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WhatsApp Vs Snapchat: Messaging App Features Comparison

WhatsApp Vs Snapchat

WhatsApp and Snapchat both are very much popular instant messaging apps in cross platform devices. Both are great in their own place. However, there were buzzes that both can’t be measured equally. One or other has to take the crown. Hence, it creates a vocal arena of WhatsApp vs Snapchat.

Before we could get to the conclusion and stand on a genuine outcome, we must have a clear insight view on both sides.

WhastApp Snapchat

With that in mind, this article intends to give an in-depth comparison between WhatsApp and Snapchat and concludes which is the better messenger app.

WhatsApp Vs Snapchat: Which is Better App?

Comparison of these two renowned instant messaging app needs an enough effort. I am trying not to slip off anything untalked. All the important factors are mentioned, measured, and matched to generate a right decision. Let’s see what’s they have to buzz about.

1: Account Creation

All the messaging app needs an account to create for usage. While creating an account in any sort of platform, we are supposed to provide some personal information. A phone number, Name, Email ID, etc. are the most required terms of information we had to provide. There are vital to identify a certain user or to assure login authentication. But, are we making our personal information vulnerable to be misused while handing over to others?

Most of the instant messaging apps require a phone number or email ID. WhatsApp asks for your active phone number while creating an account. Even when you switch to another device and wish to access your WhatsApp account, you will have to verify your phone number using a unique code that is sent through an SMS. Thus, your Sim card carries your WhatsApp account. Once the Sim is lost, your WhatsApp account can not be accessed from other device or one device if the account has to be reset.

Snapchat, on the other hand, does not require any phone number or Sim card to verify while creating a user account. Instead, it requires Full name, Email ID and Password. Let’s stand on the fact that we can access to our email from any device from any corner of the world. While using email ID for Snapchat login, It makes easier to access the account from any device without hassle.

Sim cards are made from material and prone to be lost or stolen or damaged. Whereas, Email is a virtual creation which can not be lost. A password may be forgotten in some cases but it can be recovered or reset easily.

You simply can’t give anyone your phone number to get connect via WhatsApp as it may lead to misuse of your personal contact number or being harassed on call if it went to wrong hands. Although, you may invite to any person, known or unknown to connect with your Snapchat as there are no chances of being harassed or so.

2: Sharing Contacts

There are many potential features both the apps have come with. One of the most vital features is the Contact Sharing. In this era of social networking, if you are running a business or simply looking for a job, sharing your contact number to the max of people in the relevant field is important to get connected or stay updated about opportunities. This may work like sharing a business card which people used to do in the past days.

With WhatsApp, you may share yours or others contact number from your contact list to anyone among these contacts. Adding to that, when you are on a WhatsApp group concerning business, you can simply share the contact number on that group thus it reaches a maximum number of people at once. Snapchat is not really meant for any serious purpose rather it is focused most on fun and enjoying things. Neither it has any contact sharing feature.

3: Web Access

Though the emergence of  Smartphone made a huge impact in the computing market and  Smartphone is now the most popular device ever being used, it yet to be replacing the personal computer. Either it is for personal use or in the business field, desktops play a vital rule in simplifying our tasks. Looking forward with the demand of desktop computer, many Smartphone app developers are creating their product desktop friendly. Web versions of apps are much familiar to us now and we are enjoying it.

We can see WhatsApp also bought a web version of it. The WhatsApp Web is great with real-time chat synchronization. This way, you can access the simple account from both Smartphone and Desktop at once and use simultaneously. It reduces a lot of effort.

Snapchat is yet to be praised at this. Unfortunately, currently, there is no Snapchat version created. So, there won’t be snapping or showing off on your computer when your Smartphone busy in any how.


Summing It Up

From the comparisons, it shows that Snapchat lacks the important features which are duly provided by WhatsApp. On that stand, WhatsApp Vs Snapchat concludes that WhatsApp is the better App.

Personally, I feel that Snapchat is more of a fun-app rather a reliable app for serious purposes as such business, communication, or news update. Snapchat is more focused on sharing stickers, customized videos, and images, etc. It’s not much convenient for chatting with a purpose or sharing important files as such PDF and Docs.

On WhatsApp, it’s easier to make conversations, voice and video calls as well as share important things.



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