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WannaCry Ransomware Attack Over 150 Countries Case Study, Prevention

wannacry on Windows how to remove it

So you might have been listening about WannaCry Ransomware for these past days; well, it’s not new that the online users had seen this kind of attack. But the current situation so-called WannaCry ransomware is the biggest cyber attack till date and it is spreading so quick. WannaCry cyber-attack hitting over 150 countries and spreading a real quick. Alert, WannaCrypt might get into your Microsoft owned Windows OS machine if you don’t aware of some precautions. Attacker can asked for a good money encrypting your all Windows files or important files.wannacry largest cyber attack

This sounds a real panic when your all important data will be controlled by WannaCry Software and your files will get removed if you don’t pay the same buck asked by hackers. So, how prevent your Windows PC from WannaCry Ransomware? How to remove WannaCry from Windows PC if get attacked by this malicious software? All answer will be given to you and here I would make sure to keep safe your Windows PC keep safe from this Ransomware.

What’s WannaCry Ransomware? Every Detail You Need To Know

Know the every detail of global issue that wide spreading every Windows system so badly. Here every key and in-depth details on WannaCry or so-called WannCrypt and know how to prevent your Windows Operating System from this Ransomware.

1. Ransomware: What’s it?

Definitely, it should be trending question for the online users for this cyber attack. If hearing “ransomware” for the first time then here is something you need to. Well, ransomware is a kind of malevolent software that can control your PC’s important files or ransom it. To get control of the same you to pay some good money, obviously to the attacker. So a user can imagine how would be the impact of this attack if his/her Windows PC/laptop faces the same thing.

2. What’s recently going on?

WannaCry is the ongoing cyber attack, which has identified as a ransomware. Though, online the past PC users had seen the same incident in 2004; but this ongoing malicious Windows program wide-spreading in all countries worldwide. WannaCry ransomware injected on 12 May 2017 and till now it is affecting more than 200000 Windows computers in over 150 countries. It is one of the largest cyber attacks till date, currently eating the files of online users affecting individual users, organizations, hospitals, telecommunication, offices and some renowned companies. The courier service name as Fedex also allegedly affected by WannaCrypt Ransomware.

In the recent update and post notification, Microsoft President and Chief Legel Officer opens his mind on their official website about the ongoing global attack as of WannaCryp or WannaCry.

In his latest post narrating the recent WannaCrypt attack check out what he added,

“At the same time, it’s already apparent that there will be broader and important lessons from the “WannaCrypt” attack we’ll need to consider to avoid these types of attacks in the future. I see three areas where this event provides an opportunity for Microsoft and the industry to improve.

As a technology company, we at Microsoft have the first responsibility to address these issues. We increasingly are among the first responders to attacks on the internet. We have more than 3,500 security engineers at the company, and we’re working comprehensively to address cybersecurity threats. This includes new security functionality across our entire software platform, including constant updates to our Advanced Threat Protection service to detect and disrupt new cyberattacks. In this instance, this included the development and release of the patch in March, a prompt update on Friday to Windows Defender to detect the WannaCrypt attack, and work by our customer support personnel to help customers afflicted by the attack.”

wannacry on Windows how to remove it

Here is another interesting report from Forbs news, we have seen. For the ongoing worldwide cyberattack, there is 22 years old responsible guy, who is continuously trying make it with the WannaCry attack. Allegedly he had an outbreak the WannaCry hacker register a domain and found killswitch for this ransomware.That actually resulted stopping some attacks on Microsoft Windows Operating System. Now he is receiving huge email and messages or inquiries regarding WannaCry in his social accounts.Matthieu Suiche prevented WannaCry

He is been working with MalwareTech and has attempted their second KillSwitch for WannaCrypt. Reportedly they have successfully recovered 10k Windows Machine from WannaCrypt infection and spreading it others. They have also mentioned that the biggest part of the restored Windows Computers is from Russia. So, there is kind hope against cyber criminals. Read more on Forbes.

3. How can WannaCrypt or WannaCry harm a user?

After hostaging into a user Windows computer, basically, a user lost control over his/her Windows system files. The anonymous hacker or author of this malicious software demanding $300 money to get back your encrypted or locked or scrambled files in the pay via Bitcoin. However, in a particular time after ransom can increase upto $1200. Or else, WannaCry can wipe out your all files from a user’s system leaving to cry.

Can WannaCry Ransomware Harm on Android, iOS and OS X?

WannaCry or WannaCrypt basically designed to scramble Windows files or encrypt users all existing files and makes it not usable. As the hackers targetted only Windows computers, there nothing going to happen in your Android, iOS smartphone, and OS X system. So, getting into those malicious sites and email or WannaCry sources may not harm you but accessing the same thing on your Windows can trigger it. Never, panic if don’t own any Windows PC or laptop, as the other OS still safe and no harm till now.

How to Prevent WannaCry Ransomware?

As said just before, it is only designed for Windows OS to scramble all the existing files by the anonymous cyber-criminals. One thinks you should know having Windows does not hint your PC or laptop will get attack by WannaCrypt ransomware. There are some security patches and prevention to avoid WannaCrypt. Check out some of these tips to prevent this ransomware infection.

Update Windows: Microsoft confirms users whoever updated their Windows System recently they are safe from WannaCry or WannaCrypt ransomware. So, it is highly recommended to update your Windows as soon as possible if you haven’t updated it yet with latest updates available for your system.

Here are simple 3 steps to update your Windows Computer with Latest Updates:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel.
  2. Go to Windows Update menu.windows update how to prevent Wannacryp ransomware
  3.  Check for Updates and Patches and install important updates.

Some Avoid Unknown Software and Malicious Links: Prevention malicious and phishing link you can avoid WannaCrypt or WannaCry ransomware. There is a big chance to hit this ransomware on your Windows system through emails. Avoid if you receive any email from an unknown source and do not visit any suspicious link. To define suspicious links you can have an online browsing protection.

Backup Your Windows PC Files: Another good deal is if you make a backup of your every file. Backing up you PC files is the safest idea to stand against WannaCrypt program. Even after getting attacked by this ransomware your files would be safe in your backup external drive.

Install A Reliable Antivirus: Now don’t say it won’t help defending WannaCrypt program affecting your Windows computer. But it can at least notify you suspicious or unknown softwares on your PC. SO, a reliable software is all time recommended thing that you can have on your Windows PC for now. As most licensed antivirus can indicate suspicious emails and software very effectively.

Prevention is better than cure. So, if your system is safe then better if you update your Windows system with latest updates. Also recommended to you not to open any doubtful link, email, and software.

How To Remove WannaCry or WannaCrypt from Windows 7/8/8.1/10?

A user might be aware of knowing how to remove WannaCry after his/her Windows system is affected by this type of ransomware. No one would want spoil all his files collections, which they have saved on their PC. As of now, there is no direct way to overcome WannaCrypt ransomware. how to remove WannacryptSo, if your Windows computer is infected with WannaCrypt then all you can say it’s a bad luck. However, as this is a global issue, it is believed that their WannaCrypt removal solution. But for now, don’t just manipulated by some online solution that you get or better if you keep patience.

Do I have to Pay WannaCryt for restoring My files?

So, what when a user can’t access his/her files and about to lose it at any time? Should I have to pay WannaCry to get it back? It won’t be wise by any means to pay $300 or more to the attackers as basically, they are cyber criminals. Offering them money can trigger more headache for further. It would be help for them and can hit in a more advanced attack in near days.

Wait for some time, as time is the main healer. There would be many ways to restore your files and will process for how to remove WannaCrypt ransomware. We are hoping to see a real solution for removing and preventing WannaCrypt software. As of now, you better keep patience and do not make a transaction to them or else, there is no guarantee to get back even after you pay them. Yes, they guaranty you for to decrypt the files of your system but they are anonymous; nothing can be trusted.

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Careful if your computer is running on Microsoft Windows OS. And follow some ransomware prevention tips to keep safe your PC from WannaCry. Skipping all precaution that I have given can let you cry taking your money or important files from your system. For more updates on WannaCrypt we will keep eyes to provide you updates and tips for safety from WannaCry attack.

Share your views what you think of this virus attack and let us know if there any infected with WannaCry or WannaCrypt by commenting below in the comment part.

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  • Again? , 3 times these hackers caught me, but I found there is no way to play safe with it. Every time I end up with formatting my hard disk, I lost all my files, data, everything.
    Please update if you find any solution to fight back.
    Anyway, thanks for your information.

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