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WhatsApp is Bringing Chat Pinning Feature | How to enable?

WhatsApp pin feature

WhatsApp new Features is all set to make a great change the way of using WhatsApp app again. WhatsApp is bringing chat pinning feature that will help you mark or pin your important chat. WhtsApp Pin Feature will be usable on both Android and iOS device.

Well, you must be at first think what would be the possible reason that this feature will be included in WhatsApp very soon? Here the use of this Pin Features will allow marking permanently on your important chat and this will later display on the first or top most among your other chats on WhatsApp.

According to the source, the new Pin feature is going to come with its new updates and the features will completely be present on the latest version of WhatsApp (2.17.162 or 2.17.163) and so on.

What is the use of WhatsApp Pin Feature?

While the previous Star Feature also included in the WhatsApp but they seem to be very silent and are not much used by the users. As they simply star a particular chat but do not display specifically.

And thus this Star feature do not enable to get quickly notice onto the starred chat but simply stay hidden within the older chat. Most importantly, it is also very difficult to find the starred chat or message as we have scroll to our older chat to find it out.

whatsApp is bringing chat pinning feature

Therefore it is quite not very essential to use Star; in fact, it should not be present in WhatsApp and need a replacement instead of it. Thus the brand new feature- Pin is enabled in our latest WhatsApp updates that will help you stay displayed on top of every chat. And these will allow you to get notice instantly and also it won’t be removed whenever the new message is received.

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How to Use Pin Features in WhatsApp Messenger app?

The new Pin Features is not yet available in the current WhatsApp version, and once you have updated it to the new one then you can use the Pin. While the procedure for using the Pin features is now all known by us which we will discuss below.

WhatsApp is bringing chat pinning feature

Steps to use new WhatsApp Pin Features

In the new pin features you will get other features like delete, mute, and archive icons which will be also displayed near to the side of Pin icon. Well, the steps for pinning the chats are as shown below.

  • Open your latest WhatsApp App on your Android phone.
  • Now choose your favorite chat or message which you want to pin.
  • Next, press hold for few second on the chat.
  • A list of options will appear on the top of the screen, from which you have to select the Pin icon.
  • And this will automatically add or pin your chat on top of the screen and will be easily noticed.

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Steps to unpin WhatsApp New Feature:

You can also unpin the chat by simply press-holding on the Pinned chat. And then an option will appear again on top of the screen of which you have to click on the unpin icon. And this will unpin your chat.

New Updates & Features Included on WhatsApp

Every day we use WhatsApp and this app has become one of the most used apps for messaging. No matter how many numbers of new and innovative apps comes and goes but WhatsApp app is still used by all. We can send text messages, documents file, image and video and latest features includes Gifs.

WhatsApp is upgrading itself more and more to make themselves better than any other messaging apps. While, some of the WhatsApp Tricks are also included, where you can type the message and change its font to bold, italic and much more. These features are not present in other apps like a Facebook messenger or Twitter etc.

So with the new Pin Feature, here we will have more new ways for using the WhatsApp in more efficiently.

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  • Quick access to your favorite chat, no need to scroll and search for it.
  • Instantly send message or image or video in just a single click.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • Only the latest WhatsApp version is enabled to use Pin Feature.
  • Same Stared feature that we have seen already, to be frank, it is a renamed feature.

So these are the complete details for the new pin icon or features that will be soon available in our WhtsApp app. While WhatsApp is always trying their best to make better in every update which makes WhatsApp unique and best. We hope to see better updates with better features from WhatsApp team

Let me know how excited you are about this WhatsApp new pinning features and opt out to a beta version to experience this new feature. Comment below letting us know your concern on this new feature or what features you want to have in WhatsApp.

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