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Best 15 Lovely Wedding Guest Hairstyles You Can Try Out

list of guest hairstyles during wedding

When the bride is busy with her wedding and friends, the wedding guest is also busy how to look pretty. Furthermore, if you are one of the invitees during your friend’s wedding then I have a solution for you to look gorgeous. So below I have listed to share you the best wedding guest hairstyles only for you.

And definitely, you do need an attention as a guest with the lovely wedding guest hairstyle below. They are lovely as well as easy to follow…. Check them first and then decide which is your favorite and which one will suit you the most. Also you can try the hair styler app for stunning hairstyles.

list of guest hairstyles during wedding

Best 15 Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to do it Yourself:

Every female will desire to look good on their friend’s wedding. Am I right?? Well, ladies keep your heart to try the best 15 wedding guest hairstyles. I will discuss to with long, medium and short hairstyles, some half-updos and some updos which you can do it by yourself.

1. Curl Twisted Updo With Braid:

twisted curl updo

  • Now, this is called beauty with simplicity. Therefore, if you do not get an idea how to style your hair on the wedding of your friends then follow this pretty designs of wedding guest hairstyles.
  • So to follow this style, you first of all need to braid your few strands of hair.
  • But remember that curling your hair brings an extra glow to your looks. Accordingly, pin your hair like a bun and follow up with a hairspray.

2. Front Head Band Fall Down Hairstyle:

front head band wedding guest hairstyles

  • No doubt, this is another easy wedding guest tutorial for long hairs. Sometimes tying your hair every time looks very dull. Therefore, why don’t you try something new?
  • To get your desired fall down hair, first of all with a curling iron, curl up your hair taking proper care of the tip hair.
  • Leave few strands of your hair and start braiding it from the side.
  • Now slowly take your braided hair like a headband and pinned it up securely.
  • Finally, pluck some fresh flowers from your garden and place it on your hair. Now you are ready to go for a wedding ceremony.

3. Fish Tail Braid Guest Wedding Hairstyles:

fish tail braid hairstyle for long hair

  • Similarly, Fish Tail Braid is also very easy to learn it. But if you wish to have the same length of hair and hairstyle then you first need to grow your hair.
  • Although it looks simple but very elegant and pretty especially if you are a tall figure lady or women.
  • First of all, tie your hair up in a ponytail and then braid the fish tail style till the tip of your hair.
  • Secure it with an elastic rubber band and cover it with few strands of your hair so that the elastic is not visible.

4. Messy Twisted Bun Along with Little Braid:

twist and turn wedding guest hairstyles with simple braid headband

  • Presently if you ask me which hairstyle do you like most for going to a wedding then I would definitely go with Messy Twisted Bun Hairstyle.
  • The other thing is, you do not require such a long hair to follow up this hairstyle. This is because this hairstyle exactly matches for any occasions.
  • And as you know that in this 2017 trend ladies or women are so much loving the messy hairstyle that even like to style their hair during occasions as messy design.
  • If you braid little of your front hair then that will look more amazing. Let some of your hair strands lie down with soft curls.

5. Vintage Style Wedding Guest Hairstyles:

vintage guest wedding guest hairstyles

  • In the wedding festival, this Vintage style is the most pretty wedding guest hairstyles with a fascinator.
  • In my opinion, you will need a good and high-quality hairspray so that your hair remains tight and firm.
  • Consequently, you have to part your hair from the middle. Now apply the spray to make your strong hair just like the picture that I have attached below.
  • Finally, when you are done, decorate your hair with an ethnic hairpiece.

6. Simply Curl Hairstyle:

simply diy wedding hairstyles for long hair

  • If you are not a big fan of long hair then you can go with these wedding guest hairstyles for short hair. They are simply lovely.
  • All you have to do is, just curl and apply spray on your hair.
  • Now with some few bobby pins manage it tightly.
  • In the meantime, you can get ready with which dress you must wear with this hairstyles. I would suggest you go with a closed type of dress for attending the wedding. You will look smart as well as pretty.
  • Make sure you do the thick curls instead of small curls.

7. Beautiful But Messy Updo:

messy bun wedding guest hairstyles

  • When you are late for attending any wedding then do follow this messy hairstyle.
  • In fact, the most important thing is, you do not need to comb your hair.
  • All you need to do is simply twist your hair and tie a bun with a bobby pin.
  • Pull some of the strands of your hair to create the messy look.
  • Now place some beautiful stone hairpiece to create the beauty of your hair.

8. Half Up and Half Down:

half up and half down

Wow, this is lovely if you have a good length plus if you have a thick hair. And I know this will the best choice of DIY wedding guest hairstyles for long hair.

  • In the first place, comb your hair thoroughly.
  • The next step is, hair extension if your hair is thin.
  • Finally, start curling your hair with a flat iron.
  • The style is so simple that you will even not required any guidance to do this hairstyle.

9. Side Braid Wedding Guest Hairstyle:

french and fish tail braid

Do you still remember the French and Fishtail Braids?? Yes, you can go with it. If the marriage is going to be held in the summer season during the day time then go with this hairstyle.

  • It is not necessary to comb your hair, simply part your hair into two.
  • First of all, do the french braid in the front hair and then take all your hair on the side and follow fishtail braid.
  • Take out few strands of your hair and then you will look lovely cute.

10. French Twist Updo:

french twist wedding guest hairstyles

When the wedding is very formal then why should the attendants or the guest go with casual dresses? This is the reason we brought you the formal french twist hairstyles for a wedding. Follow some of my guidance below to copy this pretty hairstyle.

  • First just twist all your entire hair until you get this shape.
  • But, do not twist it too tight, jus slowly twist it around.
  • Secure with bobby pins and buy a beautiful hairpiece made like stones.
  • Also, wear such dress which looks formal and smart so that your hair matches with your dresses.

11. Side Pony Tail with Braided Headband:

side pony wedding guest hairstyle

With wedding guest hair and makeup, you just look like a princess. If your hair is simple then your makeup must be heavy.

  • Simply take your entire hair to the left and tie it with a secure elastic.
  • Oh before that, french braid your hair in the front and then tie all your hair together.
  • Now curl it up as you like and you are done to go on the wedding party.

12. Romantic Loose Low Hairstyle:

top wedding guest hairstyles

When you are tired of all the boring hairstyles then go for this lovely loose low hairstyle.

  • First of all, take some strands above of your hair and twist turn.
  • Again take some sections then twist turn
  • Now lastly, take all your hair and twist turn
  • Enjoy the grand wedding day with the bride.

13. Fish Tail Braid half up and Half down Medium Length:

fish tail easy wedding guest hairstyles to do it yourself

This is another stunning gorgeous wedding guest hairstyle which is also very easy even while seeing.

  • Further, in addition to it, twist your hairs from both sides and then braid it.
  • Now place some garland type of hairpiece if the marriage is going to be held near the beach.
  • Apart of that, do remember that you wear a back lace dress which will match with your hair.

14. Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Black Woman:

wedding guest hairstyles for black woman

When speaking about the best wedding guest hairstyles one cannot omit that the black woman hairstyles look lovely. One side will look long and the other side short.

  • In fact, one side you have to straighten and the other side curly or wavy.
  • Make it little glossy by applying hair serum or other high-quality hair care products.
  • Wear big earrings that will suit with this hair style. You will absolutely go crazy for this look.

15. Beautiful Pony Hairstyle:

pony wedding guest hairstyles

Now when you got a beautiful thick hair then why don’t you go with other hairstyles live simply beautiful high pony.

  • After curling, take the entire hair and then tie it with a pretty ribbon.
  • Leave few hairs in the front to style.
  • Wear a sleeveless as well as a backless dress which will look sexy.
  • Now you are ready to go for a bright and beautiful wedding.

What else do you need when everything is already ready especially your wedding guest hair tutorial? I have included some of the procedures how to do wedding guest hairstyles which are very easy and simple to follow. But all the hairstyles that I have listed out are very gorgeous. If you love the hairstyles then do suggest your mates the best wedding hairstyles.


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