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Upcoming Cars and Bikes In India 2017 That Are Much Awaited


Talking about the automobile industry, India is one of the countries where maximum citizens are addicted to cars and bikes. So coming to the main topic, there are many upcoming cars and bikes in Inda that are almost ready to launch in the Indian auto showroom.

The price of the upcoming cars in India 2017 starts from 2 Lakh (Indian Rupees) hatchback and sedan to 70 Lakh (Indian Rupees) luxury cars. The price of the bike is also affordable enough starting from 1 Lakh Indian rupee. So soon you are going to see new and amazing models of your favorite brands in the nearby showroom.

Many of your favorite brands (both cars and bikes) like Honda, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, etc. are launching many great looking and high-performance cars which I am going to tell you in details below. Here you will be getting all the expected features of the upcoming cars and upcoming bikes in India. So let's check out the new dashing cars that are almost ready to come in your garage.

Best upcoming cars and bikes in India:

I am listing down the best upcoming cars and bikes in India that are soon going to release in India. No, not only the list of the cars and bikes but I will also tell you about the expected features of these upcoming cars and bikes including the prices.

1. New Honda Civic 2017:

As you know, Hoda company is having many great cars both regarding design and specification. I do have Honda City, and in this three years of experience Honda has been satisfied me in every way, so I can finally say that Honda is one of the best brands that has given has some best sedan car in India.

Here comes the New Honda Civic 2017 for you, the 9th generation of Honda Civic was not launched in India due to some uncertain issues with the company. But this 10th generation is all ready to get launched in the India so tat you can take this beautiful car home.

honda civic

The new Honda Civic is hoped to be launched at the end of the year 2017. This new Honda City is also spotted in the Hondas' manufacturing facility, Rajasthan. This is all about the release date of the Upcoming car Honda Civic in India, I shall speak about the specification, price, and mileage of this amazing Honda Civic below.

Mechanical Specification:

The new Honda City comes with two engine variant i.e. 1.5-liter diesel engine and 1.8-liter i-VTEC petrol engine, and yes it will also come with two gear option automatic and manual transmission. Yes, of course, the 1.8-liter petrol engine will be good, but if you want a more refined engine that 1.5-liter diesel engine will be the best for you.

The estimated power created by the car engine is expected from 135 BHP to 120 BHP which is a standard power of a sedan car in India. The length, height, and weight are 4630 mm, 1415mm and 1798 respectively. Not only this the Honda Civic also has a great boot space of 427 liters.

This are all the internal car features that you should know before your buy, so now let's check out the expected mileage that you can get from Honda City. In city you are likely to get 12 km/l in petrol and 15 km/l in diesel, in the Highway ride you can easily get 18 km/l in petrol engine and 24 km/l in diesel engine so overall you will get 17 km/l in petrol and 22 km/l in diesel engine. I must say that Honda cars always gives a good mileage in diesel engine 🙂

Exterior & Interior Specification:

exterior of honda civic

This new Honda car has also got much latest technology in it which makes the car look dashing in every way.

  1. The 17-inch alloy wheel makes the car look more sporty.
  2. The beautiful chrome grill with the Honda Logo in it really looks cool and classy.
  3. The car is also having all safety features like parking sensors, a rearview camera for safe parking and 6 airbags.
  4. Infotainment system of the car is superb.
  5. In this New Honda Civic, you are also getting LED Headlamps and LED tail lamps, rear AC vents so that passengers can get control over the AC temperature and the leather seat seems to very comfortable than any other Honda cars.
  6. And the soft plastic and hard plastic combination in the Dashboard looks very classy.

The coupe looks of this car are the one point of this car because with only the looks of the car you will be a fan of the 10th generation Honda Civic.

2. Tata Tigor (the compact sedan car):

Tata has now finally revealed the name of its new compact sedan car (Tigor). This car looks very similar to Tata Tiago, but the car is likely having the specification of Indigo eCS as Tata Indigo eCS is the first compact sedan car that is launched in India. But now the Tata Tigor is on the way to be the first subcompact sedan car to be launched in India with Indigo eCS specs and design similar to Tata Tiago.

Tata Tigor

This subcompact sedan car of Tata is expected to get launched in the market by the end of March 2017. So keep your pocket in the budget to bring this exotic compact sedan car in your garage. Yes, it is going to be the best subcompact sedan car in the market, but you should check out the specification and price that I have given below.

Mechanical specification:

The Tata Tigor is expected to be launched in two different engine variant, and that is petrol and diesel though they haven't yet leaked about the engine size, we can only hope that Tata will give a good engine for city communication. Now talking about the Cubic capacity of the engine, this Tata Tigor car is supposed to have 1199 CC at maximum level and 1057 CC at a minimum level.

The compression ratio of this Tata Tigor engine will hopefully be 10.8:1, 16:1 which is far better than Tata Tiago. As the car comes under the category of subcompact sedan car, this will be a front wheel drive car with maximum torque of 140 Nm at 3000 Rpm.

The expected mileage that you can get from this Tata Tigor is 23 km/l with a petrol engine and 27 km/l with Diesel Engine. So you see even in terms of mileage this car is giving you affordable mileage. The car length is expected to be 3992mm with the wheelbase of 2450mm it is also going to be the most comfortable car for mid-size people.

So mechanically this is going to be one of the best subcompact sedan cars that is going to be launched in India till date.

Exterior & Interior Specification:


Not only in the mechanical section but the Tata Tigor is also having exciting features in its exterior and interior.

  1. This car comes with Power steering and two driving modes eco and city mode that you can change manually according to the driving environment.
  2. Tata Tigor is having all the premium features in it like Power windows, speed sensors door locking, Follow me lamps, cool glove container, and corner stability control so this all features makes this car premium.
  3. Not only the premium features but this car also has all kinds of safety features like rear view camera, front airbags for driver and co-driver, parking sensors, rear defogger, the car is having disk brakes in the front and drum brakes at the rear.
  4. Talking about the comfort in Tata cars, Tata always gives you high-class comfort like the rear armrest, well-cushioned seat so that you can be comfortable even for a long ride.

Finished talking about the interior and exterior specification, now you must look a the price if it is in your budget or not.

Expected Price of Tata Tigor:

The expected Tata Tigor petrol price will starts from 3.80 lakh to 5.50 lakh Indian Rupees, and the diesel variant will start from 4.60 lakh to 6 lakh at maximum.

If you are searching for a budget car for city communicate and a long ride in a weekend then this is the perfect car with perfect expected price. To purchase this car, you still need to wait until the end of March or in the mid of April 2017.

3. Tata Racemo:

Yaaaay! You would feel glad to know that Tata Racemo is the first coupe car that is going to be released in India, and yes this car is not a demo, this car is really going to get launch in the Indian market and it is comfortable in both track racing and city riding.

So those who are looking for track oriented car it will be worth waiting for this car other than purchasing another foreign coupe car. Let me tell you about the specs of this upcoming car in India, and I am sure after reading the specs you will feel waiting for the release of this beast in both track and city ride.


Mechanical specification:

The amazing car is powered by the 1.2 Revetron petrol engine which supplies a power of 189 BHP and a torque of 210NM which can give the maximum speed of 220 km/hr easily. The Racemo car is having 6-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters, and yes you will also get a Push button reverse just like the Mclaren cars.

Talking about the engine placement of this car, the Racemo comes with the mid-engine placements and rear wheel drive which is the best part because you are getting perfect weight distribution of the car.

The car is no more having typical speedometer like in the Lamborghini, but it is having 7 inches LED display where you can get all the detailed information of the car. The car is expected to come with four-wheel disk brakes for perfect breaking.

The design of the Racemo:

Now coming to the design of the new Tata Racemo car. In the front of the car, the bumper comes with an integrated diffuser, and in the rear, you will see a diffuser with a single exhaust which completes the look of the racing car.

Yes, I am not missing out the butterfly door that welcomes you inside the Racemo just like the BMW i8 and inside the car is the well-cushioned sports car seat.

Tamo Racemo

Lights and features:

Talking about the features, this car comes with DRL and LED single headlamp on each side and in the rear the lights are fully LED just like the Nissan GTr car. The car is having all those features that a sports car should have like the ABS braking, EBD

Expected Pricing of Racemo:

The expected price of the Tamo Racemo starts from 40 lakh to 70 lakh Indian rupee as it has two different variants according to the company news, one is the normal Tamo Racemo, and the other is Tamo Racemo +. So what are you thinking for go to the nearest Tata showroom and check out the booking details of this car.

4. Nissan X-Trail:

You may remember the older version of Nissan X-Trails that was sold in India, but the old version was not so cool that audience gets attracted to it, and Nissan has sold only 7 Nissan X-Trails car in India. But now Nissan have again decided to build the X-Trails in a new way adding some extraordinary features in it and release in India again.

nissan x-trail

The Nissan X-Trail car is expected to be launched in India by the mid-2017 or at the end of 2017. This car is recently shown up at the Auto Expo in India with many exciting features that are worth reading. Down here I have given the specification and features of Nissan X-Trail that have med the car worth buying. So you should check this out.

Mechanical Specification:

The Nissan X-Trail car is expected to come with a 2.0-liter petrol engine that produces the power of 179 bhp which is enough energy for this classes car. This car is expected to have 6-speed manual gearbox (no automatic gearbox available), not only this; now this Nissan new generation car is having 17-inch alloy wheel which really looks cool.

The car is also expected to have huge boot space of 550 liters with the wheelbase of 2705 Kg. The width, length, and height of this car are expected to be 1820mm, 4640mm and 1715mm and the car is also having a regenerative braking system. So this is a very much great specification for this type of car.

So this is all about the mechanical specification, now it's time to check out the design and interior and exterior features of the Nissan X-Trail car.

Exterior and Interior specification:

interior of nissan x-trails

The interior and exterior of this car are feature full, and you should check this out before you book this car.

  1. Now the car is having a round view camera with the help fo which you can view around your car.
  2. The drive assist display now is very standard and advanced, the display also has a soft blue background which gives your eye a cool feeling.
  3. You can now control the audio without taking your hand out from the steering wheel because you will get all the buttons to control audio system in your steering itself.
  4. Talking about the Headlamp, this car is having new Fog lamp, and the bumper is very new.
  5. The rear bumper panel is also new, so it has got an exciting new look in the rear also.

So these are all the features of interior and exterior that are loaded in this new Nissan X-Trail hybrid car. The price of this car may vary from 32-25 lakhs, but it is still expected price, and this is the main reason why this X-Trails is not yet released in India.

I must say this car is going to be the best in its class with all the high-end features and premium feels in a mid-range price. So this is going to be the perfect car for you.

5. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 2017 Facelift:

Ciaz is the best selling sedan car from Maruti Suzuki, and this car has beaten all its competitor like the Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Ford Fiesta, etc. In the mid of 2017 Maruti Suzuki is going to launch the Facelift of Ciaz with some more better features than the older one and some cosmetic changes in the exterior. I don't think that Maruti Suzuki is going to increase or decrease the price of Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 2017

This Ciaz Facelift is expected to come with many exterior features like the sunroof and other things that make this car more beautiful in an affordable price. I am going to tell you about the rumored specs and price of the car that is told by the company.

Mechanical Specification:

The Ciaz facelift comes with two types of engine i.e. 1.4-liter petrol and 1.3-liter diesel which give a power of 91 bhp and torque 130 Nm. The gear system of the new 2017 ciaz is expected to come with 4-speed automatic gearbox or 5-speed manual gearbox in petrol variant, but in diesel, you will only get 5-speed manual gearbox.

Wheel type is the same as the old Ciaz 16-inch alloy wheel, and boot space also remains the same that is 510 liter. So you see there is nothing much change expected in the mechanical part of the new Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift.

Now let’s check out the interior and exterior changes of the new Ciaz Facelift.

Exterior and interior features:

In interior everything will be the same like the old ciaz which mean you will be getting the black, beige cabin. But in the exterior you will see many changes like a sunroof, the front bumper will add some more chrome even in the rear bumper you will find some chrome bar with the logo. Overall it will look the same as the old Ciaz.

Suzuki Ciaz

Mileage and price variant:

Now talking about the mileage Maruti Suzuki is known for producing the most fuel efficient car in India, so I am very much sure that Ciaz facelift will give you perfect at. But the expected mileage of this Facelift car is 22 km/l in petrol engine and 28 km/l in a diesel engine.

Coming to the price this car is also one of the best cars in a budget the old Ciaz pricings starts from 7 lakh and ends up on 11 lakh. So this Ciaz Facelift is very much expected to be from 7.50 lakh at a minimum level and 0.50 lakh at maximum level.

If you are looking for a perfect sedan car under this above-given price range then it is worth waiting for the Ciaz Facelift, I am sure you are going to love this car produced by Maruti Suzuki.

6. TVS Akula 300:

Now here comes the Flagship bike of TVS company, TVS is going to launch this beautiful in India by the end of 2017. The model of the bike was showcased at the Auto show in the year 2016. The upcoming bike in India TVS Akula 300 is inspired by the shark mouth and is totally based on the BMW G 310R, and the expected price of this beautiful bike is 2 lakh to 3 lakh, the price may vary as this is the rumored price.

TVS akula 310

TVS Akula is fully a sports bike and is coming with a single seat. So those who are looking for a perfect sports bike from TVS then waiting for this bike will worth you. Let me give you a quick look at the specification of the Akula 300.

Specification of Akula 300:

The Akula 300 is powered by TVS engine of 310 cc which produces a maximum power of 33.6 BHP and a torque of 28 NM which will give you a sporty feel even when you are at city road. Yes, the engine is single cylinder engine with 6-speed gearbox.

The weight of the bike is merely expected to be 130kg. Talking about the tyre of the bike, this bike is having tubeless tyres on both front and rear with 17-inch alloy wheel with the expected wheelbase of 1364mm. This bike is having all sorts of features, the speedometer, trip meter, techo meter, gear display and clock are all digital.

TVS akula

Coming to the braking system of this upcoming bike in India is that it is expected to come with disk brakes both in the front and in the rear. In the front, the bike is expected to have single disk brake of 300 mm diameter with 4 piston fixed caliper. In the rear wheel, it is expected to have single disk brake of 240 mm diameter with single piston floating caliper. So you see this bike is expected to have a perfect braking system that a sports bike should have in it.

How can I miss out the suspension of the TVS Akula bikes, this bike is expected to come with excellent upside down fork suspension in the front and alloy swing arm in the rear wheel for better comfort on your back. But note that this bike is still a concept bike, you will be seeing its real avatar soon in the month of April or June 2017 and is expected to release in the market at the end of 2017.

7. Bajaj Pulsar RS 400:

Bajaj have always hit the market with its amazing motorbikes for both city ride and racing. Recently Bajaj have launched Pulsar RS 200 which is made in comparison of KTM RC 200. Now Bajaj is going to launch new Pulsar RS 400 which will be again head to head competition with the KTM RC 390, but I am very much sure the RS 400 will again take over the RC 390 like the RS 200, you must check out the specification of the Pulsar RS 400.

RS 400

This bike is very much expected to come in the market at the end of July or at the beginning of August with the expected price of 2.50 lakh with ABS and 1.50 lakh without ABS in the ex-showroom Delhi.

Specification of the new Pulsar RS 400:

Now the Bajaj Pulsar RS 400 is expected to come with 373 cc single cylinder triple spark plug DTSi engine, and this engine is expected to produce 42 Ps of power having the torque of 34.5 Nm, this bike is expected to go at high speed of 175 km/h smoothly. The engine comes with oil cooling features and 6-speed gearbox for better shifting. With this big engine, you can easily hope for the mileage of 24 km/l in the city and 29 km/l in the highway.

The wheel of the new Pulsar RS 400 comes with 17-inch alloy wheel and MRF tubeless tyres which are not better than the Micheline tyre that is used in the RC 390, but the MRF tubeless tyre is long lasting than the Micheline tyres. Now talking about the brakes both the front and rear wheel have disk brakes, according to the rumours the front disc brakes will have 4 piston caliper and the rear will be having dual piston floating caliper.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 400

In the comfort section, this bike is having well-cushioned seats like the RS 200 and the suspension is bike is expected to be telescopic forks in the front wheel and Gas-charged Single shock in the rear wheel. So it can go over small holes in the road, but in the bigger holes, you will get a push from the single shock suspension at the back. The other exterior specification remains the same like the RS 200.

So after all this, I can easily tell you that this can be the best bike if your budget is 2 lakh Indian Rupee. Again saying that this motorbike inspired from RC 390 will be hitting the showroom by the end of July 2017

8. Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS:

NS was one of the best series of Pulsar and was first released in 2011 but the production was stopped due to some factory failures. But the series is now again re-launched in the Indian motorbike market, the Pulsar NS 200 has given a very positive result to the Bajaj company. So now Bajaj is launching another new 150 NS which is going to be one of the best upcoming bike in Inda.

Pulsar 150 NS

Finally, after waiting some few months, you will be getting NS of two variant that is 150 NS and 200 NS. Here I will tell you all about the 150 NS and specification as it is yet to released in the India Motorbike market. This bike is expected to be launched in the market by April 2017, and the expected price starts from Rupees 75,000 to 95,000

Specification of Pulsar 150 NS:

The new Pulsar 150 NS is expected to come with 150cc single cylinder DTSi engine which can produce power of 17 PS and maximum torque of 13 Nm. This powerful engine can touch 121 km/hr easily without much vibration in the bike, and the most interesting of the bike is, this is having an instant acceleration so you can go to 0-100 in 15 seconds.

Bajaj NS 150

Now coming to the braking ability and suspension, this bike is having disc brakes of 240 mm in the front wheel and drum brakes of 130 mm in the rare wheel which is perfect for a 150cc engine. The new Bajaj 150 NS bike is expected to have telescopic forks in the front suspension and Gas-filled singular shock suspension at the rear.

If you are looking for a standard sport looks bike in a 150cc engine then this is one of the best bikes with 12 liters petrol tank and a weight of 144 kgs. So guys wait for until the month of April for this amazing is bike is soon launching in the India market by the end of April 2017.

9. Yamaha R15 V3.0:

The latest R15 V2.0 was launched in the Indian market and went so popular in the market  that everyone are now going very crazy with the new R15 V3.0 which is already launched in Indonesia. The Yamaha R15 V3.0 is totally inspired by the bike Yamaha R1, so it has got many new cosmetics added in the exterior of the bike and obviously Yamaha have done some more change in the engine too.

Yamaha R15

This bike is expected to be launched under 1.40 lakh at the end of November 2017 in India market. I am sure you will be eager for knowing more about the specification of Yamaha R15 V3.0, so let's check out the specs of the new Yamaha R15 V3.0

Specification of Yamaha R15 V3.0:

Speaking about the specification of the engine, the new R15 is expected to be launched in the Indian market with 155cc single piston fuel injection engine which can easily produce maximum power of 19 Ps and a maximum torque of 14 Nm. The new gearbox is very smooth and is having 6-speed gearbox, with this engine power you can easily reach the top speed of 135 km/hr without any vibration.

Coming to the suspension and brakes the New R15 is expected to come with disc brakes on both front and rear tyre and in the front suspension you will get inverted telescopic fork and in the rear wheel, you will be getting link single shock suspension.

yamaha R15 v3.0

The New R15 will come with new LED head light and tail light which was missing in the older R15 and the seat height of the bike is 815mm and the kerb weight is 137 kg which means now even a 5.5 feet tall person will be able to ride this bike comfortably.

The another good news is that the bike comes in three different colors matte black, matte red and blue. If you are a fan of R15 and R1 both then you will love buying and owning this bike as it is the combination of both R1 and R15.

10. UM Renegade Sport S:

The United Motorcycles is a Miami-based factory, but this is also doing very good in India. The UM has released many motorbikes in India, but the Renegade S is the best from the Um bikes. Now the UM motors are going to launch Renegade sport S in India and taking motorbike factory to a whole new level.

Renegade Sport S

So let's check out the specs, features, price and release date of this bike in India. Here below are detailed specs of the UM Regenade Sport S

Specification of UM Renegade Sport S:

The Renegade Sport S is expected to be on the road with 280cc single cylinder engine which can produce a maximum power of 25 BHP and maximum torque of 22 Nm with the 6-speed gearbox. With this powerful engine, you can reach from 0-100 by 20 seconds and the top speed of 129 Km/hr.

Coming to the fuel tank of the bike this bike is expected to have 18 liters and 35 km/l mileage, so you can say that this is a good fuel efficient bike in India. This bike is very good for both city ride and touring as the riding position is upright and the seat are very much comfortable.

Um Sport S

So if you are searching for the best bike for both touring at weekend and city ride daily then this bike is the on you should go for. But if you pick the bike for you lets check out the price and release date of this bike, the UM Renegade Sport S bike is expected to come under 1.50 - 1.80 lakh and will be released at the mid of 2017.

These are the best upcoming cars and bikes in India 2017 that are going to release in the coming months. If you are planning to buy a car or a bike for you then I must say you to wait till this all are launched in the market because I am very sure that you will be loving this vehicles when brought in the road. So keep your pocket in budget, because your garage is going to welcome a new vehicle by the end of 2017 🙂

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