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Top 5 most shocking moments in WWE in 2017


As we welcome 2018, and bid farewell to 2017, there are several moments happened in WWE of last year which was shocking & surprising.

Most of you will agree with the fact that the beginning of 2017 was great, from Goldberg, to the Undertaker, to the surprising comeback of the Hardy Boyz, the start was looking great, but as the year passed, the third quarter became boring, but somehow WWE managed to get a fix by the 4th quarter of 2017 courtesy of the Survivor Series PPV.

So, here, were are going to give a look at the top 5 shocking moments in WWE in 2017.


#5. The Shield’s reunion

In the attitude era, there were several factions which dominated the roster, which includes factions like the Evolution, the Ministry of Darkness, etc.

However, in the PG era, there were no such factions until the Shield arrived in the scene in 2012.

The heel faction started getting wooed by fans. Sadly the faction didn’t last for too long, after the Extreme Rules PPV in 2014, the faction was broken as Seth Rollins backstabbed his two brothers; Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Since then all the three superstars have mostly continued as singles competitors, and all the three members have won the WWE championship belt.

Earlier this year, there were rumours that the Shield reunion may happen by the mid of 2017, and that’s exactly what happened.

The reunion began with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins winning the tag team titles, and then with Reigns joining the party.

Unfortunately, the trio performed as a team for a short period time.

Regardless of that, the reunion of the Shield was one of the shocking moments of 2017 which was no one saw coming.


#4. Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship win

Randy Orton was 2017’s Royal Rumble winner and then went on became the WWE Championship title at Wrestlemania.

After winning the WWW championship, the Viper Randy Orton was put in a feud with a retuning and reshaped Jinder Mahal.

Many criticised this decision of WWE of putting Jinder as a contender as SmackDown had better and more evolved superstars like AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, etc.

Jinder Mahal was set to face Randy Orton at Backlash PPV.

Fans were supporting Orton throughout the match, but out of nowhere thanks to the support Singh brothers, Jinder Mahal hit Orton with his finishing move and pinned the Viper for a win and thereby winning the WWE championship.

Jinder winning the championship at the first shot was something which no one expected to happen, fans were shocked and were silent for a few minutes.

Many were shocked to an extent that they started laughing at it.

This also turned the Viper into as a jobber, because after losing to Jinder Mahal, Randy Orton never beat him, and also went on to lose matches against Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, etc.


#3. Dolph Ziggler walkout from WWE

Dolph Ziggler is one of the best in-ring performers WWE has, despite his ability, WWE has kind of overlooked him throughout this years.

The former world champion has become a kind of jobber and was hardly given any push. Even Dolph himself on several occasion stated he was really upset with the fact that he is being overlooked and isn’t given any kind of push.

Recently, Dolph was in a podcast where he said that he is considering to leave WWE and try out in the independent circuit despite the fact that his contract expires in early 2019.

Many believe this lead to the sudden change of the plans as we saw Dolph Ziggler was made the new United States champion at the Clash of Champions PPV.

But after winning it, within 48 hours, Dolph Ziggler on what was originally named as  US champion celebration segment turned into a  shocking and unexpected segment as he dropped the title, and walked backstage.

After that night, Ziggler hasn’t been seen back in the company. Several sources have claimed that Ziggler might have walked out of WWE.


#2. Undertaker’s retirement

The image of the Deadman removing his gloves, and hat and then leaving in the ring after his match against Roman Reigns was by far one of the saddest and shocking moments in WWE.

But the way WWE retired Undertaker wasn’t appreciated by any of the fans. Especially, the fact that a superstar who has been in WWE for almost 5 years was given the opportunity to end someone’s career who has been in this industry for more nearly three decades.

As a fan, no one expected that they would see the Deadman retire, but as you all know after the match, the Undertaker did make the gesture that he is done.

This was by far one of the shocking moments that media houses from all around the globe reported it and made it the headline.


#1. The Hardy Boyz’s epic return

When it comes to popularity and fan following Jeff Hardy is one of the top superstars who has fans across the globe.

In comparison to his elder brother Matt, Jeff has been always more popular, but ever since Matt Hardy introduced the world to the broken gimmick, fans couldn’t resist to love it.

In fact, when they were in TNA, Impact rating started to increase as more fans started watching them. Sadly, as TNA got taken over by new owner, Matt and Jeff Hardy broken gimmick became an issue between them and the new owners which resulted in their departure from the company.

After leaving TNA, the broken brothers debuted in Ring of Honor but didn’t stay for too long.

On the day of Wrestlemania 34, the Hardyz made their surprise return after almost 9 years of absence. According to a backstage report, only selected few people knew about their return, so not only the fans shocked and surprised by their return but many superstars were also shocked and surprised by their return.

So, these were some of the most shocking moments in WWE in 2017. Hope you liked reading this post, and please do share your views by writing them in the comment section below.

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