In this post we are going to share a list of verified sites to Watch Latest Anime Movies Online for Free. If you are one of the Anime movie’s fan,  having an interest to watch anime movies online. Then, the list provided below are going to be extremely helpful for you to keep you updated and entertained with all sorts of anime movie online for free.

Anime is a great art with unique way to display and explain things, watching anime movies are sometimes more interesting than the actual movies that we see on a big screen. Anime’s are basically Japanese Animation Production videos and personally I like to prefer Anime over Cartoons. But here we will bring you the best sites for both the Cartoons Fan’s and Anime Fan’s.

Watch Animation Series movies Online

Top 10 Sites For Watching Cartoon & Anime Movies For Free:

To watch latest anime series movies or to watch anime movies kindly follow the sites listed on our list below.

Sites To Watch Anime Movies For Free:

Some of the Favorite Anime Series that I would like you to try out are Naruto, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z and many more now if you want more name’s Anime that you can try out just leave you comments below.

1. Anime44:

Anime 44 is user friendly designed website, where one anime movie lover can easily understand the simple layout and access over any kind of movie quickly. Anime44 is one of the best site providing latest released anime movies where one anime lover can watch movies for free online.

Anime 44

At Anime44 you can also check popular anime videos available, incase if you are new to anime video and unable to find good anime movies it can be useful. Overall the site is quite good and user friendly for which we had listed it, in the top of the list.

2. KissAnime:

KissAnime provides both cartoon and anime HD free movies online with multiple options. It is also quite user friendly having different important things featured at the homepage, which should be helpful for the newbie users. You can easily find the list of Drama, get notified about the ongoing series at the homepage, forum for important queries and discussion, cartoon movie list, and the anime movie list.


At KissAnime you can also get updated about the upcoming anime movie release date and expectations etc. Overall the KissAnime is a great online portal to watch Cartoon & Anime movies/videos online for free and a great place to get entertained. Therefore, we had listed it on the 2nd number in our top 10 list.

3. AnimeSeason:

AnimeSeason is yet another great online portal to watch anime series movies online. The site interface is very simple and you can consider it as one of the best anime series movie sites, which keeps us updated with latest movies series every time. In this site you can also check some old series anime movies collection and watch it online for free.


AnimeSeason site is a well maintained site overall with negligible amount of advertisement or sponsors available, adding very less distractions for users. Even for new users this site is quite helpful providing important list of newly released anime movies and popular anime movies which will help one users in finding good anime movies easily.

4. Crunchyroll:

CrunchyRoll is an interesting site which is a great combination of anime movie site, blog, forum and a news. CrunchyRoll cannot be considered as a online portal to watch anime movie series online for free, but an online portal which offers free trail to new users to watch anime movie which later on is chargeable after the free trial period ends.


It is one of the best anime movie site which provides very user friendly layout where you can find some popular movie series on the sidebar. Not only that, but you can find news about the anime movies and blog about it which can help one user to get more idea about the movie. It also has a forum for group discussions and a problem solving place for CrunchyRoll.

5. GoGoAnime:

GoGoAnime is another great anime movies website which is good for watching Anime Series, Movies and cartoons online for free. The site is quite easy to understand and is helpful adding various sections such as latest episode releases, New Anime Added and others for better understanding.


At GoGoAnime you can easily watch old series or movies, in case if you have doubts about what to watch and what not you can look for some of the popular anime movies which are recommended the most. GoGoAnime also has an App which makes easier for anime movies lover to access the videos via smartphones online quickly.

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So here I conclude for you the Best Sites To Watch Anime Movies For Free Online. Enjoy your favorite Anime and Cartoons online easily from the above mentioned sites. Share us your favorite site and anime movies with us in the comment which you personally loved.

If you got any other sites feel free to share with us via the comments below.

Thank You.