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Download the Latest WhatsApp Plus Version |With New Features, Themes & More…

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus maynot be an official version of the WhatsApp that you would grab from app store. But it offers you with more features, themes and updates. If you are confused what WhatsApp Plus is? Well,  just likeWhatsApp itself as we all know is one of the best Messaging apps for smartphones running on different OS like Android, iOS and Blackberry.

WhatsApp + is a modified version of the WhatsApp. With WhatsApp+ you will get some better features which are not even available on WhatsApp itself. Whats App Plus was created by a Spanish Developer in 2012 & is till date more successful compared to many feature of the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus Download

The WhatsApp version have the icon colored in Blue but with the same old WhatsApp logo. And the latest version of WhatsApp Plus logo consists of + sign to make it a more unique.

The WhatsApp+ (Plus) came into the internet for free and there have been many users due to its outstanding features compared to the original version. Even the Licence is also printed just like the WhatsApp that you would get from the Appstore.

WhatsApp Plus was eventually banned in Google play store for copying the original WhatsApp without permission. But if you wait to grab this amazing piece of app which provides with even better features than the original Whatsapp, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

How to download WhatsApp Plus Download APK on Android Phones?

As WhatsApp+ has been banned from the Google Play Store, you will now require downloading the APK file. WhatsApp has officially banned the use of WhatsApp plus which they reveal that they would never take responsibility for entering into your private message and other serious issues.

Whatsapp for Android

But once again even after such bans, WhatsApp Plus is still available to be download as APK. Now let us discuss WhatsApp+ safely and install the app on your phone.

Steps to download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK:

  • Firstly, download the WhatsApp+ (plus) apk file, Click Here.
  • Now the apk will be downloaded automatically.
  • Next, make some changes in the device settings to install any app from a third party source.

Setting > Security > Device Administration > enable Unknown Source.

Allow Unknown Sources

  • Now, go to the download folder on your device and click on the WhatsApp+ APK file.
  • Finally, the app will be installed on your phone.

How to Use WhatsApp Plus on iOS Devices:

Now if you want the WhatsApp Plus for your iOS device to enjoy all the amazing features, then you will need to follow a similar procedure just like the android device. Follow the steps below and enjoy using the WhatsApp+ even on your iOS device and enjoy putting these android device. Follow the steps below and enjoy using the WhatsApp+ even on your iOS device and enjoy putting these 100+ WhatsApp Status- Best Statuses That You Will Come Across!!

Step 1: 

First, you will need to visit the Cydia App store to download the WhatsApp Plus for iOS devices.iOS devices.

You will simply need to click on the search tab and type in Whatsapp+. Now, choose the appropriate version that will be supported on your device.

Step 2:

Now connect your device to the PC and run the Cydia. You will be able to see your device listed from the drop down menu and select your device. You will now be able to drop & transfer the downloaded .iPA file by providing your Apple ID and the app specific Password.

Step 3: 

After the password has been accepted, the app will start installing itself right away.

Now you will need to accept the installation process by selecting Device ManagementYour Developer Account– And Click on Trust Option. And there you have it, the WhatsApp app has been successfully installed on your device.

How to Use WhatApp Plus on Blackberry Devices:

You can even use the WhatsApp+ app on your Blackberry devices. To do that you will need to follow a few steps like Android and iOS. Let’s follow the steps to set 100+ Attitude WhatsApp Status – Reflect Your Personality And Positiveness!! and note how you can start using the Whatsapp Plus app on your Blackberry device.

    1. First, you will need to download the official WhatsApp application and run it (text with friends and more for 5-10mins). Create a backup file and trace the backup file.
    2.  Now, uninstall the application and install the WhatsApp+ application. You won’t be able to find the WhatsApp+ app on the AppStore so you will need to download and it from an external link. Click here to download the WhatsApp Plus for Blackberry. Click Here.
  • Now that you have downloaded the application, transfer the application to your Blackberry device.
  • Using the system explorer, now you will need to click on the WhatsApp Plus application to install it.
  • Don’t run/open the WhatsApp+ application, simply copy the backup file and paste it where the new WhatsApp Plus has created the new extension.
  • Now run the WhatsApp+, enter your contact details and choose to restore.


Step to Start using the WhatsApp Plus:

  • After you have installed the App, now you will need to enter your existing phone number.
  • OTP will be received and now you can access your WhatsApp Plus account which is the mirror image of your original WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp Plus?

The WhatsApp Plus app is as same as Original WhatsApp, which will give you certain common features like WhatsApp. Even the way of installing is similar and if you have already use your current phone number in the Original WhatsApp then you will run your current WhatsApp account.

Some of the new features included with WhatsApp Plus:

All the WhatsApp + (plus) features are similar to that of original WhatsApp. But here you will get a few new & improved features like-

WhatsApp+ (Plus)  Themes:

When you first open the WhatsApp Plus, go to the menu of WhatsApp Plus. Now you will get a list of many new features of which the most attractive part for me is that WhatsApp Themes.

themes for WhatsApp Plus

There are lots of cool themes for WhatsApp which you can download and add a background. This theme choice is very limited and boring in the original WhatsApp. The old WhatsApp is only limited to changing chat wallpapers.

If you want a good looking theme on Original WhatsApp then you must buy it, but here with Whats App plus everything is free. Just select the best one and paste it as your theme. And also enjoy the WhatsApp Video Calling: Free, Safe and Reliable Video Calls for SmartPhones even on the WhatsApp Plus.

New Emojis included:

Whatsapp chat is all about the Emojis and icons. You will get tons of option with Emojis and expression which will allow adding any expression in your text messages. All these emojis are much larger in number compared to original WhatsApp.

Note: But there is a problem using this Emojis or icons that, you won’t be able yo send it to the other WhatsApp user unless if it is WhatsApp + users.


Just like the original Whatsapp, you can also customize your privacy like- hide your last seen, hide the double tick which indicates Sent, Hides the Blue Tick which indicates Seen, and other basic function.

Privacy options

Well, this function is recently updated in WhatsApp app, which was already in used by Whatsapp plus before.

More Option:

WhatsApp Plus

This features will allow you to explore all the possible function which original WhatsApp should have. You can customize conversation screen, chat screen, Popups notifications, widgets, media sharing, Mods, locks, Clean Whatsapp files, open logs, and languages.

WhatsApp Plus More Options


You can choose upto 6 languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

WhatsApp Plus Languages

WhatsApp Plus, is it Legal or illegal?

Well, WhatsApp have been announced that WhatsApp+ is not associated with WhatsApp and also it is not authorized and there is no relationship with the WhatsApp, (Source is taken from WhatsApp FAQ)

They have also mentioned that they not support WhatsApp+ and warn all the users that WhatsApp does not take any responsibility if any issue is developing. WhatsApp cannot guarantee if the app is safe or not, while there is a huge risk for intruding into your privacy and can sneak into your message that would be very bad for all of us.

Besides, Whatsapp has also considered uninstalling the Whats App Plus or Whatsapp + Hola and instead download the original app from the Google play store.

So in WhatsApp official point of view the WhatsApp + is not the actual one, thus there will be some issue regarding the privacy. And are not recommended for installing the app.

But, as we know WhatsApp Plus is banned but you can still download it as APK. And also all the features are pretty awesome and you must must try the application for android or iOS or Blackberry. You can even enjoy 210+ WhatsApp DP Images – Best Profile Pictures for WhatsApp Plus & using it once, for a short period and later you can uninstall it, the choice is yours. Or you can

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