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How to View Full-Size Profile Picture of Others on Instagram Using PC

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Instagram does not let you download any photo or video. You may watch the videos online. You can see the photos on Instagram shared by individual or organization. But, you cannot view the profile pictures. So, you might have wondered how to view full-size profiles pictures of others on Instagram via PC computers.

Well, that's just a piece of cake. I will show you the trick right away. Using this trick, view Instagram private profile pictures too. So, neither you have to worry about how to view someone's Instagram profile if it's private.

instagram video downloading app

There is not direct option implemented to download videos from Instagram. Nevertheless, there are numerous efficient apps that conveniently works on downloading any type of videos from Instagram.

Instagram Features

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms. Users of Instagram are mostly concerned with capturing photos and videos, editing the photos, and sharing them online. Instagram let us to exchanges messages with our friends and families as well.

how to save instagram profile picture

Apart from these common factors, there are several Instagram features probably most of you didn't know before.

  • You can now save your new posts as Draft before posting them if required.
  • You may now take control the comments on your posts. Filter them or disable them as you wish.
  • Keeping a certain user's Instagram stories mute is possible now. Beat it.
  • Your shared stories are now Saved Automatically.
  • The text font color of your Instagram stories can be changed.
  • Instagram now allows its users to Zoom in on any image or video shared on it.
  • You may now create your own video channel on Instagram and they call it "Events."
  • Instagram has removed the user profile location map.

Throughout many updates made by Instagram over the time, it has brought many useful features. Unfortunately, Instagram hasn't come with any save or download button yet. Neither you can view the profile pictures in full size.

How to View Full-Size Profile Picture of Others on Instagram via PC

We see many personally shared and advertised images/videos on Instagram throughout the usage. We wish to download many of the Instagram images and videos.

There is an alternate way to save or download photos from Instagram via PC. In my another article, I have discussed how to download Instagram Videos on PC as well.

If you are using Android device, there are numerous Apps you may use to download Instagram videos or saving photos from Instagram.

Now, as today's topic I have covered is "How to View Full-Size Profile Pictures of Others on Instagram via PC," so I am sharing the trick that will help you to do so without any third party software.

Simply follow the below instruction step by step and you will get your job done in no time.

Step 1: Go to Instagram site from your PC. You don't have to log in your account. It's alright if you do.

Step 2: Open other user's profile you wish to see the profile picture from.

Step 3: Right-click on the profile picture and select "Open image in new tab." The image will open in a new tab.

Step 4: Now, on the newly opened image tab, you need to edit the URL. Highlight or select the URL link part "/s150x150/" as shown in the image below.

Step 5: Remove the lighted portion from the URL. make sure you have removed only the above-mentioned part (/s150x150) and the rest remain the same.

Step 6: Once the URL edit is done, hit "Enter" key. The image page will get reloaded now and the image will show up in full size.

Now, you may even Save the image in full size. Simply right-click on the full-sized image and then select "Save image as..," edit the file name if you wish and finally press "Enter" to save it.

Too easy, right? So, next time if you liked anyone's profile picture and wanted to view in full size or save it, this is the way you should go through.

instagram saver apps

Say goodbye to the traditional way of taking screenshots with your mobile to save a picture from Instagram. Because now you have these amazing collections of Instagram Saver Apps that lets you save photos in full resolution. 

With this trick in your hand, now on, you will never have to worry about How to View Full-Size Profile Picture of Others on Instagram using a PC. You may teach this trick to your friends as well. What do you think?



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