Better Looking Chat Window

Now, pick an image from the list shared below, and give your chat window a new look with a beautiful background wallpaper.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the wallpaper for WhatsApp I have shared.

1: 30 + WhatsApp Wallpaper Cute & Girly

These WhatsApp Wallpaper Images are especially for girls and those who like to give their WhatsApp chat window a soft touch. Get these Whatsapp wallpaper download free of cost.


2: 40+ WhatsApp Wallpaper Love & Lonely

If you are in love, you see butterflies everywhere, every moment is the moment you remember of something, why not giving your WhatsApp Wallpaper a romantic touch?

In the other case, if you have got your heart broken you can keep your WhatsApp wallpapers they way you’re feeling.

Just like you do keep your WhatsApp DP and Status showing your emotional breakdown, These beautiful background Wallpapers for WhatsApp will tell the tale of your lonely heart too.


3: 60+ Awesome WhatsApp Wallpapers HD

For Smartphones with a bigger screen (5″-6″) and Tabs, you will need a background wallpaper HD. Also, WhatsApp Wallpaper HD is the best for High-End devices. Whether it is Phone Wallpaper or WhatsApp chat background, high definition wallpaper is a must.

So, here are the best WhatsApp wallpaper images you must have today.


Disclaimer: WhatsApp Images assembled in the lists does not belong to me. I have collected them as personal interest from various online sources such as Google Images, Pinterest, Pixabay, etc.

Have you gone through all the categories of Wallpaper for WhatsApp? If you did, I am sure you have got the right wallpaper of your taste.

So, that’s all I found as the best WhatsApp Wallpapers so far. I didn’t hesitate to share my collection with you. Get any Whatsapp wallpaper download free of cost from the list.

And I expect you to let me know which one is you are going to use as your Wallpaper for WhatsApp.


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