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12 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Princess Look

wedding hairstyle for long hair

Being a girl, throughout my every life event I have always loved long hair that has a smooth texture and volume. Especially, the wedding hairstyles for long hair, which are just so lovely. I can’t stop watching them every now and then as because these hairstyles has become a fashion trend too.

wedding hairstyle for long hair

Just like the trend for wedding hairstyles for long length are increasing in number, we being women also need to keep ourself updated with new styles. The same common looking hairstyle does not suit on a wedding day. Remember that you are the Queen on your grand day. Hence, your groom is the King for just one day in a lifetime.

Even thinking about it sounds so lovely, isn’t??

Below you will be able to see beautiful images of wedding hairstyle for your long hair. And also updates of the hair trends for any occasions or for your Big Day.

List of 12 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair:

There are many beautiful hairstyles for your wedding and I have picked some of the top beautiful princess-like hairstyles for your thick long hair as well as for medium length hair.

#1. Beautiful Red Carpet Wavy Hairstyle:

beautiful red carpet wedding hairstyles for long hair

It is your grand day of your life so why don’t you try and dress your hair into something different. You can try the red carpet style, little loose wavy curls with volume. You will look lovely, in fact, your hair will look admirable and beautiful. Also, wearing shining and glittery accessories on your neck will bring out the feminity look inside you. You can maintain your curl only with a curling iron and a hairspray for volume and hold firmness.

#2. Curly Braided Headband With Half Updo:

curly braided head band

This is the real piece that I mostly love and do ask my hairstylist to try for me for parties or as a wedding guest hairstyles.  As a result, you will definitely look like a princess of your mommy and daddy. It is a dream for every girl to be a beautiful bride on the BIG DAY. However, it is possible with this curly wedding hairstyles for your long hair. Finish it off with a double braided headband. This hairstyle is quite unique and seems difficult. Hence, let your hairstylist do it for you. 

#3. Braided Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair:

braided wedding hairstyle

Your hairstyle should match with your dress and the location of your wedding ceremony. If you are wishing to get married in a desert location or outside the house then this braided hairstyle will suit you. However, it is not necessary that you have a curly hair, even if you have a straight hair, you can follow this hairstyle. You can also create a small double braid from the forehead.

#4. Asymmetric Low Bun:

asymmetric bun wedding hairstyles for long hair

This is another lovely asymmetric low bun hairstyle and to follow this you will need a curling iron followed by a hairspray. Apart of that, before you start dressing your hair do apply for some hair protection serum or cream on your hair. Now try the big curls and braid few strands of your hair. Slowly twist your hair and pin it up with bobby pins. Lastly, apply hairspray for strong hold.

#5. Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair With Veil Underneath:

wedding hairstyle bun

If you wish to put a veil underneath your hairstyle then you can do that too. Simply look at the image and ask your hairstylist to do it for you as you cannot do it yourself. This is a great way to bring the feminine look on you. A beautiful flower will bring extra compliments for your hair.

#6. Curly Stylish Low Bun:

curly stylish low bun wedding hairstyles for long hair

When you cannot decide which hairstyles will look perfect and it seems that all the hairstyle looks common then, try this princess-like low stylish bun. Actually, this hairstyle isn’t actually a bun, they are just twisted and pinned together to create a look beautiful bun. Curling is necessary, followed by a twist. Lastly, place hair accessories that exactly looks like a tiara but little shiny. This wedding hairstyles updo is also one of my favorite.

#7. Hair Updo:

hair updo wedding hairstyles for long hair up do

Aren’t the hairstyle looking similar like a french twist? Yes, they do look quite similar, in fact, it’s just a slight update with the same hairstyle. What is so special about this hairstyle? well have a look:

  • It’s beautiful & with a pink flower that attracts every guest’s attention on your wedding.
  • It’s a French hairstyle with a bit different theme.
  • Let few of your hair strands let loose to bring the beauty on this looks.

#8. Vintage Style Hair Updo:

vintage style hair

This is a never ending trend wedding hairstyles for long hair. Do you know how to dress into a classic vintage look? Let me help you.

  • To follow this hairstyle, you will require a waving iron.
  • A hairspray along with it.
  • Now do some buns with a twist.
  • Make sure you take care of your front hair just like the above image.

#9. Elegant Straight Half Fish Tail Braid:

half fish tail braid wedding hairstyle for long hair

If you are not hoping to curl your hair and just wished for a straight smooth hair then this will also be a great choice.

  • What you can do is take half of your hair then start the fish braiding style.
  • Secure it with a small rubber band and pull some of your braids loose to give it a volume.
  • If you want a silky pointed smooth hair then you can also go for straightening iron. Also, read few Post hair Smoothening Tips. 

#10. Trendy and Long:

trendy and long wedding haistyles for long hair

This wedding hairstyles for long hair looks very stylish as well as traditional. When your hair is too long and you do not wish to cut it, you must try this hairstyle. They are lovely and eye pleasing to see. A part of that, your hairstyle also should match with your gown. Especially for beach locations during summer, this hairstyle will go beautifully with such situations & dressing. Let some mini flower twigs sit on your hair to put a topping end to this hairstyle for long hair.

#11. Black Hair Half Up and Half Down:

haldf up and half down wedding hairstyles for long hair

Even I wish for wavy curly hairstyle during a wedding. And when you are confused whether to let down your hair or to tie your hair, half up and half down will be perfect. Wear a wedding gown that has a beautiful transparent lace on it with dazzling earrings. Make sure you do not comb your hair as because the messy hair looks better.

#12. Elegant and Smart Wedding Hairstyles Updo:

elegant and smart updo

Dress, fashion, wedding, hairstyles, venue etc all this must be right to make a big memorable party. And girls mostly wish for all this perfectness. If you are strict with the rules and regulations then this hairstyle will bring the same look on you. You will feel confident and strong with the smart and elegant hairstyles. Cut some strands of your hair in front and bring the puffiness above. Now take all the rest of your hair and pin it in a bun. On the side place beautiful hair accessories.

If you wish to see easy hairstyle tutorials then I will provide it below:

Now that you have seen the image of 12 wedding hairstyles for long hair, it is the time to select which one you would prefer. Choose anyone but only remember that you must look pretty like a princess on our wedding so select wisely. If you wish to get more alternative wedding hairstyles, then go through, 16 Amazing Bride Hairstyles Perfectly Fit For Wedding CeremonyI hope that your event or marriage will be inspiring with everything just how you like. Enjoy it with full colors, best regards.

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