WhatsAppp Live Status is crazy amazing stuff, having lots of interesting features with a priceless freedom of updating anything in Your live Status. Sharing your best moments every day is now, even more, fun with the WhatsApp Live Status Feature. The latest update of the WhatsApp has gone live as a surprise by introducing Live Status features on your Messaging App, which expires every 24 hours. And this is probably going to one of the best feature of Whatsapp so far, which will bring in more users in the future.

Whatsapp is unarguably the best free cross-platform messaging application. WhatsApp is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Java, Blackberry and more. Already having a lot of handy features like making voice and video calls, sending any file you want and more for free. The privacy option of Whatsapp is flawless. You can choose to display your status, profile picture, and status to the people who are in your contact or publicly or don’t show them at all.

Whatsapp Live Status

Though the Live Status looks similar to the Instagram and Snapchat Stories features, I have to say “Live Status has a lot of versatility.” What this means is, you will be able to share every moment with your friends and loved ones using Whatsapp in 3 different formats.

The New and Amazing Live Status feature of WhatsApp:

With the Live Status feature of WhatsApp, you will be able to share Live Status photos, GIF images, and videos right on your Whatsapp. These live posts can be viewed by everyone using WhatsApp in your contact list. Not just that, they will also be able to leave comments on the Live Status. Additionally, edit and post the picture to add a little more spice to it.

  1. i) Photos: Click a picture and share it live with/without editing. It’s user-friendly and engaging.
  2. ii) Videos: Record a short video of a live event, be it a fresher’s party of a rock concert. Be creative, go crazy.

iii) GIF images: GIF will never be more fun, share it with your friends and have a laugh of a lifetime.

What Is So New About The Live Status of WhatsApp?

Daily Status Update:

Unlike the previous status where you would update and leave it for weeks, the new Live Status will disappear after 24hours of being posted. The next day, you can/have to share a whole new video, image or GIF about your life event or anything randomly.

Edit and Post:

Edit and post a picture or video or GIF from your gallery. Appreciate the years of memories and enjoy it with your friends.

Live Status Privacy:

The privacy has been kept intact. The people who are in your contact will only be the one who can watch your Live Status. WAIT!!! what if I don’t want my Girlfriend to see that I am hanging out with my buddies?. Or my boss while I am bunking the office?

Well, a nifty feature has also been added to avoid that. You can only block the person with whom you don’t want to share any particular Live Status.

How to Use The Live Status of Whatsapp?

With the Live Status of WhatsApp being live, fun and so cool. You might also want to know, how exactly you can use the feature. So here are the simple steps that you need to follow to enjoy using the new Live Status feature of WhatsApp.

How to Post Your Live Status of WhatsApp:


First, you will need to download and signup into the WhatsApp. You will need a phone number if you don’t have WhatsApp installed or if you didn’t use WhatsApp before.

Step 2:

Launch WhatsApp, and then you will be able to see 4 Tabs on the top.

WhatsApp Live Status Step

A Camera Icon, Chats, Status and Calls.

Step 3:

To post your own Image, GIF or Video Live Status, you will need to click on the Camera Icon in the top left side.

WhatsApp Live Status Camera

Now you can select what you want to upload. Select an image, GIF or video that you want to upload.


You can now choose to edit the image or  video before you edit. You can use the default Live Status editor or edit it with any other app adn then upload it. OR you can simply post it as it is.

WhatsApp Live Status Updating Steps

And this is how easy it is to post the new Live Status of WhatsApp.

How to Watch other WhatsApp Users Live Status?

Now to watch your friends Live Status, you will need to click on top tab “STATUS“. After doing so, you will be able to see everyone who has posted any new Live Status and also the Viewed Update.

The Origin of Status Update in WhatsApp:

The status feature in WhatsApp was launched as a fun way of sharing a text of just 139 characters max which can be seen by people who are in your contact. But with time, the status ended up being just a line or two which the users rarely updated. And so WhatsApp developers came up with a whole new Live Status feature to bring back the fun of sharing a life event status.

And this is where the Live Status came into the play. Users can now instantly share an event in their life through video, GIF or a picture. This feature has been kept as simple as updating a written status but much more expressive and fun.

And so, this is all about the new Live Status for WhatsApp that you will be able to enjoy using the WhatsApp the new update. Hope you will enjoy this amazing feature and will be having a great time using it.