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Undertaker to make an appearance at No Mercy PPV?


Ever since the Deadman retired from his in-ring career at Wrestlemania 34, many kept on believing that the Prince of Darkness would come back for another run.

Speculation got higher since the name of the Deadman was used in several promos; mostly by Roman Reigns and Michael Cole. And the latest member of the club John Cena, who during last week promo with Reigns called the Deadman an old veteran with a bad hip.

Well, in fact, that was the case due to which the Undertaker aka Mark Callaway was having issues while moving around the ring during this Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania matches.

Fast forward, the good news is that the Deadman might have recovered from the bad hip and now can walk fine without requiring any support.

Now, many wrestling sites suggest that there was the initial plan of an Undertaker vs Roman Reigns re-match at Wrestlemania 34.

But, these days WWE keeps on changing their plan every now and then. So, according to recent rumors, WWE creative is considering to make a match between John Cena and the Undertaker, which by the way was the original plan before Vince McMahon changed the opponent and gave the opportunity to Roman Reigns at this year’s Wrestlemania.

Undertaker was at backstage at this year’s Summerslam


Source: Instagram

If you were active on social media the day before SummerSlam then you might have seen this picture of Taker boarding a plane which was headed to New York.

The picture was taken by a fan who was also in the same plane.

Now after Wrestlemania 34, this was the first time that Taker was rumored for an in-ring return.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, the plan was that Taker would show up during the fatal 4-way match and take out Roman Reigns, quite similar to the way he did back in 2015 when he showed up during the main event of Battleground.

However, after Summerslam, the news was coming out that the Deadman was initially at backstage during the event.

Jerry The King Lawler in his podcast admitted that the Deadman was indeed was practicing in the ring and was trying out his moves but not for a ring return but instead for a video game.

But many experts believe this isn’t true because there was no setup for any video game scans, and Lawler also didn’t tell the company name but he did say that the company wasn’t 2K.

Undertaker to show up at No Mercy PPV

This past week, the promo between Cena and Reigns was the best moment of RAW, and during the segment when Roman Reigns tried to brag about sending the Deadman to retirement, Cena replied that he isn’t an old veteran with a bad hip who is at the end of his career.


Well, this could possibly the start for Cena vs Taker feud which could shape into a match at Wrestlemania.

The Deadman could show up during or after the Cena vs Reigns match and challenge Cena.

But there is a twist, John Cena will not be able to show up either at RAW or Smack Down after No Mercy as he will be busy in shooting the Bumblebee movie.

Cena isn’t sure whether or not, he will be able to show up at Survivor Series PPV.

Hence, even if there might be a chance that Take could show up at No Mercy, WWE might call it off for now and wait till Royal Rumble.





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