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Upcoming Budget Bikes In India 2017 That Is Worth Waiting

upcoming budget bikes of 2017

Bike is like girlfriend for every teenager nowadays, you may have seen that the craze for bike in India is increasing more than cars. There are many national and international bike companies in India that have made their position in a very good place by releasing some excellent bike for Indian road every year. All the bike companies have made a very good position in Indian motor bike market and is also going to come up with some of the best upcoming bikes in India for 2017. So if you are also one of them, who is waiting to buy a new BS-IV complient engine bike with some advanced technology.

Then in this content I am going to tell you about the best budget upcoming bikes in India 2017 which you should wait for. The bikes that I am going to tell you are having some advanced technology in it which make these bike more advanced. Not only technology, the mechanism and the design of the bikes are excellent and looks very neat. So let’s have a look at the best budget upcoming bikes in India 2017 that is worth waiting.

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Best Budget Upcoming bikes in India:

1. BMW G310R: If you are a fan of KTM Duke line up but want to buy bikes from bigger brand than you can go for the new BMW G 310 R which is going to release lately in October 2017. If you look at the bike designand the sitting design, it looks the same as the KTM Duke. But Mechanically this bike has got lots of power in it and if you are looking for sports bike then this is one of the best for you. The BMW G 310 R is going to come with 313 cc single piston oil cooled engine, which can easily produce 34 bhp power at peak torque of 9500 rpm. Not only power, it has also got some amazing features like disk on both front and rear wheel, titanium upside down twin suspension in the front, monoshock suspension in the rear, approx 12 ltr fuel tank and much more. The power is just perfect for the Indian road looking at the price. This bike will cost 2 lakh to 2.4 akh on road prie in India (the price may vary as I have given it according to the price in USA). So if you are a die hard fan of BMW then this is the bike that you should wait for some more in 2017.

BMW G 310 R

2. TVS Akula 310: This is the first supersport bike from TVS and is all set to roar in Indian road. According to the company this bike is soon going to be launched in the mid of 2017 i.e.e July or August. As expected the comapny has revealed that the Akula maximum part will be made from carbon fiber to make the bike lighter. The bike comes with 310 cc single cylinder oil cooled engine which can produce 34 bhp of power and a peak torque of 28 NM. Talking about the design of the bike, it really has got a new aggressive face and is made inspired from shark body. the most amazing part is that this bike is going be a competitor of BMW G 310 R, as it has got all the same features like the G 310 R. For the supersport the TVS Akula 310 is one of the best upcoming budget bike for you, as it cost only 1.8 lakh on road in India.

TVS akula 310

3. Benelli Tornado 302R: This is the first small cc engine supersport bike from Benelli that is going to be released in India soon in June 207. Coming to the design of the Benelli Toranado 302R it looks elegant in its amazing white color. The bike has got some exterior cosmetic change liks graphics in Visor and much more. The Benelli Torando 320 R will be a big competitor to KTM RC 390, TVS Akula 310 and D0minar 400 as it comes in the same cateory bike. Not only cosmetic development Benelli also kept an eye on the mechanism of the bike like the new twin cylinder 300 cc oil cooled engine, 6 speed gearbok, disk in both front and rear and also comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). This bike easily give you at least 36 bhp power in the Indian road and torque of 27 Nm . The most amazing part of this bike is that, Benelli is producng this bike only in Indian market. Coming to the price of the bike, the Benelli Tornado 302 R will cost approximately 3lakh to 3.5 lakh rupees.

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benelli Tornado 302R

4. Ducati Multistrada 950: The Multistrada 1200 was a very successfull bike launch in India by Ducati. For all tourer aim end with the Ducati Multistrada 1200s. As you know Ducati means technology, like in the Multistrada 122o it has got lots of advanced technology. The same is expected in the new Ducati Multistrada 950 which is soon going to be released in India by July 2017. The bike has gor 4 ride modes like touring, sports, urban and Enduro where you will get freedom to go full throttle. Coming to the mechanism of the bike, it has got a new 950 cc oil cooled engine which can produce 75 horsepower easily on the Indian road. Not only this, the bike has also got lots of safety features like the ABS, DTC and DSP. talking about braking the bike comes with dual disc in the front and single disc in the rear, so in comparison to other touring bike this bike has got better braking performance. So if you love to tour with bikes and you need a bike with which you can do both touring and racing then no doubt Ducati Multistrada is the best option for you. Talking about the price the Multistrada 950 will cost you from 11 lakh to 13 lakh Indian rupees.

Ducati Multistrada 950

5. Ducati Monster 797: Finally here it comes the Monster 797 from Ducati, as per the company has said that the new Monster 797 is going to come with the classic Monster look with Oval headlight. No doubt the Ducati Monster 797 will bring a new class for all the street fighter bikes. The bike is expected to come with twin cylinder 800 cc oil cooled engine which can easily take you to the high speed in no time. Now this bike is expected to come with disc brakes in both from and rear wheel. In the front you will get 320 mm dual brakes and in the rear you will get 245 mm single disc brakes. So overall looking about the mechanism of the Ducati Monster 797, it has got all the best mechanism. But the bike has also loose some technology like the riding modes, DTC and many more. But looking at the price the bike is just perfect for 2017 , as the price of the bike is only 8 lakh in India.

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Ducati Monster 797

These are all the best upcoming budget bikes in India 2017 that is worth waiting. The bikes that I have mentioned in this content are having the best technology and is made with all new mechanism. The most amazing part is that these bikes are all from the trusted international brands. So if you are looking for the best bike with new mechanism and technology than these are the bikes that you can choose from. All these bikes are going to released in the Indian market till the end of 2017. Comment us which bike you have liked and what more you want to know.

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