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Top 7 Best Browsers for iOS in 2017

Browsers are the essential tools required in a phone, especially in a smartphone. Browsers are the platform via which a user connects to the internet. These tools are paramount as per smartphones are concerned. These tools make the smartphones complete.

These tools are very easy to find. They are found either on the internet itself or in application markets. Here in this article, we’ll talk about the top 7 browsers that are most preferred for the iOS users.

So, let’s begin.

Top 7 Best Browsers for iOS in 2016

1: Google Chrome

Kicking off the list, the first pick in the line-up has to be Google Chrome. This is the first preference of almost all the users of iOS devices. The browser is very easy to access; the interface looks excellent & is customizable in more than a 100 plus themes.

chrome for ios

The browser is really very helpful for the “Googlers,” as it has direct access to Gmail, Google Drive & other valuable services provided by Google. A bad thing is that the browser doesn’t come pre-installed on the iOS devices. But there’s nothing to worry about; you can always install it from the app store or the app markets.

2: Dolphin

Dolphin browser, though listed second in the list but is among the best browsers ever in the market. The Dolphin browser was previously known as Tunny browser. The browser is developed by Mobotap, a browser developing company.

dolphin browser for ios

The Dolphin browser is one of the fastest browsers ever in the market. The browser is very easily found on the internet, or from the App Store for the iOS devices.

3: Opera Coast

Opera Coast is a name that cannot be left out when listing the best browsers. It is very fast in performance & very easy to use as well. You can very well utilize its dynamic features on the go, on your iOS device.

opera coast for ios

The good thing about the browser is that it requires a very low space in order to be downloaded. The browser app can be downloaded from the App Store on the iOS device & also from other sources.

4: iCab Mobile

The iCab Mobile browser is known for its exceptionally valued services that it provides to the users. It is one of the unique browsers all over. The browser lets the user browse through the internet, whether it be uploading or downloading, it works very smoothly. Multi-surfing the internet is very much fluent in this browser.

cab mobile for ios

The browser is found in the App Store on the iOS devices. It is also found in other app markets as well. But sadly, is not pre-installed on the iOS devices, you will have to download it from the app store or elsewhere.

5: Ghostery

Ghostery is another name that comes to mind when we speak of browsers. It is indeed one of the most suitable browsers for iOS devices, due to its performance & ease to use. It enables the user to control the tags too, which normally no other browser does. So, this thing makes it pretty unique in its own way.

ghost browser for ios

The browser does not come pre-installed on any iOS devices. In order to install it, you have to get from the App Store or some other selective app markets from the internet.

6: Red Onion

Red Onion is a browser that is preferred by most of the iOS devices. It is very suitable if you’re a heavy user. It lets you open many windows at once, without affecting any of the windows. The browser really comes in handy & of great use, while working from your iOS device.

red onion browser for ios

If you ask me, I would personally recommend it to use this efficient browser for sure. The Red Onion Browser is found in the App Store in the iOS devices.

7: Puffin

Puffin is yet another good browser in the list. The browser is seriously fast in terms of the performance it delivers. The browser is well known compressing the heavy data 5 times faster. It has the ability to save 90% of the bandwidth on regular web browsing. The browser is found in App Store & some other selected app markets & is considered one of the best in the market.

puffin browser for ios



So, these were some of the very useful browsers that are compatible with iOS devices & also are very easy to use. Many users worldwide prefer using these browsers in their iOS devices respectively.

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