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Viber Messenger App for Android| iOS| PC: How To Install

Viber Messaging App

Viber is one of the best fun messaging apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows Computer. Sending text messages, making voice/video calls, sharing fun stuff are all easy and free over Viber Messenger. All you need is an active internet connection. Viber is a free app and there are in-app features in it if you wish to pay some and have some more.

It is known for high-quality video calls where the image of your caller is crystal clear even in the poor internet connection. Making your conversations more interesting, there are thousands of stickers and emojis available in the Viber. We will get to all the features of Viber Messenger one by one.

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Viber Messenger for Android iOS & PC

Using Viber on your Smartphone is easy whether it is Android or iPhone/iPad. You may add your Viber contacts your phone book or simply type in a number and then add it. There are a lot more to learn about Viber Messenger which will improve your user experience. So, go through the below features and find out what Viber has to give.

Viber Features:

  • All voice calls, video, calls, media file sharing, Doc sharing is easy and free in Viber.
  • Making High-quality video calls and uninterrupted service even with weak internet connection in remote areas.
  • Easy to add contact numbers to the list.
  • Group chat can be created with up to 250 people in it.
  • Thousands of emojis and stickers will help you express better in every mood.
  • You may also play games with friends and monitor your current status on the leader board.
  • There is also section follow Public chats where you will see real-time conversations of Brands, Public figures, and Celebrities.
  • Using Viber, you can make international calls for free of cost. For this, no login or username is required. Simply type the number and make calls.
  • The voice and video calls are made in HD video and voice quality. That makes the feature even more reliable.
  • Instant video messages are also shared using Viber. Simply tap on and hold the feature icon to record video up to 30 secs then release the icon to send it.
  • Viber has end-to-end encryption feature that automatically removes all the individual chats, group chats, shared media files, etc.
  • If any message, file or media content is sent by mistake and you wish to delete it from receiver’s device, Viber will do it for you. Yes, it is possible in Viber.
  • You may hide any chat or specific text from the conversation and access to it later.

How to Download/Install Viber on Android iOS & PC

As you now know, Viber brings some of the unique features like hiding chat, deleting sent items, etc. that are not available in any other instant messaging app, you may wish to download Viber app and have fun with it.

How to Install?

  • On Android: Tap the above link > Tap on the “Install” button > “Accept” Google T&C.
  • On iOS: Tap on the above link > Tap “Get” button > Tap “Install” > Enter “Password”
  • On PC: Click the above link > Hit the “Download” button > Open downloaded execution file > Hit “Install” button.

So, that’s how you can download and install the Viber Messenger on any of our devices easily.

Viber Messenger is a light app with less hassle. The app is being updated regularly. Make sure you keep the app updated while in use for better user experience. So, it all makes sense, that why this app is gaining more popularity over the time. It’s simply great for chatting with any of your friends and sharing fun or important stuff. In addition to that, the free international call made the app even worthier.

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