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Ways To Travel The Whole World Without Money- Travel for Free

Thinking about traveling the world, got everything packed up and now the only thing that you need is MONEY!!! Well, also check out here. if that’s your condition too, well let me tell you a secret. “I have been in the same situation too.”. So to help you out from my own experience, I have made a list of ways which you can use to travel for free and even roam around the whole world for the negligible amount of money!!!. Isn’t interesting enough? Keep on reading this article till the end.

What I have noticed is that many people have the same problem which is “money”. They are holding back from their dreams of traveling the whole world due to having less or no money with them.

travel for free

However, I personally think that you don’t need to be rich to travel the whole world. Now the questions arise, what about someone who doesn’t work while traveling but work in some decent office. How can they afford to travel the world right?

Here are the simple ways…

Ways To Travel The Whole World Without Money- Travel for free:

There are many ways of traveling the whole world, yet people can spend money on some expensive dinners, do shopping but have no money for travel. Therefore, this can help you out for you to roam around the world and travel for free. Hence, looking for exploring the world without money then check out the list of ways to travel for free. Before that check out the things which you should check before while traveling.

1.Work Overseas:

Might you be having trouble to save enough money to travel from your present job right? Then how about getting a job in overseas. However, this may not be your career then try to get some jobs like Bartender, Hostel worker, Waitress/ Waiter and much more. This way you can pay all your bills easily and also can sum up the money for your travel.

2.Teach English Overseas:

Teaching English Overseas is the best way to travel to free the whole world. There are many opportunities for teaching overseas like in Thailand, China, South Korea and much more. In this job, you can earn a lot of money and save money for your travel, as many companies will even pay for your flight. All you need to be fluent in speaking English.


travel for free

HitchHike is the best free way to roam around your desired destinations that are safe and common in most part of the world. This way you can explore different places and meet new people from around the world and travel for free as well.

4. Staying with Locals for Free:

You can visit many services which connect to all the travelers along with locals that are willing to let them stay with them for free. Therefore, by using this method you can get accommodation for free and never need to pay anything while you travel the world. In other terms, it is also called as Couchsurfing.

5. Free Walking Tours:

Suppose, you want to travel the city but have no idea about the city. Therefore, you can take a free walking tour where you can find them in every part of the cities. All you need to do is go to the local tourist office and ask or directly Google it to learn more about the city for free.

6. House-Sit:

There is a possibility that you might not be able to afford money for your vacation. Therefore, in order to save your money, you can directly sign up for one site where you can watch people’s home for free while they are away. Hence, this way you can stay for a while in one city and learn more about how you can find accommodation without money.

7. Working on a Farm for a While:

travel for free

If you are looking for a free way to travel the world or city, then working on a farm is the best way you can get free room and food. However, you have to pay to get access to the farm and once you got the access no need to worry about.

It is obvious that for getting to your destination, you need to spend some of your money but still, it is cheap:

Rail Pass: 

Suppose, you are planning to travel the whole world for free. You can directly book the rail tickets before you roam the world. Hence, this way you can save up to 50% of your money. However, the best way to save money is to get a rail pass.

Sleep in Large Rooms:

If you find it difficult in staying at local hotel for free, then you can opt for large rooms like hotel or dorms. Dorms are the best accommodation which is cheap and can save your money on a place to sleep. You can even head to a church or teple who don’t mind visitors at all.

Tourist Card:

Planning to go to various sights, then you directly get a tourist card that allows you to get a discount and also get a free access to museums, other parts of tourist place along with free transportation as well.

These are the ways to travel for free and explore the world, meet new people and much more. You can try out these ways if you are wishing to travel the world for free. Once you know the ways to travel without money, make it memorable and enjoy exploring the people and its customs.

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