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TVS Akula 310 Releasing Soon | Unveiling The Specification and Price

Akula 310

As you know TVS and Bajaj were always a competitor and were always giving head to head competition. But Bajaj has already launched its flagship bike i.e. RS200 in the market and went far better than the TVS bikes, as TVS doesn’t have any flagship bikes in the Market other than RTR 160, RTR 180. So soon in the mid of 2017 TVS is also going to launch its flagship bike which will again give a tough competition to the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200. TVS Akula 310 or RTR 300 is expected to be launched in Indian with lot more features than the RS 200.

TVS Akula 310

The TVS Akula 310 or the RTR 300 model is already shown at the Auto Expo 2016 at Noida in India and on the show; the company has also mentioned that the bike will soon be launched for Indian road by the mid of 2017.  The bike is totally inspired from the Shark face, and the is also made based on BMW G310R. This is totally a sports bike, but it will also be comfortable in the street as it is having only 310cc.

Let me tell you more about the new TVS Akula 310 that is soon going to launched in the Indian market.

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Specs and design of the TVS Akula 310:

Here below are I will tell you all about the Specification, design, and features of the new TVS Akula 310 bike. So let’s check out about the bike.

Specification of TVS Akula 310:

The new TVS Akula 310 is expected to have a 310cc fuel injected single cylinder TVS engine which can produce a torque of  28 Nm and a maximum power of 33 BHP. Yes, the engine comes with liquid cool features for better cooling and the transmission is expected to be 6-speed which can help the vehicle to touch the top speed of 160km/hr.

Talking about the brakes of the bike, it is expected to have the disc in both front and rear wheel. Coming to the suspension of the new Akula 310, the bike is supposed to have premium Titanium shock absorber and in the rear the hard helical spring. This shock absorber will easily absorb all the small shock from the road but while going through big holes you will feel hard, but you can also change the rear spring and put a softer one for better cruise comfort.

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The kerb weight of the TVS Akula 310 is expected to be 158 kg, so with the top speed of 160km/hr, you can easily get 30km/ltr mileage. So this TVS bike is not only a sports bike but it is also very fuel efficient bike. Coming to the engine again, many people are expecting that the TVS Akula will have two engine option one is for track racing and the other is for street cruising.

So this is all about the bike expected specification, I can not tell you the exact specification because the new TVS Akula 310 is not yet taken to the production house, so we can still hope some more mechanical changes in the bike by the company.

The design of the new Akula 310:

Coming to the exterior looks of the new TVS Akula 310 bike, in the Auto Expo show 2016 the bike was shown made with carbon fiber in the fuel tank, silencer (muffler), etc. But I can say that the company will remove the carbon fiber idea and will make the bike with different material like aluminum, as carbon fiber is very costly. So for making the bike more affordable, the company is very likely to choose Aluminium material for all the bike parts as aluminum is a light, durable material.

Coming to the lights of the new TVS Akula 310 the new technology headlight of the bike will give an angry look to the bike, and the tail lamp is fully LED and is really gorgeous at night. This design of TVS Akula 310 is very aerodynamic, and its big bizer helps you to take tight curve easily even in fast speed.

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So this is all about the design of the New TVS Akula 310 or RTR 300. Now let’s have a look at the features that the sports bike is carrying in it 🙂

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Features of Akula 310 aka RTR 300:

The most expected features of the Akula 310 is the dual ABS for better safety and digital meter console which will also give an update on the vehicle condition and your trip.  The other notable expected features of this bike are running LED daylight, adjustable clip on, high windscreen for protection.

Akula features

Having this all premium features in the bike the TVS Akula 310 is ready to become the best bike under 300 cc in Indian road. So all the rival bikes like the Ninja 300, KTM RC 390, Yamaha R3 will need to give very tough competition in coming days after the TVS Akula 310 aka RTR 300 get released.

Expected Price and Release date of Akula 310:

The new TVS Akula 310 aka RTR 300 si expected to get launched in the Indian market by the end of 2017 as the company has told in the Auto Expo show 2016. Now coming to the price this supersport bike will cost you some 2-3 lakh Indian rupee. So you see this is a budget bike for Indian riders and I am sure after the release of Akula you are going to forget RC 390.

This is all about the expected specification, features and price of the TVS Akula 310 aka TVS RTR 300. The Indian sports bike community is already to accept a new baby from TVS and yes, it is going to rock the Indian road with its high power engine. But you will need to wait for some few months till the bike get released in India. Hit the subscribe button for knowing more about the upcoming bikes in India 🙂

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