Top 10 uTorrent Search Engines Minimizing Risks of Legal Actions [2017]
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Top 10 uTorrent Search Engines You Must Pick for Downloading Torrents

uTorrent Search Engines

Looking for Reliable uTorrent Search Engines? I got a handful options for you. Before I share my 2017’s Best Torrent Search Engine collection, I got to drive you towards some facts.

Is Using Peer-to-Peer file sharing technology Legal? 

To be precise, is using torrent illegal?

Now, there must be a thing that rings your bell. ‘The Indian Govt. banned Torrent sites.’ Same goes to many other major countries like USA, UK, etc. Canada is exceptional here.

Torrent search engine

Have you ever wondered why or have you figured it out yet? I must tell you, using Torrent is no illegal thing, so is using P2P.

The Real Issue is that those free contents you are getting from Torrent are mostly Copyrighted. So? Downloading, or Sharing these files can put in some serious legal actions.

You are advised to stay sharp and use only reliable Torrent Search Engines. Becuase, ending up in behind the bar is no good.

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Top uTorrent Search Engines That Minimises Risks of Legal Actions:

While downloading files from Torrent, you are not only at legal risk. You must be aware of fake torrent contents too. These can be harmful to your computer system or mobile device.

uTorrent search engines list

In case video and movies, you must look for quality prints as well. Considering all the prime factors at one place, I have assembled top uTorrent Search Engines list 2017 I could trust on.

1: The Pirates Bay

This Sweden-based hub was started back in 2003. I love the best about The Pirates Bay is that it has a responsive Community. This community is crucial to interact with other users. Thus, you can get the best suggestions for picking the right torrent file.

uTorrent movies search engine

Its database is huge! Books, Videos, Songs, Software, PC Games, Porns, anything you could think of is available here.

Banned issues? They also provide a high-speed proxy list you may use to bypass your ISP. One of the best torrent sites in 2017 is definitely The Pirates Bay.

2: 1337X

1337X is unique compared to any other best torrenting search engines. Though it asks you for registration, you need no sweat for free registration with valid email id, right? The site looks clean and attractive with simple UI.

1337x torrents

Large filter icons will lead you to what you exactly looking for. Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, Other; and XXX?

Everything that you are supposed to pay for is available free. Right there. No doubt why it has to be placed on the top uTorrent search engines of 2017.


RARBG is the site without which the top 10 Best Torrenting Sites 2017 can’t be completed. You will need to register or login. But, that isn’t any hassle. Free games, music, software, movies, adult contents, TV shows, and more.

RARBG torrent search engine

They upload malware free contents. So, you don’t need to worry about your device health. Please note, the site domain is changed from ‘’ to ‘’

4: LimeTorrents

If you are mostly into movie downloading sites, LimeTorrent is what you must opt for. Apart from movies, you may pick your favorite TV Shows, Music, Games, Applications, Anime, and other useful contents.

uTorrent movies search engine

Another good thing about this place is you need no search for latest uploads. They are right there at Homepage with each category. For quality identifications, you can check out the number of seeds, leech. For quality identifications, you can check out the number of seeds, leech, file size, and formats.

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5: IsoHunt

Isohunt, on the other hand, comes with a slightly small database, but just enough to feed your needs. While many big search engines and sites are prone to get blocked in your country, Isohunt has been working with attitude.

Isohunt Torrent Search Engine

Millions of user from around the globe are sneaking into IsoHunt every day. There is no chance you get disappointed from it as it deals with quality contents.

6: Kick Ass Torrent

KickAss has been a legend when it comes finding and downloading good torrents. For its growing popularity, many pirated contents have been shared in there. Unfortunately, the platform is now down in many countries including India.

Kickass Torrents

Millions of users around the world still googling for it as Kickass Search Engine is one of the best places to hover over. Poor things.

Good news is, there is a Chrome Extension that will help you to get into any blocked Torrent site. Download the extension here.

7: Demonoid

Oh boy! This one is Dominic. It leaves nothing while sharing. Everything is transparent. Checking out top torrents, downloading torrents, uploading yours, everything is just one-click-on-the-go.


Hola, you can use BitCoins too! You will need to get yourself registered but that was never an issue.

8: BitSnoop

A lot similar to The Pirates Bay, BitSnoop however, keep marks of its own. This is a clean site with no adult contents. Other useful files are all ready to grab. Simply search your content through the engine, and they are right there.

Zooqle torrent

There is no legal issue with BitSnoop so far and contents available in there are also genuine. Thus, there is a very less chance of malfunctioning.

9: Torrent Project

A total clutter-free platform with simple UI, Torrent Project is what you need to get with when other are blocked. Identifying a good torrent file is pretty much easy.

 torrent project

With each torrent file suggested by Torrent Project, there are user ratings, file size, comments, like/dislike, etc mentioned. These items will help you to recognize the quality contents.

10: TorrentZ2 Search Engine

Finally, here comes the king of all. Previously widely recognised as Torrentz, TorrentZ2 is the one-spot-destination for whatever you wish to download. Dozens of other search engine combines the one and only meta-search engine TorrentZ2. search engine

It’s free and Fast. Needless to say, it is the most reliable uTorrent Search Engines we have seen so far. You can visit the site either at or

As you know, downloading torrent from any best Torrent site will require a torrent client. There would no other client do any better than uTorrent. uTorrent is original product fromBitTorrent. Now, you can have uTorrent App on your Android as well. It’s quite easy to use.

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You see, no matter what, there is still chances of breaking the low when downloading from Torrent. And we are not vowed to keep every law unbroken. However, we must mind the risk factors. Anyways, while using these great uTorrent Search Engines, I haven’t encountered any glitches. Nor I smelled anything fishy. Have you?

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