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Top 150+ High PR Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

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High PR social bookmarking sites are one of the reliable sources for internet marketers for ranking your website well. But I had seen it in most of the cases that many bloggers use social bookmarking sites in a wrong way. Every platform has its benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, some consider it as a bad option to do it each time they publish a new post.


In the social bookmarking sites list for 2016, I am sharing a list, I am sharing only those sites which I had come across and used it at some point. Not all were profitable according to me; only those platforms are useful which can be used for creating some groups and making more connections are excellent platforms. It is because if you happen to create just another account on one social bookmarking site and just share one of your post it won’t help, it is pure spam.

Social Bookmarking is Spam?

No, It is not spam until and unless you spam. Just like any other platform considering Facebook as an example, it can be called as spam just to create the new account and just post one post and come back only when I have to share again. That means my only intention is to share the links without any connections, without any group of people to read them.

If you try to analyze successfully running social media marketers, you will see them spending more time and money on every platform they had been using. But the fact is that every internet marketers cannot afford to invest money on such platforms. On such case, you can utilize your time and communication skills to get connected with people and form a good communication.

Building Community:

Building up the community on various platforms cannot be possible until and unless you try to add some value to it. Users using such platforms would be there to learn something new, likeable & interesting. So you have to make sure that you add valuable stuff only, as well as you must not be selfish at all in sharing others valuable contents that may be beneficial for users.


It may be a little time consuming for you but it worth every second that you spend, because it will help you to attract huge audience towards your product or blog which will not only gain traffic for you. But it will be extremely useful and beneficial regarding SEO point of view. It is because organic upvotes/likes and shares on your links will leave the positive impact on your site.

Time Management:

To manage your time while getting involved to social media marketing, it becomes tough to do that. On such case, it is good to concentrate on a limited number of platforms rather than focusing on the huge list of sites. It is much better to build the audience on 2-5 platforms with the good community rather than focusing on 50 platforms.Time-waste

So my personal advice is that, consider picking up 2-5 platforms which are popular and try to get more engaged on that platform.

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150+ Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List:

So now without making our users wait any further here we present you with the List to Top 500+ Social Bookmarking sites to making Backlinks for Free.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites:

Pick up few  high PR social bookmarking sites from here to build your community.


New List of social bookmarking sites:


  • FreeSubmition.Com
  • FreeBacklinksiteList.Com
  • FreeBacklinkCreate.Com
  • CreateFreeBacklink.Com
  • MakeFreeBacklink.Com
  • BookmarkWebsiteList.Com
  • SocialBookmarkWeb.Com
  • FreeLinkSubmition.Com
  • Web2Backlink.Com
  • MakeBacklink.Com
  • FreeBookmarkWeb.Com
  • BookmarkSiteList.Com
  • FreeBookmarkk.Com
  • aFreeBookmark.Com
  • BookmarkLtd.Com
  • BestFreeBookmark.Com
  • TopSEOInc.Com
  • SEObacklinkHome.Com
  • GoogleFreeBookmark.Com
  • QuickBookmark.Com
  • MakeaBookmark.Com
  • MySEObookmark.Com
  • HqBookmark.Com
  • MasterBookmark.Com
  • TopSeoLtd.Com
  •  BacklinkLtd.Com
  • WikipediaBookmark.Com
  • BookmarkHQ.Com
  • Free-Bookmark.Com
  • BookmarkCreate.Com
  • PeopleBookmark.Com
  • PostBookmark.Com
  • BookmarkCare.Com
  • LivePublicBookmark.Com
  • SEOLinkWeb.Com
  • InstaBookmark.Com99
  • Bookmark.Com
  • aPublicBookmark.Com
  • BacklinkHome.Com
  • BookmarkDot.Com
  • BookmarkTech.Com
  • OnlineBookmarkWeb.Com
  • GeneralBookmark.Com
  • SocialBookmarkLab.Com
  • SocialBookmarkPlus.Com
  •  Global-Bookmark.Com
  • VipSocialBookmark.Com
  • OwnBookmark.Com
  • More to come shortly.


Few Other Proven Methods to build High quality backlinks:

These are some of the methods and lists of social bookmarking sites that I had used and found it beneficial. But I am trying out the new list for now and found it excellent with three sites out of 4. So It can be used as  one of the good sources for gaining traffic and getting some good links to your site.

For better results you should not only depend upon the social bookmarking sites but also focus on other link building methods which will result in better rankings.

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Share your opinion.

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Paul billygraham Reang

Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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  • Hi Paul Bro,

    Thanks for sharing your informative article.

    As you said in this post we should take 2-5 social media platform for totally engaging with our audience.
    Rather than the social bookmarking list, I have learnt a new and very good topic from this article which is about the social bookmarking scams.
    This article will change the mentality of new bloggers and will keep them to engage with their social media circle without scamming their social media activities.

    Anyways very good and informative post for me in my opinion.
    Thank you again.. ‘ll Keep visiting your blog.. 🙂

  • Hi Paul,

    As Social bookmarking is one of the best and easiest source of link building. So, i always look for new social bookmarking site.

    And thanks for the new sites. I am am going bookmark it to use these new sites.

    • Hi Sneha,
      Both of them are respectably good on their on the place. Social signals and bookmarking are very similarly useful which can help you in better ranking. You just have to focus on making right use of the platform.
      Best Regards

  • Social bookmarking is still an amazing source for building links and Page Rank. For starters, many high‐ranking social bookmarking sites do not use no-follow links, so your links are calculated. Once you know the ethics behind social bookmarking and become well-known with a link of social bookmarking sites, you will be able to make your technique around any social bookmarking site.

  • Hey Paul,
    Awesome Job. Almost all social bookmarking sites of this list comes with Good PR, Domain Authority and Alexa Rank. All are working fine for me.
    Thanks for the awesome post.

  • Thanks For Share.

    Social Bookmarking is the power of backlink and get life time traffic in your blog, website & youtube video.

    Hi Friends. If you have any website and want to get life time traffic to your website,
    So submit your website information in our social bookmark site.

    Social Bookmarking site list

  • Your collection of Bookmarking Sites list are rally effective. I am searching this kind of Do-Follow Bookmarking sites List. So Fortunately I have got thats on your website. It’s a great collection you have on your Website.I am doing social bookmarking around this list. I think all SEO expert will searching your website for Good Job.

  • Don’t waste your time by doing bookmarking check for the cache date and for the links indexed then go and build links most of the sites displayed is no use as the domain itself not indexed

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing your informative article.
    Social Bookmarking helps generate backlink and get life time traffic to your website.
    I liked the list so much I had to share it with my friends. Thanks a bunch.

  • hi Paul ! O h great one article to shear a great and long list of social book marking sites ! keep posting brother and more tell us about back linking for website, sir my question is that can you tell me about press release and more tell me is it real way or not?

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