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WhatsApp Hidden Features You Must Try Right Away

whatsapp hidden features

Over a billion of users across the globe are using WhatsApp. That makes it the most popular instant messaging app accessible from cross-platform. WhatsApp provides numerous features with its IM service. You probably are using many of the common WhatsApp features every day. But, there are also several WhatsApp hidden features most of us unaware of. Whether you are new to this platform or been using WhatsApp for a while already, you are probably be missing out some of the cool features of WhatsApp messenger.

whatsapp features

Common WhatsApp features as such uploading WhatsApp DP, Status, changing WhatsApp Wallpapers, Sharing various types of files, individual and group chats are well known to us.

Although, throughout this article, you will crack the codes of many hidden WhatsApp features typical users does not familiar of.

WhatsApp Hidden Features Every User Should Try

WhatsApp managed to provide the most user-friendly service since the beginning. Some of the Amazing WhatsApp Facts will make your view clearer about Journey of WhatsApp and more about it. When the app is offering so much to enjoy, why should we stick to only those common things?

1: Format Texts While Chatting

Chatting on WhatsApp is fun. Why not take this fun to a whole new level? Whether you are exchanging texts with an individual or on a group chat, you can make your texts looks different and stands out of crowd. How? you may ask. You WhatsApp texts can be written in various formats as such Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough. All you have to do is add a specialized character to the beginning and end of your texts (Word or Phrase).

whatsapp cool features

For Italic: add asterisks like this  *your texts*

For Bold: add underscores like this  _your texts_

For Strikethrough: add tildes like this ~your texts~

2: Star Your Favorite Chat

When a message is important to you and you need to get back to it in the future, starring it is the best way to find it in the crowd, anytime. As the WhatsApp chats are all stored on your device space, sometimes you may clear up all the chats but, starred messages will still on the hand. It makes convenient to save important messages while making it easier to find when in need.

Tap and hold on to the particular message or shared content you wish to Star and then select the “Star” icon showed up on top. For viewing the Starred messages, iOS users simply tap on the Star Tab located at the bottom. Android users may simply go to the Menu and then “Starred Messages.”

3: Find Out Your WhatsApp BFF

Have you ever wondered who do you chat the most on WhatsApp? Sometimes it’s may clear to you and sometimes it may be confusing. In that case, your iPhone does your job to find out the person you chat the most on WhatsApp.

  • Go to the “Settings” option.
  • Tap on “Data and Storage Use.”
  • Finally, select “Storage Use.”

A whole list of users will appear placing the most active user on top. This feature, though, hasn’t seen in Android as far I know.

4: Know The Exact Time of Message Delivery/Seen

When you send a message on WhatsApp, Double Ticks and Blue Ticks will notify you if the message is delivered or seen. But, it does not show the exact time of delivery or seen on the screen. If you are curious to know the time, you may follow these steps.

iOS Users:

  • Open your chat window.
  • Tap the chat you wish to see details and swipe the chat to the left.

Android Users:

  • Open your chat.
  • Tap and hold on the particular chat/message you wish to see details.
  • Tap on info (i) icon on the top of the screen.

5: Mute Individual or Group Chat

This feature is applicable for both individual and group conversation but mostly useful for group chats. When you are not willing to be notified by WhatsApp messages for any reason, whether you are o movie or carrying out important works, you may simply put your WhatsApp conversation in Mute rather keeping the entire phone in silent.

We have experienced in group messages, other members tend to share stuff you are not interested in. Yet, WhatsApp keeps notifying you about each chat in the group. Sometimes, it gets annoying. Thus, keeping the entire group chats mute helps.

For Android Users:

  • Press and hold on a chat for a while (No need to open the chat).
  • Then press the crossed-out sound icon next to the delete icon.

For iOS Users:

  • Open the chat/conversation.
  • Tap the name of group or contact.
  • And then tap the “Mute” option.

You may keep a chat mute as long as 8 hrs to 1 year. You may disable the Muste anytime you wish.

6: Hide Your Last Seen Activity

When you don’t like your contacts or others to know about your WhatsApp Last Seen status, you may simply make changes in the privacy or simply disable it. Thre are three options to keep your last seen status as such Nobody, My Contacts, and Everyone. Although, when you hide your last seen status, you can’t see others last seen status either.

  • Go to WhatsApp “Settings” menu.
  • Tap on “Account” option.
  • Tap “Privacy” option.
  • Hit the “Last Seen” option.
  • Finally, choose one of the three options.


It’s been years of experience with WhatsApp now. I personally never had a thought of replacing WhatsApp with any other WhatsApp alternative. WhatsApp has been improving its service over the time and we can see something effective with every new WhatsApp Update. So, stick around with WhatsApp, and of course, don’t hesitate to explore what more beneath the app.

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