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How to Find Out Truecaller Name And Location in Phone and PC

truecaller name and location

TrueCaller is a new innovative app that can identify any caller ID. TrueCaller also gives you opportunity to check on the Truecaller Name And Location of the incoming callers

This app is created to provide secure calls and having automatic call identifying tools that can identify any incoming calls. If there is any spammer or fraud calls coming in some different phone number, then the Truecaller app will identify and reveal the name of the incoming contact number.

truecaller name and location

There are many cases seen that an unknown calls come to a normal public, and they ask for their Bank account details. The fraudster even claimed themselves to be an employee of the bank and urge the customer to provide all the bank ATM detail. Now the fraud can break into your Bank and easily clear up your Bank balance.

So in this manner, a huge loss can cause to you if you blindly trust on any fraud incoming calls. But, with the help of TrueCaller app, you can easily get the details of the caller such as Name and its Location.

How do I Check Truecaller Name And Location

With the help of this app, you can easily check on the identity of the incoming caller. The TrueCaller have some of the technology that will Automatically identify all the unknown incoming SMS and also block the spams. It can also block or cancel the incoming telemarketing and then if any threat is notice then you can simply Block the contact number.

truecaller name and location

Step to Check TrueCaller Name and Location Using Phone

  • Firstly, Download and Install the App in your Phone and open the App.
  • To check on the TrueCaller Name and Location of any incoming callers, you must keep the internet on.
  • Now once a new incoming call comes- TrueCaller will identify the callers as safe or Fraud. If the calls are safe, it will appear name and Location. But if the Call is fake, then it will automatically detect and block the calls or reveals to you that the call is fake.
  • So, in this way, you can have a safe and secured communication and automatically avoid spammers.

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Steps to check TrueCaller Name and Location via PC

You Can also check the TrueCaller Name and Location manually using the PC.

The steps to check are-

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will get a section where you will enter the number you want to check
  • Next, enter and hit the search button. This will automatically analyze the number and tell the result.
  • Now on the next page, you will get the full detail of the caller which includes Name and location of the caller.

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How to download TrueCaller App

Truecaller is an android app, and you can download free on your phone. For downloads, you should have Google account. With the help of Google accounts, you have to open Google Play store to download TrueCaller app.

truecaller name and location

Steps to Download Truecaller apps

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will be redirected to the Google play store app.
  • Next click on the Install button to download and install the app.
  • After you have installed the app, now you can enable the Truecaller app to detect all the incoming calls.
  • And stay safe!

truecaller name and location

See the video for the TrueCaller and its Benefits


So these are the complete details for the TrueCaller app. And you should also have the app install in your app to check the Truecaller name and location of the incoming callers. Besides, if someone in unknown number calls you and irritate you, then you can also check in the caller’s number in the PC manually and find out the name and location of the fraud caller.

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