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Top 10 Best Instagram Saver Apps for Android You Must Have

Best Instagram Saver Apps

Best Instagram Saver Apps – Instagram is one trending App (Android and iOS) not for its social networking features like chatting and connecting known people. Instagram is more concerned with sharing images and videos. Though there is chatting feature in there, but people mostly gets busy in linking those picturesque images while they are on Instagram.

But, one downside of Instagram is that it does not allow the users to download those images or videos directly. So, what would you do if you wished to save or download any image or video from Instagram? Now, don’t tell me you have been taking screenshots on your Smartphone.

Instagram saver

Say goodbye to the traditional way of taking screenshots with your mobile to save a picture from Instagram. Because now you have these amazing collections of Instagram Saver Apps that lets you save photos in full resolution. And, even videos from Instagram in just a few clicks.

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Top 10 Best Instagram Saver Apps for Android

These apps are available for free on Google Play Store so you can easily download them from your Android Device without any issues. Here I have listed the top 10 best Instagram Saver Apps for Android so, before grabbing one read this review and chose the right one for your convenience.

1: Insta Download

Insta Download is one of the most downloaded Instagram Saver Apps that can be used to save your favorite photos and videos from Instagram. All you need to do is copy the link of the photos or the videos and paste them on the Insta Download.

Instagram download

The app will automatically download them for you, and you can save them into your device and share or repost them. All your favorite photos and videos from Instagram are just two steps away with the Insta Download.

Visit Google Play Store and download the Insta Download app to enjoy endless downloading of the latest photos and videos in just 2 clicks.

2: InstaSave

InstaSave for Instagram is an easy and fast way to save any content from Instagram to your device. It comes with some amazing features which make it different from all the other Instagram Saver apps available online.


You can save multiple pictures in one go and even save Instagram stories and it also has a beautiful dashboard and an amazing photo viewer and the download is much faster than any other Instagram Saver App.

Just open Insta Save and then open Instagram and copy the URL of the photo or video you want to save and they will be automatically saved.

3: iGrab-save for Instagram

The iGrab is another super-fast tool for downloading photos and videos from Instagram without compromising the quality of the content. You can save any photos or videos and even multiple numbers of photos or videos can be downloaded at a time.

save instagram images

Go to any profile and or browse through your newsfeed and save photos and videos and repost them with ease. But before that, you will need to have iGrab App installed in your Android Smartphone.

4: Photo Downloader for Instagram

Photo Downloader for Instagram is another really good Instagram Saver App for your Android device which even lets you to bookmark photos from Instagram. It is easy and simple and you don’t need to log in to Instagram all you need to do is surf and downloads videos or photos with this app.

instagram photo downloader

Just open the Photo Downloader for Instagram and then open your Instagram and then choose “Copy Share URL” or “Share” and then choose “InstaSave or Copy to Clipboard”. The photo or video you want to save will be saved automatically.

5: Photo Saver For Instagram

Photo Saver For Instagram is another Instagram saver App which differs from other Instagram Saver Apps because you don’t need to copy or paste any URL of the photos or videos to download them.

instagram photo saver

Along with saving photos, and fast downloading you can get features like Search Videos and Photos by tag, search users by name, view profile of users etc.

To save photos and videos open Photo Saver For Instagram app search your favorite photos or videos, choose them and click download to save.

6: Insta HD Downloader

Heralded as the best Instagram photo and video downloader the Insta HD Downloader is the simplest tool for saving photos and videos from Instagram in just a few easy steps and that too in HD.

instagram saver

This Instagram Saver tool even allows you to save the videos and photos directly and even lets you set the pictures as wallpapers and you can even hide the pictures from gallery and even zoom and watch the photos

Just click open the Instagram app and open the Instagram menu and select copy URL the photos and videos will be downloaded automatically.

7: InstaSaver

InstaSaver is another unique app that comes with a one tap photo and video saving function. All you need to do is to turn on this app by taping on the main switch which you will find below the logo of the InstaSaver.

how to save instagram photo

Then select the Copy share URL of your favorite photos or videos after which you will find a notification will ask for your permission to save or share the content.

One more feature which makes the InstaSaver unique is that even when this app is not switched on you can paste the URL in the app and download the photo or video too.

8: iSave-Save for Instagram

Just like the iGrab the iSave is another Instagram Saver app which lets you save photos and videos in original quality from Instagram easily and quickly. This also allows saving multiple photos and videos at the same time without any issue.


Just open the iSave and then browse through your Instagram newsfeed and download save multiple photos and videos from Instagram in your Android mobile.

9: InstaSaver for Instagram

InstaSaver for Instagram is another really unique application for saving photos or videos from Instagram which even allows you to copy hashtags and texts and save photos and videos from Instagram and save it in your gallery.

best instagram saver apps

There are more features that make this app a really useful tool to explore Instagram as it allows you to directly copy the posts description and even view the saved content from your gallery.

While you browse through other photos or videos the download will continue in the background. To save a content just copy “share URL” and paste on the application and then download or copy the text that you want.

10: Easy Downloader for Instagram

Although this app doesn’t work for some Samsung devices but majority of the Android users love this app for the tons of features that it comes with. To download photos and videos with this app open the app and click “Copy Share URL” and you are ready to download.

easy downloader for instagram

It also allows setting the photos as wallpapers, you can even back up the photos in SD Card, it also allows zooming and watching the photos and much more.


If you are an Instagram addict with an Android mobile any of these top 10 Best Instagram Saver Apps for Android is all you need to make a collection of your favorite photos and videos available on Instagram. Just visit Google Play Store and download any one of these app or more and enjoy downloading the best and the latest contents on Instagram with your mobile.

Instagram is now accessible from computers as well. But, same as Smartphone, there is no direct way to save or download Instagram Photos to your PC or Mac. Good news is, there is an alternative way for Downloading Images from Instagram on Windows and Mac.

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