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Trekking Gear For Girls At Affordable Prices- For Professional And Beginner

trekking gear for girls

Let me first list down what are the things required before you go for hiking. They are sleeping bags, hiking shoes, jackets, backpack, trekking pole etc. After so much of thinking, I got a proper list of trekking gear for girls. So why should boys have all the fun when a girl can also go for hiking be it in the Himalayas or in The Andes.

trekking gear for girls

What should I buy for trekking or what should I carry? All these questions do come in our mind. After so many research I have got a list of trekking outfit ideas, especially for the girl trekker. Note that I have gathered details about trekking gear for you. You can also buy them if you like the outfit. They are exclusively affordable and best for hiking.

10 Exclusive Trekking Gear For Girls:

When guys have lists of trekking outfits then why not girls too go for trekking and have the outfit for comfort. Hence, this will enable you to travel across snow mountains. But do you know what do your wear to go hiking? Here are the lists; Along with this also read some traveling tips for girls. 

#1. Jacket:

During the time of hiking, you really required a jacket. Now tell me….

Do you really need a jacket in the higher altitude? Well, in my opinion, you really need to have one if you are a trekker or thinking to go for trekking. Ultimately this will protect you from cold, heat, wind, rain etc. They are super light and skin friendly jacket. ZSHOW Women’s super light weight jacket is convenient.

female items for trekking

This trekking gear for girls especially the jacket that I have displayed. As a result, they are windproof, waterproof, UV protected and also very much easy to keep inside your backpack.

#2. Girl’s Trekking Boots:

In case you don’t know what shoes to wear for your trekking here I have provided trekking gear for girls. However, you cannot wear the boots wherever you like. They are meant just for hiking that will keep your feet warm in cold weather. The Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot will help you to get a better grip during climbing mountains.

trekking gear for girls

But they are little high as well as heavier than your daily wear shoes. Also, they are waterproof for trekking in a snow covered mountains. Other things you need or not but Hiking boots are a must-have item for trekking.

#3. BackPack:

When you have decided to go for trekking, you cannot carry your important things in your handbag. However, you need to carry a backpack which is light and easier to handle. Make sure it fits all your trekking gear such as tents, sleeping bags, water bottle etc.

female hiking items

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack is also affordable to carry. The backpack is good enough to fit all the items for trekking up to 2-5 days.

#4. Hiking Pole:

Hiking in the rough terrain will eventually get an uncertain accident. This is the reason you surely need to get hiking poles. Simple but crucial, do not always go for cheap price. But run for the good one whatever the price may be. Because you may end up paying more later.

hiking gear for women

Try the Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles that will give you support during your long walk. As a result, they are ultra-light with a comfortable grip.

#5. Sleeping Bags:

When you go for trekking, you also need to sleep. Am I right?

Well, a sleeping bag would be cool because this will protect you from thorns and other rocky stones. Apart from that, it will also protect you from rain since sleeping bags are waterproof. I have brought for you KingCamp Envelop Warm Sleeping Bag. 

trekking gear for girls

They are light weight and portable, simply unzip and get inside the bag. Now you can sleep comfortably in any place because this sleeping bag is a mattress as well as a blanket.

#6. Sweets:

Trekking gear for girls is really difficult to select. However, girls mostly like to chew on something during trekking especially fond of sweets. The Konpeito Sugar Candy will not only keep your mouth refreshing but give you energy when you are weak. So grab some sugar candy in your track pant pocket and experience the taste of it.

tips for trekking

#7. Tents:

For hiking, you don’t need to go to such places where there is resorts or hotels. Instead, you discover such places where there is no houses or places to sleep. Hence, during that time, you will require your own space to lie down or to take rest. Yes, tents are the one that you need. As a result, you can carry them anywhere and make yourself feel home.

hiking tent

The Sundome Two Person Tent would be favorable. With just one door, two people can easily occupy the place. With electrical access port, they are easy to fix and settle down. Now you are totally protected.

#8. First Aid Kit:

First aid kit is very much necessary while you go for trekking especially for a girl. For example, if you happen to face any accident then the first aid kit is very much essential. Or else, if you happen to fall sick during your hiking journey then this kit will give you quick healing. The All-Purpose 299 kit is my best choice. They are easy to carry and easily fits in your backpack.

trekking gear for girls

#9. Headlamp:

Trekking gear for girls especially the headlamp is great. Neither you need to hold it nor operate it. Just attach in your head and turn it on. Even at night with no difficulty, you can easily do your trekking work. Purchase the Brightest and Best 6000 Lumen Bright Headlamp. 

female hiking gear

The headlamp is powered with waterproof, so now excitingly you can even go for deep water fishing. Also, you can rotate the LED lights up to 90 degrees.

#10. Water Bottle:

Obviously, when you are going for trekking don’t you get tired and thirsty? Yes, I know you do get tired and thirsty and sometimes it is very difficult even to take out water from your bag. This Swig Savvy Bottle is great for hikers because it is a leakproof water bottle.

trekking gear for girls

#11. Sunscreen:

When you buy a sunscreen for hiking, make sure it do not get sticky to your skin. See whether the moisturizer protects both UVB and UVA rays. As your skin is delicate, you need a high SPF 45-50. As you really need to defend your skin, The Obagi Sunshield Matte Broad Spectrum will be the right choice. They are 100% protective for all types of skin.

 Trekking Gear For Girls At Affordable Prices For Professional And Beginner

#12. Sunglasses:

Your sensitive eyes can get severely damage with the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, it can also give you adverse effect on your eyes leading to blindness. However, the sunglasses must be light and durable. Your eyes must be covered fully just like the RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses. They are highly flexible for women trekkers and last long.

 Trekking Gear For Girls At Affordable Prices For Professional And Beginner

Girls, here you go. With the list of trekking gear for girls, you can easily get ready for your adventurous hiking. Well, the question lies…. Did I include all the important things for the next hiking? Or Have I miss some? Do let me know and if you want your adventure more interesting then get the best apps for guiding you while you are traveling. 

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