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WhatsApp About: WhatsApp Old Text Status Feature Came Back

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Whatsapp is one of the most leading messaging apps in the telecom field. Now Whatsapp has become the first necessary app in every phone. While we are all fond of the Text Status feature, i.e. the older feature of the last Whatsapp Version. But now since, February 24 all of the sudden, WhatsApp has changed some of the classic features to it’s newly improved system. Particularly, the one with the new snap-chat like Whatsapp status. So if you are also one of those who is quite unhappy with the WhatsApp status feature, here the Whatsapp is also coming with more new surprise features that will blow your mind.

whatsapp about

What is the Hidden Feature You have not known: “About” Description

According to the source, it has been announced that WhatsApp has come up with the new ‘About and Phone Number’ Features, and also the inbuilt description caption. This Description is the pre-built text that you can select and add your status just like those older ways. While the new features will adopt completely different option bringing About and Number; Description feature whose main function is to make bring back the old Text Status feature. With the help of this new feature, now you can set your present modes or moment with the help of text status just like the old version of WhatsApp status.

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No more taking a snap and set Whatsapp status for few seconds. And also clicking the photo and adding status but now you can feel the old times text status on your Account’s About and Phone Number; Description. As we all knows, all of the sudden on 24th February, which was also known to be the 8th birthday of Whatsapp. This has now become a better way for the lovers of older version WhatsApp.

Download and Test the new version now

Introducing this new About and Number; Description feature will not make the new Whatsapp status disappear. This new Whatsapp feature will be present along with the Snapchat like Whatsapp status features. Besides, you can also test the new Whatsapp Messenger (Beta) and try the latest feature on your phone. For appropriate information, the New About and Number Features is still not present in the present updated Whatsapp apps. But very soon this feature will be added in your Whatsapp.

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Click to: Whatsapp Download For Samsung Phones

So be the first person to test and check out the WhatsApp beta community. And clicking on this link, you can unlock the WhatsApp beta update version 2.17.95 and download it. And Voila! now you can experience the whole new and hidden features of the Whatsapp. This awesome classic Text Status features will be very soon available in your Whatsapp application for your phone or another device.

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And thus no more using the new annoying and disappearing WhatsApp status but use the text status type with the help of About and Number; Description. For more interesting Fact keep visiting our site and explore more latest and wholly new ideas about Whatsapp.

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