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Tricks To Access WiFi On Android Phone Without Password: {How-To}

We are going to share you how to access WiFi On Android Without Password for educational purpose. We all love free stuff, and when it comes to the internet we just love to use it out of the box more than necessary when we don’t really pay for it. Accessing WiFi Network has become very common thing while experimenting it practically on our local area by not keeping any password we created a hotspot on our mobile phone device. It took hardly one minute to see 3 users using the WiFi, which clearly shows that its very important to have the strong password for WiFi plus well security enabled for not allowing unwanted users on your WiFi.

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There are more chances of Android Phone users to Access the WiFi without password because just like it has huge users, there are many experts and developers who had found out some easy way to access WiFi on Android Phones without the password. But there are some requirement without which individual user cannot perform this trick. Follow the below given tutorial guides to know more the exact process to access WiFi using Android phone.

Guide on- How to Access WiFi On Android Phone Without Password.

Kindly follow the below given steps to learn the complete process to access WiFi Without Password using Android Phone. We are going to share two different tricks below:

Trick 1: Follow the Complete steps to Access Wi-Fi on your Android Phone Without Password-

  1. Download Instabridge App to Hack the WiFi Password on your Android Phone from Google play store. If you own other devices such as Windows phone this App is still available for it including mac.
  2. After Downloading Successfully, kindly install the App on your Android device.
  3. Launch the App & set up the App. Click on the tab “I am New” & Click at “Accept the Terms & Condition“.
  4. A new window will appear asking for number verification, enter your number and verify it. It allows you to share or skip without sharing the WiFi network with your friends or other connected people.
  5. After verification, you will receive one message  and the Instabridge will detect automatically asking you to click on done button on the upper corner screen.
  6. Review your settings now with various options such as My own networks, Friends Network & Community Network. We recommend using all three options by keeping On and click on done to complete the review.
  7. Add your WiFi Network. Note: If you don’t choose the Network option, tap on “Share or Backup this Hotspot“.
  8. Enter your password on your device and Click on “Next“.
  9. Tab on Share with the various options such as friend circle, only yourself or all users that are public etc.
  10. Now you can easily find and connect to the Wi-Fi by tapping on the internet{Earth} icon. You will see all the WiFi Hotspot on your area with two different type of colors, one of them is pink and another one is grey. Grey color doted hotspots are the one which you can get connected to the WiFi without Password from your Android phone.

This method is not going to help you to connect to the highly protected or restricted WiFi hotspots. In such case, you have to hack the HotSpot which is not legal.

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These are some of the methods which may be applied on your Android phone to use the WiFi without a password. We hope you liked our guide & if you find any difficulties or if you have any doubts kindly drop your questions below in the comment.

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