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Unlock 10 Historical Tourism Spots With Exciting Hidden Stories Behind

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Most of you might have a good idea about the main historical places existing in India. But do you know what’s the hidden stories behind those places or monuments? As an Indian, you would like to know that and here is everything for you.

India is known for its land of several Historical monuments which is a must visit places in. These historical places are regarded as the famous tourism spots and every spot you visit has an exciting hidden story behind. Here, in this post, I am going to unlock 10 historical tourism spots with their hidden stories behind. I am sure you will definitely make plans to visit these amazing historical places and will come to know some amazing and historical facts about them.historical places with hidden stories in India

These historical places will gain you information about its hidden stories behind once you go through the article. The heritage tourism in India includes historical Monuments, World heritage, and Heritage Railways. So, check out the below lists of historical Tourism Spots and explore accordingly if you get excited reading about these places.

10 Historical Tourism Spots With Exciting Hidden Stories Behind Everything You Need to Know!

#1: Victoria Memorial in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata is one of the popular historical tourist spots in India that till today people from all corners visit the place to get the sense of British era. This historical monument was built in Kolkata during the time of British rule. The idea of the beautiful monument was laid down by the then Viceroy Lord Curzon and the original design has been done by Sir William Emersion.victoria memorial with hidden stories behind

The Victoria Memorial is filled with historic memorials of the British time like paintings, different sort of weapons, a royal portrait of the Queen, sculptors, paintings of Prince of Jaipur in 1876 and much more.   This beautiful monument is also surrounded by lush green gardens where the visitors can take some leisure time out there and welcome the fresh air.

If you are planning to visit Kolkata then you must visit Victoria Memorial museum. Also the black bronze statue of ‘Angel of Victory’ a good tourism place.

The entry for the Indian Tourist cost only Rs. 20/- per head and Rs. 200/- each for the International Tourist.

#2: Ajanta Ellora Cave in Maharashtra, Aurangabad

Ajanta Ellora cave in Maharashtra is also one of the popular rock cut caves as well as historical tourism spots. This cave is also known as the tourism capital of Maharashtra. This amazing rock cut caves is frequently visited by both the domestic and International tourists for its heritage culture and art.Ajanta ellora caves and it hidden stories

Ajanta and Ellora cave is surrounded with many preserved historical monuments. The most interesting thing about the cave is that this monument depicts a true craftsmanship skill where every rock carvings are said to have done by hand.

The majestic Ajanta consists of total 29 caves filled with several paintings, rock carvings, and sculptors which are worth seeing them. These paintings are said to depict Buddha and other Jataka tales.

Ellora has 34 caves combination of three religions which are – Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. There are 17 Hindu caves, 5 Jain caves, and 12 Buddhists caves. Most of the caves are used for worshipping and study.

The interesting fact about the caves is that during the monsoons the Buddhists were not permitted to go out and hence they would sit back and carve sculptures.

The entry fee for the Indian Tourists is Rs. 10 and Rs. 250 for the International tourist. No entry fee required on Fridays. Ajanta Caves is closed on Mondays and Ellora caves are closed on Tuesdays.

#3: Charminar in Hyderabad

Charminar in Hyderabad is a historical tourist attraction place in India which was built in order to signify the end of the plague in the city. According to the legends, it is believed that the monument has a secret tunnel that leads to Golconda fort but unfortunately it is not yet been discovered so far.hidden stories behind Charminar

It is also believed that Charminar was built by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in the year 1591 in order to honor Allah. Once you visit the monument, you will be able to see that each minaret has four stories to tell and each arch has got one clock.

You will find a cat’s head in one among the arches. It was placed to ward off rats which once upon a time almost destroyed Hyderabad.

The entry fee for Indian visitors is Rs. 5 and Rs. 100 for the International visitor.

#4: Taj Mahal in Agra

Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World as well as the most popular historical tourist spots in India. In this present era, Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi. Visit Taj Mahal, the Seven Wonders of the World and discover the ultimate essence of love whose magnificence left supreme in the Indian history.Taj Mahal

This magnificent monument built by Shah Jahan in the year 1632 for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal commissioned with opulent white marble structure. It is believed that the completion of the Taj Mahal took 22 years.

The interesting fact: Shah Jahan has chopped off all the worker’s hand. So that the similar monument should not build.

The entry fee for the Indian visitor is Rs. 40 and Rs. 1000 for the International tourists. No entry fee required for children below 15 years of age.

#5: Red Fort in Delhi

Red Fort in Delhi is again a popular historical tourists spots in India. This magnificent fort has been constructed between the years 1638 to 1648 which means it took 10 years of completion. It is believed that the Red Fort is constructed during the times when Shah Jahan has repositioned the capital from Agra to Delhi. That is when the fort is known as the Quila-e-Mubarak.Red Fort

This is one of the famous tourists visiting the attractions and also the place where the President of India delivers his speech during Independence Day.

The fort is originally built with limestone whose color used to be white but when the color of the fort started chipping, the British then painted it red. The entry fee for the Indian visitor is Rs. 10 and for the International visitor is Rs. 250.

#6: Humayun’s Tomb – first Garden Tomb in Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb is another popular historical tourist attraction places in India which give a beautiful combination of both Indian and Persian Architecture.  Humayun’s Tomb has been commissioned by his wife Hamida Banu Begum in the 15th century.Humayun Tomb

What makes Humayun’s tomb a greatness of Indian architecture is the inclusiveness of the beautiful domes, kiosks, arched alcoves and elaborate corridors. You will also see the tomb of Barber situated at the southwestern side of the Humayun’s tomb.

The interesting fact about the monument is that there are over 100 tombs of the Mughal Emperors called The Dormitory of the Mughals which is a must place. It is also believed that Humayun’s Tomb is said to be the prime inspiration for the Taj Mahal. The entry fee for the Indian visitor is Rs. 40 and for the International visitor is Rs. 510.

#7: Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Hawa Mahal is also known as the Palace of Winds that was given its name due to the fact that the monument looks like beehive honeycomb that has 953 intricate windows. The palace also looks like a shape of the crown which was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh who was a major devotee of Lord Krishna.hawa mahal

The most interesting fact about the Hawa Mahal is that the palace is built and curved without any foundation. It is still one of the famous tourist attractions because of its pyramidal shape.

The legends also say that this building was build so that the royal ladies can peep outside as they remain constantly under the purdah.

The entry fee for the Indian tourist is Rs. 10 and Rs. 50 for the International tourist.

#8: Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is also among popular tourist attraction places in India. This temple has a perfect amalgamation of Jainism and Hinduism that have several carvings of demi-gods, cult icons, and Apsaras. This temple is also famous due to the fact for its erotic sculptures and their nagara-style architectural symbolism.Khajuraho temples

The interesting fact about Khajuraho temples is that the city has got the name because the place is adorned with date palms. The word Khajura represents date palms.

The entry fee for the Indian visitor is Rs. 10 and Rs. 250 for the International visitor for the western temple. The other temples are free entry.

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#9: Rani Ki Vav in Gujarat

Rani Ki Vav in Gujarat is one of the most unexplored historical tourist places in India. Rani Ki Vav is 24 meters deep stepwell which was built as a memorial for King Bhimdev of the Solanki Dynasty in the 11th century AD by his wife Queen Udayamati.rani Ki Vav

The interesting fact about the stepwell has a theme in the central level as Dasavatras meaning 10 incarnations of Vishnu. As you approach the water level, you will find the sculpture of Vishnu lying down on a thousand snakeheads.

The entry fee for the Indian visitor to Rani Ki Vav is Rs. 5 and for the International visitor is Rs. 135.

#10: Gateway of India in Mumbai

The Gateway of India is one of the famous historical tourist attraction places in India which was built during the time of British rule as an access point for both entry and exit. The construction of the Gateway of India was completed in the year 1924 which was then inaugurated by the Viceroy, the Earl of Reading.gateway of india

The Gateway of India also has the statue of the Swami Vivekananda and Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is believed that the Gateway was later reinforced with the use of concrete and yellow basalt all over the turrets.

The interesting fact about the Gateway of India is believed that the last British ships have sailed for England from this place in the 20th century.

There is no requirement of any entry fee to visit The Gateway of India. As you walk behind the gateway you will find the steps that will lead you to Elephanta Island.

So, these are the 10 historical tourism spots with exciting hidden stories behind that you must know. You can explore the places according to your convenient time. And know much more stories behind these historical monuments which are worth visiting. Therefore, sooner or later, plan out for visit and unlock yourself the historical culture of the country and get lost while exploring the Indian monuments of the ancient world. Hope this post is informative and useful for your trip to these magnificent historical places in India.

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    Nice Research…. Rani Ki Vav in Gujarat will be on my list to explore this year.. What will be the ideal time to explore this place….

    • Thank you for your interest. The best time to visit Rani Ki Vav is between October and March as the weather condition is pleasant.

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