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WhatsApp Update: What’s New in Latest WhatsApp Update?

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WhatsApp is certainly the most popular and widely appreciated instant messaging App today. It is a great tool to communicate your friends and family.

Besides you sending a free instant text message, using WhatsApp, you can also make free voice and video calls. Share videos, Location, contact numbers, documents are also very common among WhatsApp users.

Recently WhatsApp has added another great feature to share GIF. This feature made the platform even more interesting.

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What Makes WhatsApp the Best Instant Messaging Platform? (Features)

There numerous reasons for WhatsApp a very popular and cited as the Best.

  • It has simple UI and reliable messaging facility.
  • WhatsApp uses only active internet connection, no extra charges are taken.
  • It lets the users create group chats where multiple users (265 max) contribute and communicate with a single interface.
  • WhatsApp is accessible from Desktop computers and can be synced all the chat and contacts seamlessly.
  • Real-time free voice and video calls.
  • The newly introduced end-to-end encryption facilitates privacy and security.
  • Photos, videos, GIFs, Mp3 and Voice notes can be shared seamlessly.
  • PDFs, documents, slideshows, spreadsheets sized up to 100 MB are shared via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Update: What’s New?

We have witnessed many new features from WhatsApp major updates in last few years. The much needed end-to-end encryption was one of them. Other major feature updates are new emojis, Google Drive backup, voice mail, video calling, etc.

The latest major updated of WhatsApp featured GIF. The latest GIF feature also lets you convert video into GIF.

How to Convert Videos into WhatsApp GIF?

The shared videos are not convertible to WhatsApp GIFs. You will need to convert the recorded videos by WhatsApp before sharing them with an individual or in a group chat.

The WhatsApp recorded videos can’t exceed more than 6 seconds. Follow the below steps to convert WhatsApp videos to GIF.

  • Open the chat conversation of any individual or group.
  • Tap on the Attachment Icon.
  • Tap on Camera Icon and record a video fewer than 6 secs.
  • Now tap on OK button.
  • Select Camcorder to switching GIF.

That’s it. Now your GIF is ready to be shared.

Apart from GIF, new updated WhatsApp feature also expanded media file sharing limit from 10 to 30.

Before, we were unable to share more than 10 photos at once. Now WhatsApp allows you to share 30 photos max at once.

WhatsApp Updates it Service on a regular basis. They also provide a WhatsApp beta version to the limited users before making any new update live.

So, you can grab every new feature from WhatsApp beta version before your friends even get to know.

How to Get WhatsApp Beta Version?

In the Google Play Store, the beta version is made available by WhatsApp official. This beta version provides every new WhatsApp feature before they are made available to the normal users.

However, as the beta version is for user test and feedback purpose, this may contain bugs and encounter glitches while using.

Yet, if you want to become a WhatsApp beta tester, you may follow the below steps.

  • Click to visit WhatsApp Beta Page.
  • Now on the “Become a Tester” button.
  • Now, Update the App.


Now as you have activated WhatsApp beta version, you will get the entire latest WhatsApp updated feature before our friends or family. Personally, I would like to suggest you keep your device virus scanned regularly to prevent any glitches.


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