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15 Solid Traveling Tips For Girls To Explore The World Safely

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For girls traveling to a new unknown place every time, it can get a little risky sometimes. But when you know and have all the traveling tips then it can be quite easy to understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t. In fact, whether you go to a new resort or to a different country, being a girl it would be fun. However, I start writing about traveling tips for girls, so that I could help every girl out there to understand better about traveling.

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Eventually, the tips will inspire you and give you the courage to visit unknown places. Let’s speak about the travel tips below. This will give you a complete idea what to do and what to avoid while traveling as a girl traveling the world.

15 Traveling Tips for Girls:

Before you travel anywhere, make sure you first plan and understand your trip and follow all the safety tips that’s required. Believe me traveling will refresh your mind and you will be able to see all around the world.

1. Search For Destination:

So first of all, before you start to move for traveling make sure you clear all your doubts. You need to understand which destinations or which places are most favorable. When you can wait for a long time planning your traveling, then you can also take some time searching for a perfect place for your own safety. Which places should you go or which spots you should never visit, should be kept in mind.

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Not only that, you must search for the flight fare tickets and the perfect timing. At what time you should go and at what time the flight so you don’t have to roam here and there in the new place, especially at night. All the details must be ready for your safety. Head out to different places during monsoon season. 

2. Keep your Important Things With You:

While you are heading to a destination, make sure you keep all your important kinds of stuff carry with you. Things like; credit cards, passport, some cash, documents, cameras, a T-shirt etc, must be carried wherever you go. Even in the flight, all these things must be with you in your backpack.

Even if you need some medicines on the way, that should also be in your bag. Costly pieces of jewelry must not be carried. As a matter of fact, if you happen to carry then make sure you keep it in your backpack.

Again I am reminding you, never ever place all this important stuff in your luggage bag because if your luggage bag gets lost then you are the one to lose everything. So for a girl traveling tips awareness is necessary. And if you are traveling by bus or train then you must be more aware of your personal stuff.

3. Traveling Tips for Girls- Search a Hotel:

The smaller the hotels, the more risk. This is because small hotels are usually located in the corner of the town or streets. Accommodate in such hotels that have got a big lodging, like nearby restaurants, coffee shops, market and shopping malls. Therefore hotels must be pre-booked so that while you reach to your destinations you will easily be able to find the hotels. This is much more convenient and easy.

Apparently, A DONOT DISTURB sign will save your luggage from theft because seeing the tag even the hotel keepers will not peep in your room.

4. Safe Traveling Tips in Hotels:

While you are inside the hotels make sure you lock the room properly. Also, lock all the costly items in the front table drawer. Never allow any hotel keepers to clean your room in your absent because you can never trust an unknown person.

5. Carry Your Backpack with Only Your Important Items:

Ok, now you have reached your destination resting in the hotels. And when you are heading for researching it is not required that you carry all your credit cards as well as your

cash with you. Just locked them up in the hotel and carry just few cash and a debit card etc. You are not going to a two-three days research so why do you need to carry all your stuff? Simply lock it, that’s it.

6. Click Some Genuine Pictures of Your Documents:

As I have said above that never carry all your credit cards passport while you are researching, so if it gets lost what will you do? Worry not… Just click a picture of your documents and place them on your DropBox or Cloud storage. This will be the best idea.

7. Never Believe at Anyone:

Whenever you search for traveling tips for girls or women make sure never to believe unknown people around. Because if the loiterers come to know that you are alone then they might take severe action. I am not saying you not to talk to them, of course, you can talk but don’t try to mingle with their company. This will help you to stay alerted.

8. Dress Like a Local People:

Before you head out for traveling, research about the country’s local people attire. This will help you out from pickpockets and even the taxis will charge for less money. For example, if you visit places wearing shorts and if the people out there do not wear shorts then might be people going to stare at you. Not only that wherever you go, you will be charged extra.

Try to search for the dress they wear and how do people out there speak in which language and much more. I know it’s very difficult to find out all the details but trust me this will save you from all the bankrupts.

9.  Spend More Money:

To stay safe if you need to spend some more cash then that does not matter. Suppose if you’re flight is at night then you must pre-book the hotels. Also, inform the hotel manager to sent a car for pick up from the Airport. Although the hotel might charge a little bit high price but safety tips come first. You can also save some of your cash with traveling the whole world without money. 

10. Ensure Travel Insurance:

When you speak about traveling tips, especially for girls, travel insurance is a  must-have item. For example, if you lost your luggage the travel insurance will take care of all your costs. Hopefully, if any accident occurs or if you loses your life Travel Insurance will be the one to look after your expenses. Even with the help of Travel Insurance, your dead body will reach to your native place with ease.

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Therefore, if you don’t have the Insurance then it would be better if you stop traveling. This is because traveling tips are not possible without Travel Insurance. But make sure you read all the details before ensuring travel insurance.

11. Carry Less Luggage:

If you are a traveler who likes to travel to various countries and places then carrying so many luggage will be very difficult for you. As a result, pack your things less when you step out of your place. This will help you to carry all your things alone and it will be light for you to move anywhere. It is very interesting to Travel alone. 

12. Keep Your Cash in Separate Places:

Do not keep all your cash in one place because if any thief manages to steal your money then you are left penniless. Hence to avoid such conditions keep some cash in your wallet, some in your luggage and some in your backpack.

13. Carry Safety Tools:

Being a girl, there is always a risk while you visit a new place. So what can you do is for your safety, carry safety tools like cat key chain, whistle, knife etc. So if your life is at risk this will at least help you to defend yourself.

14. Limit Your Drinking:

You must watch what you are drinking especially if you are alone. People do take advantage, so don’t lose your sense after drinking. Instead stay calm and be alert, if you are overloaded then just stop drinking and get going. Do not go for a drinking battle because you might not be in your senses. It would be convenient if you do not drink all and enjoy visiting new places.

15. Update Regularly:

Remember to keep a copy of all your travel records to your guardians from flight tickets to hotel bills and everything. This will keep you secure wherever you go. Do call your parents and stay closed in touch with them. Let the know what you are doing and where you are going. Apparently, you will never feel lonely and will get ideas when you are out of your mind.

This is the 15 lists of traveling tips for girls. However, there are more other safety tips while traveling but the above-mentioned list will give you a complete idea about what to do to stay safe. Till then visit new places and explore the place. I would love to hear about your trip, share in the comment section. But if you still think that something is lacking in this post then also go through Things To Know Before You Start Travelling- Check List

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