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5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Android: Recommended By Users


There is no doubt that WhatsApp Instant Messenger is the most popular app of its kind presently. Over 1 Billion downloads only at Google Play Store by Android users makes sense. And the number of users is increasing over the time. Thus, Facebook Inc., that currently owns WhatsApp is making their best effort to keep the app run smoothly. Securing the top place ain’t easy. However, there are users around the world with intentions to move on from WhatsApp app. I am not digging deep into the reasons of the need for WhatsApp Alternatives this time. Rather, I am focusing on providing the best Alternatives to WhatsApp in 2017 that Android users may wish to give a try.

alternatives to whatsapp

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android in 2017

When it comes to using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, there are things worth considering in the talk. Especially, when you decide to move on to a new platform, you gotta make sure that you can find your friends and family you wish to stay connected with are all present on it.

You can’t simply use a platform alone as long as social communication is concerned. Thus, you have to choose a platform where most of your known people are present. And, of course, the reliability of the platform is also a big catch here.

Therefore, I have come up with only the popular and most reliable WhatsApp Alternative 2017.

1: Telegram Messenger

Being one of the best WhatsApp Alternatives Telegram Messenger has all the ingredients to compete WhatsApp and handle the user needs seamlessly. Free text messaging, file sharing, voice/video calls, etc. everything you have been doing on WhatsApp is all present in here.

It’s the best WhatsApp Alternative Open Source with all the features WhatsApp has been building so far. In fact, Telegram is the app that came up with end-to-end Encryption concept way before that WhatsApp. Adding to that, Telegram has more improved features than WhatsApp to an extent.

Alternatives to WhatsApp

The app allows to create mass groups up to 5,000 users and media files (video, audio, GIF, and Docs) can be shared with size up to 1.5 GB. Another fascinating feature of Telegram is that it does not require any mobile number to create an account. If you are looking for WhatsApp alternatives without a phone number, Telegram messenger is to be the first option.


  • Telegram consumes lesser data.
  • It is very fast messaging app.
  • Unlike other app, Telegram stores chat history and other files on the cloud so no device data is consumed.
  • It is the first app to introduce end-to-end encryption that removes conversations once seen.

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2: Google Allo

This newly launched Google creation is all set to dominate the field with perfect features in it. Generally, this is a video calling app. Although, you may carry out usual tasks like free voice calling, end-to-end encryption, incognito chatting, etc, stickers. There is a simple switch the turns on video calling and voice calling option. The simple user interface with Smart Google Assistant of the app is the real catch.

The artificial intelligent integrated for user Assistance will provide all the information you are looking for online. Anything you ask the Assistant, it perfectly shows a relevant result. Works like a search engine. It works with the voice command as well which is not familiar with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp alternatives for Android

In case you are concerned of conversation backup on Cloud, Google Allo stays behind WhatsApp. This is the most hated drawback Allo seemed to face. To add another drawback of Allo, there is no option of “Last Seen” that you may have in WhatsApp.

We can linger on for future Google Allo update hoping improvements in the features. Hence, if you are here for a decent video calling app, Google Allo is simply perfect.


  • Allo works smartly and comes with a huge collection of Emojis, Stickers. etc.
  • It’s Smart Reply features messaging without even typing words while suggesting lines adopted from your most typed ones.
  • You may send customized photos with adding text or doodling on them without any other photo editing app.
  • Its video calling feature is known to be the best with a high-resolution video frame.

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3: Viber

Viber is also one of the most popular instant messaging apps with all the potential to lock horns with WhatsApp. Viber comes with all the useful basic features as such making free video calls, voice calls, etc. Taking a step further than all the other messaging apps, the Viber Out lets its users make local and international voice calls to non-users at a very low cost.

While personal data security is very much concerned in this era of cyber attacks and hacking activities, Viber comes with the ultimate encryption (end-to-end) feature for chats, calls, media file sharing. The app also supports multiple devices where a single account can access cross platform which we can’t get from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp alternative 2017

Summing it up, Viber is way better than WhatsApp in keeping your secrecy and letting access to your account from multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Create and chat in group up to 250 people at once.
  • International call for free.
  • Make video calls or send a video message instantly.
  • All the group/individual chats, video/voice calls, photos, and videos are encrypted automatically.
  • You may delete a voice or text message even after it is already sent.
  • Hide particular chats from chat window and access them later whenever wish.

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4: Wire

The market is already overwhelmed with many messaging apps so far. While most of these apps look much alike with their interface, feature, and appearance, Wire app chooses to stand out of the crowd with a unique feature and magnificent interface. The wire is a new app in this category and is gaining much popularity over the time. The wire is considered as the best WhatsApp alternative open source platform with every standard feature in it.

WhatsApp Alternatives without phone number

It has end-to-end encryption, multi-device access, group video calling (up to 10 users), link previews, etc. In addition to that, it has the ability to delete chat/messages from recipient’s account. Certainly, Wire is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives 2017 ever produced.


  • End-to-end encryption in everything you share on Wire.
  • Multi-device access with a phone (phone number) and desktop (email ID) seamlessly.
  • It’s open source and free to verify wire security.
  • All chat and shared data are automatically synced to your cross platform devices.

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5: Threema

Another one of the best secure WhatsApp alternative. Let me tell you, Threema is not a free app unlike most of the instant messaging app available out there. It will cost you ₹200 rupees to download and once download no in-app purchase to be made. Threema is all yours and you are going to love this app for a  good reason.

Whastapp vs Threema

Threema’s biggest concern is privacy. While it takes care of your anonymity and privacy, it sends your text only to the person intended to receive. Unlike WhatsApp, No phone number or email ID is required to get started with Threema. It can generate QR Code to assure trusted contacts thus no third party may access your conversations.


  • Complete anonymity without providing personal info as such email ID & phone number.
  • Agree/Disagree feature to reply quickly.
  • Identify the right recipient with unique QR Code as all the users are in anonymous.
  • Share various files as such PDF, Mp3, Zip, Video, Animated GIF, Doc, etc.

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6: Snapchat

The app with a spooky icon is known to be one of the best WhatsApp alternatives. If you are more concerned with sharing snaps and chatting for fun rather serious stuff, this is the perfect app with a huge collection of fun filters, special effects, and more of it. The app is really fun and easy to communicate friends and family. Thus, it is used a great tool for chatting while having some good time.

While WhatsApp deals only with typical chatting, voice/video calling, and sharing files, Snapchat comes with more options to get started with. Taking a selfie through its camera interface, customizing with various filters and effects and end up sharing with friends is something that we can’t do on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Alternatives

There are more stickers, and emojis to share your thought in Snapchat than the WhatsApp. While you can leave your own story, you may also keep up with your friends’ stories every day. This kinda looks like WhatsApp Live Status. You may also discover stories online shared by worlds’ top publishers and events.


  • Funny snaps with lots of filters, special effects, and more.
  • Video calls with filters and fun chats with lots of stickers.
  • Favorite stories and snaps can be stored in Memories section.
  • Self-destruction of chats and snaps once it’s seen by the receiver.

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The fact still stands that WhatsApp has been the best messaging app around and holding its place for more days to come. However, trying out something new, something different sometimes is worthy of it. Thus, no matter what’s your requirement, or whatever the reason behind your need of WhatsApp alternative, these best apps are enough to make your day.

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