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10 Weird Fashion Trends of 2017 That Will Question Your Taste

Fashion trends have become a part of everyone’s life. As the day pass by, the fashion trends have become much more unique and weird too. But it all depends on how you put up. There are a number of fashion designers and artist all over the world and each year, these designers try hard in bringing out something unique.

The fashion in this modern day has no boundary except in the rural areas. Here, I bring to you 10 weird fashion trends of 2017 and you can decide whether you would love to wear it or not?

Top 10 Weird Fashion Trends of 2017

Here the 10 weird fashion trends of 2017 that are brought out by the popular and innovative designers. Have a look and if you are a daring enough or a fashion lover then here’s what you need to check out.

#1: Cropped Flair Jeans

cropped flair jeans

Cropped flair Jeans are now into fashion trending. Thanks to the designer for reminding me of old days when you try to enlarge your jeans, they just become unflattering high-waters. This sounds cool and exciting to see people wearing this cropped flair Jeans as part of fashion trends although it looks a bit weird.

#2: One Arm Tops, One Shoulderone shoulder top

One Arm Tops, One Shoulder is here to ruin your life because fashion is just incredible and going too much into creativity. This innovative and unique top looks pretty though sounds weird to wear it.

#3: Shoulder Padsshoulder pad

I remember seeing those models and celebs wearing the shoulder pads in the days back of 80’s where there were a lot of weird fashion trends. Going back to 80’s, we can say, this trend was the weirdest but can you imagine, this weird fashion trend has come back in style. It is up to you whether to kick or pick and go always trendy.

#4: Platform Shoes

platform shoes

platform shoes

platform shoes


When we talk about platform shoes, everyone loves wearing it and also grabbing one pair of it that goes trendy and comfortable. I personally love to pick a pair of platform shoes, but who knows the modern fashion world would be too unique to bring out this weird platform shoes would actually look like this? Looks a bit odd, isn’t it? However, you can go for it and stay always stylish and adapted.

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#5: Underboob topsunderboob tops

Underboob tops is another weird fashion trends collections that are making the entrance into the fashion world. However, in the day’s back, this fashion is something everyone calls it fashion faux pas. This fashions look weird but must agree to it as it has become a part of modern fashion world’s trends. Do you like to grab this unique though sound weird underboob tops for yourself? If you are daring then you got to pick one.

#6: Tracksuits

Tracksuits are what everyone yearns for as it is useful for your daily routine exercises and other workouts. Usually, we don’t get the matching tracksuits although they come in sets or we end up choosing a miss match combination of tracksuits.

tracksuits tracksuits

But seeing this matching tracksuit, it reminds me of the early 2000s’ that has come to the modern fashion world. Guys! You got to check this matching tracksuit and get one pair for yourself although it looks a bit weird yet it is a fashion trend going viral all over.

#7: Vintage Looking Athleisure

Omg! Vintage looking Athleisure brands by Gigi Hadid in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger are back again. Many of the popular celebs, models and style bloggers were spotted in this weird look fashion trends – comfy pieces available with famous brands like Guess, Nike and Adidas.vintage coat

This comfy just reminds us of the 90’s that has become a fashion trend in this modern day. So, are you going to pick this one for this year’s winter? Going with the modern fashion world, I am sure most you are already into it.

#8: Fishnets Stockingsfishnets stockings

Fishnets were popular in the 80’s, 90’s…Well, you won’t believe this fashion trend has made a comeback to make world craze. Fishnets stockings are usually seen worn under the ripped jeans and you got to get a pair this year and go trendy.

fishnets stockings

It is learned that this Fashion trends fishnet stocking can be worn either under the ripped denim or just a fishnet. Does it sound weird right? Yes, it is weird but it up to you how you put up yourself with this trending fishnet.  The fishnet stocking looks just pretty amazing.

#9: Newsboy Hatsnewsboys hats

The old days are back again, can you imagine? Yes, the Newsboy hats or cap is back in the style which were gigantic in the 90’s. It is well said, ‘Old is gold’ but who would have even thought of this Newsboy cap that will make a comeback in the modern fashion world? It sounds weird however it is worth wearing it in a style retelling of the 90’s.

#10: Crocscrocs

When we were kids, we all love some sort crocs fashion. And those crocs were big in the days back to 80’s, 90’s. Well, to make the fashion lover once again reiterating of the old days, Crocs are back in style. It sounds weird but the fashion lovers are into it.

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So, these are the top 10 most weird fashion trends of 2017 all you need to know. Although, it is uncertain how long this trends will hold up but I am sure you will love to explore or grab these weird fashion trends of 2017. If you are a fashion lover then the above weird trends are here to rejoice you.

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