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Top 5 New Paid Games for Android Smartphone & Tab

New Paid Games for Android

New Paid Games for Android – Being frank, most of us doesn’t like to hit the icons of paid games. Because many of free games are available in Google Play Store. In-app purchases, however, does not come to mind initially.

Do you mind of bugs and glitches you encounter in the free games? How do you like the graphics and controls? And, the gameplay?

A real player would opt to real hot games, no matter if they are not for free. Playing paid games has lots of advantages.

New Paid Games for Android

You would never face any glitches in paid games. The graphics are always awesome with hot gameplay. Controls are smoother comparing any free games.

Various type of games is available to fit your device. Heavy ones are for high-end  devices. If you are holding average Android device, you won’t regret either.

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Top 5 New Paid Games for Android Devices

Did my words made any sense? Afraid so. If you are thinking of what paid game you should try out today or what’s new in the genre, here are the top new paid games for Android devices you must try.

1: Myths: Whispering Marsh

Myths: Whispering Marsh

The title of the games itself whispers what is waiting for you inside. The myth, thrill, and adventure. This game will lead you to a mysterious world that resembles nothing to the earthly world you know.

Once you pay for this game, you can play it the rest of your life. No in-app purchases needed. This game is full of fantasy and dark objects. You are going to reveal the mysteries. On the other hand, you will be saving lives.

Be a hero, but be careful.

Price: ₹330.00

2: Smashing The Battle

Smashing The Battle

The are two unique stories in a single game, with two different heroines. Like I said, there are no glitches in the game and the graphics is just mind blowing. No regrets in paying for the game. The game comes in a lightweight and perfectly works on all the low-end Android devices.

Price: ₹60.00 

3: Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2

This award winning is far beyond our imagination. Until you play the game, you won’t realize the real fun of playing a story-based adventure game on small devices. If you love historical actions and adventure, this should be your first priority. Lead your Vikings to the victory while the route over the country is full of adventure. Your battle tactics will ensure your victory.

Price: ₹330.00

4: NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17

This one is for the sport freaks. The trills, excitement, and action of sport is all packed right in this single Bustketball based game. However, this game works better on a high-end device as the size of the game is allso a bit high. Of course, a full packed game like NBA 2K17 required a big database. The price is aso a bit high, but its worth it.

Price: ₹520.00

5: Agent Walker

Agent Walker

Smart people like to play smart game like Agent Walker. This game won’t lead you to the furious road but a silent, puzzled, crime-based world. Players will require a brllient thinking power to unlock the hidden objects. And, of course, a paranormal twist has just embedded indane to the excitement of the game. In short, Agent Walker: Secret Journey is one worth buying Android game.


So, how’s the list? I am damn sure you are temted enough to these New Paid Games for Android. These are brilliently developed to provide a modern gameplay and are worth your bucks. While most of the popular games like Mini Militia, Pokemon Go comes with In-App purchases, these New Paid Games for Android I have listed out here requires only one time payment.

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