UM (United motorbikes) are doing very good in the Indian automobile industry; UM is a Miami-based factory that develops cruiser bikes mostly. The UM Renegade Sport S is already exposed in the Auto Expo show 2017 and is promised by the company to release the bike in India by 2017. There are many expected features and specification that are likely to come in this new UM Renegade Sport S bike.

Renegade Sport S

Today I am going to tell you about the new Renegade Sport S motorbike that is going to release soon in India in the coming days. I am very much sure the bike will satisfy you if you are a cruise bike lover, as the bike look similar with the Harley Division bikes. Yes, the specification will differ, here below you will get all the description about the UM Renegade Sport S bike.

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All about the UM Renegade Sport S:

Check out the new mechanism and features that the Renegade Sport S have got in it.

Mechanical Specification:

The new UM Renegade Sport S is expected to come in India with a new 280.55cc single cylinder 4 strokes 4 cylinder oil cooled engine which can easily give you a maximum power of 25 BhP and a peak torque of 22 Nm. Coming to the gear system of the bike, it is expected to come with a new 6-speed gearbox with synchronous overdrive system.

The Renegade Sport S is expected to come with chain drive system other than the belt system like in the Harley Davidson motorbikes. The fuel system will also be Carburettor other than FIP as the Carburettor looks classic and will give you classic feeling.

Now talking about the braking system of the bike, the new Renegade Sport S is expected to have disc brake is the front and drum brake in the rear. I must say the braking system of the bike is perfect for a 280.55 cc engine. In the front wheel the bike is having Hydraulic Telescopic suspension of 41mm, and in the rear, you will have dual spring hydraulic suspension.

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So this is all about the mechanism part of the UM Renegade Sport S. Now let’s check out the features of this new motorbike.

Features of Renegade Sport S:

There are also some exciting features of the UM Renegade Sport S that you must know, check it out below.

  1. The Renegade Sport S will have self-start switch and no kicker just like the other sports oriented bike.
  2. Unfortunately, you will not get ABS in the UM Renegade Sport S.
  3. In this bike, you will get digital meter console where you will get all details of your bike, your trip. But you will not get fuel indicator just like the Royal Enfield bikes.
  4. You will not get LED headlamp on this bike, but you will get halogen headlight which you are getting on cruiser bikes.

So this is all about the features of the new UM Renegade Sport S. Now let’s have a look at the design of the new cruiser bike from UM.

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The design of the Renegade Sport S:

Talking about the design of this new UM Renegade Sport S bike, this bike has the exact look of the new Harley Davidson 750 street. In the front, you will see beautiful single headlight with a cover which will make the bike look energetic.

Coming to the seats of the bike, the bike is supposed to come with the single seat, but according to the company you will also be able to fix a pillion seat if you require. The tail of the bike looks very classy, and yes the tail light too is not LED. Overall if you look the bike looks superb and energetic.

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Now coming to the wheels of the bike, it has 14-inch alloy wheel. The tyres are big enough to make the bike look wild. Overall the bike looks superb with all this specification and features.

Expected Price & release date of Renegade Sport S:

Talking about the expected price of this new UM Renegade Sport S is expected to start from 1.50 lakh in the base model upto 1.60 lakh in the high-end model. Now coming to the expected release date of the new UM Renegade Sport S, this bike is likely to be launched in India soon. So you will need to wait for some more days for purchasing this.

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I must tell you that this is the best cruiser bike under 280 cc engine and the bike looks stylish, I am also very much sure that you are going to love this motorbike. I am sure after reading the specification you are now liking this bike now, but you have to wait for some few months till the bike got launched in Indian market. 🙂