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Types Of Acne And How To Treat Them Effectively

Being a teenager or a young girls or boys, one thing that can trouble you most is ACNE. As a result, you tend to dislike your skin especially your face. As you know that acne (pimples) usually happens to the teenage girls and boys, and on rare cases with adults. Therefore, one must know what types of acne do you have and how to treat it.

types of acne

In today’s’ world, anyone of us can have acne or pimples on our body or face. Hence, this miscellaneous acne must be treated as soon as possible. But before treating, make sure you classify and understand what type of acne do you have.

Different Varieties and Types of Acne:

Let us understand the different categories of acne in details below:

1. Blackheads:

Blackheads usually appear in the nasal area and they usually seem to be dark black lumps. I also have blackheads on my nose and it looks very bad. Especially during summer, the blackheads increases because of the sweat. Blackheads are open and different from whiteheads. And these are formed from the dead skin cells present in our body. As a result intermingling with oxygen forms acne.

2. Papules, Types of Acne:

Papules are red in color with just 1 cm in size. They are also a type of acne that results with sudden occurrence near the nasal area. However, Papules are not sensitive but increase when touched and popped. Eventually, this happens because of the dead skin cells and bacteria that is present inside our body. So, consult the doctor as soon as possible and one more thing, never scratch it because this might increase the soreness and swelling.

3. Pustules:

Pustules are quite similar types of acne with Papules. Even the size also seems to be the same but pustules are much angrier. For example, when you try to pop it out when its red and lump, it will start growing bigger. Apart of that, it also pains when touched. In actual mostly, they are pale yellow in color. Therefore, never extract or pop it until it is yellow in color or else the scars will be visible.

4. Whiteheads:

This happens when you have excess oil in your body but do not worry, it happens to everyone. When the excess oil clogged in your body it results to whiteheads. However, speaking about the specifications, they are whitish in color.

5. Cysts:

Have you seen boils? Cysts are actually looked like boils in your body. They are big and large in size and it is painful when touched. it takes days and days when not treated properly. They are the most dangerous types of acne encountering your face. However, if it happens with you, do consult a doctor immediately.

6. Nodules:

Nodules are also a type of acne similar to cysts, as they are large and big. They are not small like pustules but bigger in size and hard to touch. As a result, you must consult Dermatologist if you want to overcome from it. Treatments also need to be very effective as this takes quite long days to heal.

These are the common acne problem that people do face every day, there are more different types of acne. Below I will guide you with how to treat them at home. Although some home remedies may not be effective. But it will heal you from pain.

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How to Treat Types of Acne?

Treating acne is simple, you just need to follow some daily routine. However, acne treatment usually takes pace under three category like;

  • Cleansing:

Cleansing is a part of daily skincare routine. So, one must use a good cleanser every day to clean out all the dirt from your skin. Also, wash your face properly with clear water. Do make sure you wash in a limit because overwashing may disturb your blackheads and whiteheads.

At least twice in a week exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub to remove all the blackheads. This even helps to decrease the appearance of dead skin cells.

  • Keep your skin clear:

Try to keep your skin clean and fresh free from oil. If you have an oily skin tone, go for a dry moisturizer with SPF and if you have dry skin then choose oil-based moisturizer. Also, go for such products that do not clog pores.

  • Treatments: 

Proper treatment is necessary when the acne or pimples become worst. Therefore, consult a doctor and tell him to prescribe a medicine.

  • Water:

Water is a great source for our body as it heals different diseases and types of acne. Hence, drinking at least 2 liters of water will flush out all the toxins.

Acne is a disaster when not treated on time. However, to get rid of all different types of acne, you must live a healthy lifestyle like sleep early at least up to 8 hours, eat a proper nono-oily diet etc. I have also given you some tips above to get rid of acne or pimple problem. Do follow them to remain clear skin. You can also follow some home remedies to get beautiful skin. 

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