Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 11th March 2017 Episode 4 [Written]
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Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 11th March 2017 Episode 4 [Written]

MTV Roadies X5 Episode 4

11th Match 2017 Roadies Rising X5: The audition of the Roadies Rising X5 is on the air, the excitement of the show has just begun to heat up. The Level of Roadies has been just lifted up higher than it was before, it has become tougher for the contestants to get selected in the Roadies.

MTV Roadies X5 Episode 4

In this Episode 4 of Roadies Rising X5, the judges were in a good mood to make a contestant struggle a lot by giving them lots of physical and mental task. It is seen that the judges were very merciless towards the contestants, pushing them to go through a very serious task which is not easy for one to do it. Also, check the Roadies X5 selected contestants name list from the earlier auditions for this 15th season.

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 11th March 2017 Episode 4

The best audition of this episode was of Bashir Ali, who was the part of Youtube Channel “Habibi Vines.” Throughout the audition, he was very sweet and gave good afford in the audition. However, he was not selected by any of the judges from the Roadies Rising X5, but Harbhajan Singh gave him the chance to come in the show choosing Prince Narula’s Team.

YouTuber Bashir Ali

The start of the audition with the Youtuber Bashir was all going fine, he danced in “Hyderabadi Marfa Dance” with the judge Neha Dhupia. But slowly when judges started questioning him multiple questions about his life, things started changing, and Ranvijay also pointed out some mistakes and negative points that Bashir was having.

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Bashir Ali also accepted that he gets angry & tempered quickly losing control in himself, due to which he had many issues in his life. But he started changing himself to become a better person in life, as per his mom instructed him before moving away to the US.

On the same Episode the judges seem to be very scary, they scared Rahul in the audition with the prank of giving him some electric shock. It is becoming very tough for the contestants to get into the Roadies journey.

Overall the show is getting more and more exciting with lots of interesting contestants coming in the show. You can watch the show on MTV Channel, Every Saturday 7 PM.

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