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Ultimate Sites To Make Free Logo For Business {Professional}

To order one professional logo for your blog or website, it would cost you another buck which can be saved by using some free logo maker online tool. On my early days of blogging, I never had extra budget for any other tool or themes other than domain and hosting. So I prefer using free tools online and I would change it every week looking for a better logo.

We all human beings have very good memorizing power with images rather than just words. If we just read the terms which we never see, we tend to forget those words. It is very good idea to symbolize your business with one professional logo, it helps a lot in branding your business and also helps in getting recognized.

To get a logo for your business is easy if you have a decent budget with you if you can spend extra 100-250$ you can easily get a highly professional logo for your business. But if you are having a low budget you can hire various services from freelancers at low prices from the various freelancing platform at the low rate. But 90% freelancers low price services are worthless buying due to poor quality service or logo that you buy.

Best Sites for making Free Logo Online:

For those who have no budget or very low budget which cannot provide you high-quality logo, you can also opt for free online maker as mentioned below.

Thefreelogomakers: It is easy to use as well as you can create decent and good looking logos with certain limitations of templates. I can’t assure for a high-quality professional logo from this tool, but I can assure you that if you spare some time on this tool you can make some decent looking logo.


free logo makers

If you are unable to produce decent looks logo for your website, you can hire a designer from the same portal at 19$ for the premium high-quality logo. You can use this website for a free logo for blogs, rather than using low-quality services.

logogenie: Logogenie is another great online logo maker tool with decent and varieties of limited templates for a logo. It is very simple to use this platform with a very user-friendly platform, it allows you to add your brand name with varieties of logo template samples at once. you can easily choose the best-looking template and use them for your brand or website. It is very easy to start making online logo at this website with very easy to understand navigation system.

The only disadvantage with this tool is that the similar type of logo’s might be created by other with small changes in color and other stuff. Otherwise, logo genie is a great tool for making a logo for your website or brand with wasting any time and money.


Logo garden is another free online logo maker tool, which allows you to create logo online without any difficulty. It is very easy to use this platform with varieties of options if compared with alternative sites. Logogarden has varieties of options in terms of symbols for selecting the related symbol which relates your brand the most.


logo garden

It is very easy to use tool for making an online logo, to get the direct download link you can simply create your account and get the download link from the email. You can make various changes on your logo using varieties of options for making your logo better.

FreeLogoService: Free logo service is one of the best platforms for making a logo for your website or brand. The best thing about this site is that it provides varieties of options for choosing the most eye catchy logo for your brand or website. The best part about this platform is that it provides tons of templates for your Logo with the customizable option for use.

Overall, I personally like the platform for professional use due to highly flexible option.

CoolTextLogo: Cool Text logo is very easy to use platform for a newbie who are looking to create an online logo. This platform allows you to create a logo using varieties of writing styles and colors, but the only disadvantage with this platform is that it doesn’t allow you to add any symbols for your logo.


logo and graphics generation

Overall it is very easy to use plus if you spare some time in it and you can easily create the decently usable logo.

These are some of the sites which can be used for making logo online for free. If you had used anyone of them or any other platform for making good looking logo kindly share with our readers.

Basically, logo is must for any brand who are willing to build up brands for your business.


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