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Whatsapp Beta Update : BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is Likely to be Introduced

WhatsApp Beta Update

The beta users of Whatsapp are likely to see some changes in the apps soon. Whatsapp is working on the latest technology for virtual payments system to be added later this year with the apps. The beta version of Whatsapp will soon introduce the UPI payments features for its users and is sure to boom in India, at least two hundred thousands users of Whatsapp are available using Whatsapp application.

The Blog of Whatsapp reads “The immediate bank to Bank Transfer with UPI”. The user requires clicking the button that is below the page on Whatsapp page to agree and accept the terms and conditions of the payment privacy policy as well as the bank’s terms and privacy policy. The Blog reveals that even if the talks are going on, beta users of Whatsapp will not see the UPI payment Button yet because they are all hidden for now unless it is fully developed and released for use.

Earlier this year AP Hoda MD & CEO (NPCI) is heard indicating many companies planning to integrate UPI with their App. He also mentioned Whatsapp is likely to come up with the integration of the payment system before Facebook Messenger in India.


One of the most popular messaging company/Mobile app all over the world may soon collaborate with a local design App (BHIM) the UPI developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. This is sure to be one of the momentous collaborations both technically and strategically.

Whatsapp being one of the apps that rely on addresses of users sends and receives messages, Images, voice & video calls can surely be deployed as an in house system of Digital Payment gateway from one number to another. Many messaging apps did come all the way doing the same like the one we are talking about but they to some extent failed to work out as the most popular app “Whatsapp”.

Being the most trusted app Whatsapp has decided to go with the home-made product and a platform that will allow all cashless payment much easier for any individual with out having the need to collect the Aadhaar number, Banking details/IFSC code and much more. Transferring money would be just a click away from here on as is seen.

Now the much awaited crucial decision is to come whether the Whatsapp developers are really sure to go with the UPI driven payment Interface i.e., BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) or to go with the high fashion on its own with digital wallet and linked it to the UPI. But here is what we can expect, whatsoever may be the outcome of the decision, we are surely going to benefit out of it – meaning after Whatsapp’s UPI India will have lasting consequences for the digital economy.

Again on the other aspect Whatsapp with NPCI tie will raise possibilities in Govt. and Private Sector for their collection and processing of personal financial data. But in the time of Shutdown of the internets or Cyber attack, who is going to be responsible, is also a major question? And if the Companies uses the data of the users and with the help of the UPI, the private sectors should justify for any misuse of the Data provided through the App.

Over all it can be concluded that Whatsapp is here to reveal its Next-Gen Tech for the internet users, making Whatsapp stand out in the market out-there.

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