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16 Amazing Bride Hairstyles Perfectly Fit For Wedding Ceremony

wedding hairstyles for both long and short hair

Congratulations….. It’s your big wedding day. But look at you, you are not at all ready. Are you not happy? Ok, as a matter of fact, let me guess. Your hair looks messy actually, so is it for your hairstyle? Well, yes I got you and I know that it is because of your imperfect wedding hairstyles.

wedding hairstyles for both long and short hair

Ok, don’t be nervous I will be there to help you out. Trust me I have helped so many of my friends during their wedding when they couldn’t decide how to find out the best wedding hairstyles. Below are the lists of beautiful wedding hairstyles for both short and long hair length.

Do check out and find the best hairstyle for your wedding. In this article You will find both the Long Wedding hairstyles and Short Wedding Hairstyles by which it will be more easy for you to choose the right hairstyle according to your hair length.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair:

You must be wondering how to maintain your long hair during your wedding day. In fact, it is really tough to do a good hairstyle alone. Here below I have enlisted some of the best wedding hairstyles which are easy, simple and which looks gorgeous.

Therefore, do remember that you need to look beautiful on your wedding day as the center of attraction. So follow some tips which I have written below to get a lovely hairstyle for your wedding day.

1) Braided Side Bun With Twisted Curls:

So now when we speak about best wedding hairstyle, you cannot miss out this braided side bun with twisted curls. These bridal hairstyles for long hair are not that difficult although it looks very tough by seeing.

braided side bun wedding hairstyles

To follow this pretty hairstyle:

  • First of all, you need to curl your hair by a curling iron. It will look better if you follow the big curls.
  • Secondly, take some small sections of your hair and start braiding into three parts.
  • Pin it with small pins to make it securely tight so that your hair remains stable at one place.
  • Now take all the sections of your hair and secure with few bobby pins.
  • Hairspray is obviously required for a glamorous touch. Make sure you secure your bun at the side and leave few strands of your front hair glamorous touch.
  • Finally, you are ready for your grand day. Oh! one more thing a silver color hairpiece with stones for a formal look is necessary.

2) Pretty Loose Curls With Silver Hair Piece:

You may say your hair is too long and it is very hard to manage. But wait, It is very simple to handle just have patience and do not chop it off. When you are tired of tying your hair every day then, to look different during your wedding go with the simple flow.

pretty loose curls wedding hairstyles

Curling your hair is a trend that goes beautifully well. So Curl your hair and put a spray into it for long lasting. Now at the left side clip a beautiful pearl like beaded with stones. Wow, it looks so beautiful that people will not stop staring at you.

3) Half-Updo Along with Smooth Curls:

Of course, these wedding hairstyles for long hair half up and a half down suits to maximum ladies. This is because you can place your veil very comfortably without any difficulty. Below I will attach another picture of bridal hairstyle with a veil.

best wedding hairstyles

Therefore, all you have to do is curl your hair again and take the middle strand of your hair, tie it with a small elastic rubber band. Now take few strands of hair from the right side and twist it to secure your hair with the same elastic band. Take another strand from the left side and secure it with the same elastic band. To bring more volume, start again tie few middle strand of your hair below. The same way take some strands from the right and the left side, follow the procedure.

bridal wedding hairstyles with veil

When you are done, place a tiara at the middle of your head with a veil. If you still find your hair is not curled properly then curls your hair again. As simple as that you are done. Wear a beautiful flared wedding gown. Therefore below I have added a video tutorial to follow this hairstyle.

4) Fish-Tail Braided Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

These bridal hairstyles pictures that I have attached below looks like a dutch braid style. By seeing itself, you could follow the style, as because it is very simple and easy.

pretty braided wedding hairstyles

  • Take all the side strands of your hair and start the fishtail braiding.
  • When it’s done tie an elastic rubber band below.
  • Now start the same procedure with the other side of your hair.
  • Now both side braiding is done, so you have to take one side of your braided hair and place it on your scalp with bobby pins. The other side also practiced it the same way.
  • Now, Take a gold color lovely leave design hair piece and secure it on your head just like the picture.
  • Well, You do not need a curler, just leave few strands in front.

5) Low-Chignon Bun:

To own this low chignon wedding hairstyle, it must suit with your character and face structure. Furthermore, it gives you a romantic look. Follow some of the steps along with bridal hairstyle videos for low chignon below.

bridal wedding hairstyles

Actually, they are little difficult to follow this hairstyle so I will provide you with a video tutorial for trying this lovely low chignon hairstyle for wedding. Wear a sleeveless wedding dress to make yourself the center of attraction.

6) Side Swept Smooth Wavy Curls:

bridal smooth wedding hairstyles pictures

Isn’t this lovely. Well, if you wish for a simple look then you can go for it. Just a little wavy smooth look will do good.

  • Take your entire hair to the side and tie loosely with a small band.
  • Now take few strands of hair and rolled it around the elastic band so that it do not look visible.
  • Wear a flower headband on your head and if you wear a full sleeve wedding gown will look just perfect. But the neck design must be a bit deep.

7) French Messy Twist Bun:

This is another bridal hairstyles pictures that I love following. But you must have a long hair to do this type of French twist hairstyle. And as you know that nowadays people go for a messy look instead of clean combed look.

french twist wedding hairstyles

Therefore to follow this style you have to take all your hair to the side and pin it tightly with a bobby pin. Now gently roll your hair and secure with a hair piece. make sure you get a glittery hair piece to look stylish. The most noteworthy thing is if you wear a backless wedding gown then this hairstyle will look just perfect.

8) Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle Along With Tiara:

Some people like to have a tiara on their head like a princess which is the reason I have included this bohemian look wedding hairstyle. Even the dress also must wear a pretty sexy glittery gown with a jewel design.

Bohemian type wedding hairstyles

And you don’t need to have a curly hair for this hairstyles. All you need a straight looking long hair. Try a high puff in the middle of your head and place the tiara securely. Again do another hair puff to volumise your hair. Now you can either half-updo your hair or tie a bun twisting it is your wish. Some of the strands should be in the front on both sides. I would really prefer to try this hairstyle.

So these are the lists of best wedding hairstyles for long hair. Now let me help you with Short Wedding Hairstyles…

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Even if your hair is short do not get worried as I have lists of hairstyles for short hair. Go through the list below to find the best one for your wedding.

9) Hairstyle with Flower Hair Piece:

I don’t regret even if I have don’t have a long hair because this romantic hairstyle with a flower piece just goes flawlessly with your looks. Curl some strands of your hair little below and add an off-white flower piece. Also, wear a wedding dress that is sleeveless with lace. You will look a perfect bride for your groom.

flower hair piece

10) Cool Pixie Cut:

Pixie haircut is one of the shortest hairstyles for a girl to opt. Further, I do not think that you will look better if you cut short than the picture. Also, it requires less time to manage your hair, just simply manage it with your fingers and done.

pixie short bridal hairstyles

11) Braided with a Headband:

If you have a straight looking hair then go for this hairstyle. They look long at the front and shorter at the back. Just braid like a headband in the front of your hair. And add another lace headband which looks beautiful. Add some serum to make your hair look more sleek and shiny.

braided like a headband hairstyle

12) Short Bob Bridal Hairstyle:

Brown color hair creates more feminity inside you than the dark black hair color. This is the main motive of mine to bring up before you this stunning short straight bob wedding hairstyles. Flat iron your hair and apply serum, on the side, add a lace veil with a flower hairpiece. If you wear a pearl earring then you will look just wow. For a sexy and hot look, wear a tube-like wedding gown.

Bob wedding hairstyle

13) Vintage Style Short Hair:

If you wish to resemble the 90’s then do follow this vintage bridal hairstyles pictures that I have tagged below. The soft fabulous smooth curls bring feminity inside you. All the curls that you have done add a glamor inside you. So be positive and get yourself attached with this soft curls. Also, apply bright shades of lipstick that will suit your personality. And also a bright nail paint to team it with your lipstick and a hairstyle.

vintage hairstyle for wedding

14) Twisted Bun for Short Hair:

When you wish to have a pretty bun but your hair is short then you can try this twisted bun. Twist it from the side to the other side. Later pin it with a few bobby pins to secure it tightly. So here it is ready for you the pretty twisted bun for short hair. Therefore now you can go for your best day and that is your grand wedding day.

twisted bun short bridal hairstyle

15) Triple Twisted Bun:

When you have a short hair then another hairstyle you can try i.e. triple twist updo along with braid. It is very simple to try this hairstyle for your wedding.

triple twist bridal hairstyles

Take some strands and twist it to make a bun. Now braid some strands of your hair on both sides and twist it to make another bun below. Again braid some strands and then twist to make the third bun. Now you look pretty and modern on your BIG day.

16) Braided Half Up Half down:

When you are planning to have a wedding like a boho chic style then this wedding hairstyles for short hair is the real choice. Just braid half of your hair and leave half down. Get married near the beach on the summer day which will totally suit your hairstyle.

wedding hairstyles half up and half down

Finally, I am to the end point of my article on best wedding hairstyles. Both the long and short wedding hairstyle are gorgeous. Before choosing and finalising your hairstyle you can also try using hair styler app which will be more easier for you to choose.

I have also added two bridal hairstyles videos for easy learning. Learn them as soon as possible and make your wedding day bright with the above mentioned beautiful wedding hairstyles to match your face. Last but not the least you can also list down from the above the wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids.

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