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What is This Song Called? Find With Best Online Song Identifier Apps

what is this song called

“Hey, What is this song called?”

“What song is playing right now, Buddy? Sounds Coool!”

This kind of questions are the ones you are very familiar of. One or other person must have asked these to you when you played a good song they are not familiar of.

Your friends/family might be keen to know about the cool music track you just played.

Vice Versa:

The Same thing can happen to you too. There are times when you have to ponder, “What song am I listening to!” Or, you had asked someone about the unknown tune you just have enjoyed around you.

what song is playing right now

In both cases, you or the other person expects knowledges from one another. There is the outdated way to find out the answer, type and Google the thing you want to know about.

Uh! That’s a hell of a task, ain’t that? Our fingers are too lazy to touch those keypads.

An online song identifier that can catch and recognize a music would do much of our job. Good news is, more than one efficient music recognition Apps are available for Android devices.

Other OSs are no exceptional here. However, here I will be covering up only the Android Apps for identify a music track.

Top 4 Online Song Identifier Android Apps That Tells You What is This Song Called

When it comes to Android platform, the percentage of advantages raises. There are several Apps available in Google Play Store that are coded to answer your queries such as “What song is playing right now,” “What song am I listening to,” “What is this song called,” etc.

Want to know anything about any music track? Simply open any of the App among these top 5 and let the App catch the tune.

The App will conveniently provide you all the information in terms of Album name, Artist name, Release date and more.

So, here comes the top 4 Online Song Identifier Apps for Android:

1: Shazam – Discover Music

Shazam is much more than a music identifier App. Fond of Music? Shazam is what you must be hanging on. You may make the App to identify any kind of track just by letting it hear the track. Its smart feature discovers Lyrics, Video content, Related tracks and more of your desired track. You may voice command to the App as well. Shazam hears and obeys.

Turn on its Auto-Listen feature, it will identify the music track playing around even when the app is closed.

what song am I listening to

You may voice command to the App as well. Shazam hears and obeys. It works offline efficiently which made it even much more attractive.

The visual recognition feature is one you can not expect anywhere else. Simply Open the App, go to Camera option and capture a poster or image and the related track will be shown to you. The feature also works on QR code.

Got a Smartwatch? Shazam of your Android Phone will display all the Shazaming activity on your watch.

And guess what, Shazam comes for no cost. However, you may go for in-app purchase items if your think required.

2: Musixmatch Lyrics

I liked Musixmatch for its fast result and simple user-interface. This is generally a lyric app and lacks some common features that an identifier app must bear. However, its fast and precise result of identifying music track left in Aww.

online song identifier

It’s Floating Real-Time Lyrics feature let you trace the lines while listening to the track.

While identifying a track, no matter where it hears a song at it can instantly catch the tune and recognize it.

Chromecast at home? Musixmatch can make your TV a big-screen lyrics book while playing a local music TV channel.

3: SoundHound Music Search

“What is this song called?”

“Name the track?”

“Identify this song.”

Command in any way to SoundHound for info about any track that is playing around. SoundHound quickly recognizes the song and provide you much more than you required. No need to get your hands on the Android device.

online song identifier

No need to get your hands on the Android device. Simply sought “OK Hound…” and voice command.

Interested in lyrics? SoundHound streams real-time lyrics of any song you play online/offline. Oh yeah, you can watch videos too with meaningful lyrics you liked.

Besides working on your command, SoundHound also keeps a record of Weekly Releases, Most Popular ones, Emerging Artists, Hottest Tracks and much more.

4: TrackID – Music Recognition

Music Recognition Apps are no much available ones for now. You may hardly get a couple of Apps on Google Play Store whom you could ask, “What is this song called?” One of the online song identifier Apps available for Android is TrackID.

identify this song

So, I didn’t waste my time giving it a try. And here is what I have experienced with TrackID.

People holding a low-end Android device and keep their device light may get this App. Needless to say, this App does not come with Tens of features as you can see in the above threee others.

However, you may like a unique feature of Sony’s TrackID. It’s a Live Map that shows real-time tags of users from around the globe. You can monitor what music track is being played by most of the people around the world.

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Let’s not lengthen the list anymore. That won’t be any beneficial as rest of the Apps available out there miserably failed to provide minimal features. Needless to say, when have the best one, why to look else?

So, whenever an unknown melodious tune catches your attention and you ponder “What is this song called!” one of these Apps will be the best thing rely on.


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