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How to Use Two Whatsapp Account in One Phone- Easy Hacking Tricks

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How to use Two Whatsapp Account on One Phone? Whatsapp is one of the famous messenger apps for Android phone and also other phones like iOS, Windows and more. Whatsapp have some of the awesome features for messaging and texting using the internet and all are for free of cost.

But here, there is one limitation with Whatsapp that you can have only one Whatsapp account for a single device or phone. But as you are having a dual sim card on your phone, then why not use two WhatsApp contacts.

two whatsapp

Here in this article, we are going to discuss one trick by which you can get two WhatsApp account on one phone. And to use such feature, you should download and install an additional third party to run two WhatsApp. Parallel Space is a third party mobile apps which will help you manipulate your device and install two Whatsapp account.

This app is free to download from the Google play store and using this you can now get two WhatsApp accounts.

How to download Parallel Space- Multi accounts

Parallel Space is a very common and useful app for android and will help you get many apps multi account. They are some of the awesome features which make this app best among the multi-account provider's app.

two whatsapp

So let us discuss how to download this app on your Phone-

  • Click on the Button shown below.
  • Next, select and click on the Parallel space app from the list and enter its main page.
  • Select and click on the Install button, provided on the screen.
  • Now wait for the download process and it will automatically install the app.
android pc suit

How to Run Two Whatsapp Account on One Phone

Once you have installed the Parallel Space on your phone, now you are ready to use two Whatsapp Account on One Phone. Please follow the below-shown steps to install two WhatsApp in one phone.

two whatsapp

The steps are as follows-

  1. Open the app, Parallel Space Multi Accounts in your phone.
  2. Next step is, select and click on (+) Button in the main home screen.
  3. Now you will get a list of installed app of your phone, from which select WhatsApp to create a clone.
  4. So now, this will add WhatsApp app on Parallel Space account.
  5. Next, you have to verify your WhatsApp account by entering your valid mobile number.
  6. But this time enter your secondary mobile number (dual sim) for dual WhatsApp account.
  7. So here it is, you have successfully installed another WhatsApp account on your single mobile. And start using it right away.

What are the Features of Parallel Space Application

Here below we are going to discuss the awesome of features of Parallel space. There is so many Application for creating multiple accounts but, this app has great features for easy and flexible usage. And thus they are now one of the most used apps from the Google play store.

So the Features of Parallel Space are like-

  1. You can create a clone of any apps and run its multiple accounts of the same app in your single phone.
  2. Besides creating multiple accounts, it also protects the user’s privacy. It has tools by which you can make any apps invisible on your phone using its Incognito Installation feature.
  3. You can customize the clone apps in Parallel Space with many new different themes and create a stylish launcher for your phone.
  4. This app supports 24 languages which will be useful for many users throughout the world.
  5. You can login in social media like WhtasApp and registering with two different numbers. This is its unique feature and makes them very popular for coming with such smart and innovative features.


So these are the main process by which you can easily get two Whatsapp Account on One Phone. And you can not only create clone app for WhatsApp but also you can use it for any apps that desire. Thus this is an essential apps for managing two accounts for two similar apps in a single device. Hope you like the article and it has become useful for you. So for more interesting ideas keep visiting our site and explore more new tricks and tips.

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