Quickly Signup for Way2SMS Free messaging platform and login to Way2SMS to start sending free to start Sending messages. Even I had seen many businesses opting for Way2SMS platform quickly by logging in, instead of using any bulk SMS services. Not only for business but for personal use as well Way2SMS is perfect for quickly having a free chat.

Nowadays SMS seems to be old school, so most people are using an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Messenger or Snapchat etc. But as the instant messaging app needs an internet connection, which means when the recipient is not online he/she will not receive any messages. So for sending some important messages the old school messaging system SMS still works. But what if you are not having any balance to send a text message to anyone, there are some useful SMS portals on the internet through which you can send free messages. One of those is the Way2SMS, it is the biggest text message portal in India with the help of which you can free messages to anyone. Learn about register, how to use, sign up and Way2SMS login.


Are you also looking some tricks to use Way2SMS to send a free text message? Then here in this content, you will able to find each and every step for signup, register, how to use and Way2SMS login for free. So if you are stuck in any procedure here you will get the best solution to everything in Way2SMS.

List of amazing features of Way2SMS:

  1. The user interface and ways to Way2SMS login are very simple making the user experience better.
  2. There are too many ads but is not annoying as it doesn’t disturb you while sending messages.
  3. Send one to one text message on the go with some simple steps.
  4. Also, you can send a message in a different language, send scheduled message on the go.
  5. Have a group chat with your friend for free of cost and that too unlimited.
  6. You can check out your sent message details like when you have sent, is it delivered or not and much more.
  7. Also, you can add your address in Way2SMS for better features.
  8. You can also invite your friends to use the Way2SMS so that you can have fun free of cost, as you can chat unlimited for free.

These are the exclusive features of the Way2SMS that you can enjoy while you are having fun with your friends. As you have got everything about the Way2SMS features, now let’s have a look at the steps for Way2SMS Sign up. If you want to enjoy these features on your Android device then you can also download Way2SMS apk from here.

How to Sign up/register Way2SMS easily:

The steps to register Way2SMS is very easy and simple as you only need to do some of the few procedure that is listed below.

1. In order to do Way2SMS Sign up for free simply go to the link that is given

Way2SMS Signup

2. Now like will need to fill up the form with the details that are asked for, it is the same like you do in the other websites for registering. So after filling up everything simply enter the captcha code and agree all the terms and condition and simply click on the “Verify & Register” option.

Way2SMS sign up

3. After doing all this you will receive a message on your registered mobile number which you need to keep in mind. So while logging in simply use the password to log in.  But if you haven’t received any message on your registered mobile number then you can enter your mobile number again and get the password.

get password

4. But if you have received the password on your phone then simply log in. Now if you want to change the password then you can do it, as they allow you to change it. If you are comfortable with the password that you got then simply click on the “Skip” button.

This is all you need to do, for registering or to Sign up Way2SMS for free. After doing all this you will be direct to another page where you need to just log in to send messages for free of cost. So this is it for registering Way2SMS, now let’s have a look at Way2SMS login after registering.

How to Login Way2SMS for free text messaging:

Other than signing up doing Way2SMS Login is very simple and easy, as you simply need to place your mobile number and password in their respective places. But you do need to go through some steps even for logging in. So here are the steps you need to follow to log in Way2SMS.

1. For doing way2SMS login, click on the link that is given below.

login Way2SMS

2. Now simply add the registered Phone number and your password in their respective boxes and then click on the Login button like in the picture given below.

Login Way2SMS

So this is all for how to login Way2SMS  website for free. After doing all this you are now able to use the Way2SMS portal and send free messages unlimited to your friends. So now let’s have a look at how to use Way2SMS.

Steps for How to use Way2SMS:

Using the Way2SMS is very simple and easy because of its simple user interface like I have said in the features of Way2SMS.  So here are some of the simple steps to use Way2SMS easily.

1. Sending free message instantly is very simple. For sending free SMS simply click on the “Send SMS” option in the header section. Now you will need to add the mobile number of the recipient and simply start writing the message (140 characters only) that you want to send and then click on the “SEND” button to send. If you want to send some quotes then you can also select it, as the option is available. Also, you can get quotes for every occasion, you just need to change the occasion for which quote you want.

Send free SMS 2. You can also send a message in different languages like in Tamil, Hindi, Telegu etc. to enable this features simply click on the “Language SMS” on the header section. So now you can send messages in different languages. You will type in English and the messages will automatically get converted in other languages that you have selected. The interface is the same, so you will need to do the same.

language SMS

3. With Way2SMS you can even enjoy group messages on the go and that too for free. Go to the group SMS option in the header section and then add the contacts which you want to add in the group message. But make sure you will need to add the contacts to the website first to have a group chat with them. After adding the contacts enter the text message (140 characters) and simply click on “Send message” the message will automatically get delivered to all those contacts that you have added to the group.

group messages

4. Like in the features of the Way2SMS I have mentioned that you can also schedule your messages. So go to the “Future SMS” in the header section and add the recipient number, date and time to send a message. After doing all this simply start writing a message, and after everything is done click on the “Schedule Message” to send a message on the scheduled time.

future SMS

So these are all the possible ways for how to use Way2SMS perfectly like a professional. I have given all the ways for how to use the Way2SMS features in a professional way.

Way2SMS is one of the biggest free SMS portal in India using which you can send free messages to your friends unlimited. There are many features of this SMS portal that made it more famous other than other SMS portals in India. In this content, you have got all the complete package of how to use, sign in and Way2SMS login for free. This is it if you are having some issue using the Way2SMS then feel free to comment below. We will be happy to help you in any issue regarding Way2SMS.