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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

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WhatsApp has been the best instant messenger tool over the year. We don’t have any doubt on WhatsApp service. However, WhatsApp is not only the App that can fill your needs of free instant messaging. There are several WhatsApp alternative apps offers best services.

Both the Android andiOS users are allowed to use WhatsApp without paying a dime. Now, does WhatsApp alternative Apps offers the same facility in both the Smartphone platforms.

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Yes, they do. The WhatsApp alternative Apps I have assembled here are available for both Android and iOS users, free of cost.

Best 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

Some of the App I am going to share about must be familiar to you. But, you must be wondering which can be the best one. So, read out the article about Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps and pick the one that suits your style the best.

1: Viber 

Viber is very fast and easy in exchanging messages for free. Just likeWhatsApp, the App requires an active internet connection to work. Apart from exchanging instant messages, the App allows to share photos, video clips, drawn doodles, audio files, locations, etc.

viber for android

Using the App you can make voice and video calls as well. For more fun, you can send beautiful stickers, emoticons, and animations. You can create a Group chat or join others on Viber.

Viber also keeps your private contents hidden and you can play games in here too.

Available on: Android & iOS

2: Facebook Messenger

We know about Facebook very well. It lets you send and receive text and audio contents for free using an Internet connection. But, chatting in main Facebook consumes too much of your time as it loads slowly comparing an instant messenger. Alternatively, facebook had introduced their messenger tool that is far faster and simpler to use and of course a great alternative to WhatsApp.

facebook messenger

Using the Facebook messenger App anyone can share audio, photo, and video. It lets the users create and chat in a Group. Users of Facebook messenger are allowed to make free voice and video calls. Fun included, Facebook messenger comes with various kind of beautiful

Fun included, the Facebook messenger comes with various kind of beautiful stickers and emoticons.

Available on: Android & iOS

3: LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Line is more concerned in connecting people and a great WhatsApp alternative. Line is known for some of the awesome features such as free chats, voice and video call. Chatting is fun in Line using colorful stickers.

line messenger

Sending pictures, videos, and GPS coordinates are also a prime aspect of Line. One unique feature that makes the Line different from other instant messaging Apps is the Group call with a total of 200 people.

The only downside of Line is that it is not available for iOS devices.

Available on: Android 

4: Skype: Free IM & Video Calls

Skype has been gaining a vast popularity for its fast instant messaging service. It is a great tool to keep the world in your hand palm. It lets you sharing instant messages, voice, and video calls absolutely free of cost.

skype for android

Skype allows adding max of 25 people in a group video call and voice call, and up to 300 people in a group chat. Apart from the above efficient features, sharing stickers, emojis, locations, etc.

Available on: Android & iOS

5: Telegram

Telegram should be credited for being the very first instant messaging app that is concerned with user privacy. Chat encryption feature is now available in the WhatsApp as well. Apart from privacy feature, Telegram is a neat platform for exchanging instant messages, sharing photos and videos, and even document files (MP3, DOC, ZIP).

WhatsApp Alternative

Telegram is very fast to operate and does not require any phone number to create an account. The synchronization feature lets the users access at the previously typed message if the internet connectivity is interrupted.

Available on: Android & iOS


As you can see most of the WhastApp alternative Apps I have listed here are available on both the Android and iOS platforms, except the Line App. So it does not matter what kind of device you are using, you can always have fun with these alternative instant messaging apps that come with some best features like WhatsApp.

I am not  asking you to give up on WhatsApp but just to explore what more ou there we can have. Now, if you are more in to WhatsApp and not using any of the most popular OS platforms lie Android and iOS, you can check out the below article to download WhatsApp for other devices.

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