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Watch Free Movies Online | Top 10 High Speed Sites in 2017 – No Buffering (Updated)

Here, I have shortlisted top 10 websites that let you to Watch Free Movies Online and Offline.

Watching movies is the most common way of spending our leisure time. In fact, movies are one of the most entertaining and educative pieces of Art human mind have ever created.

Ever since World Wide Web has brought evolution in the Tech field, the way of watching movies also has got its new shape and taste.

Besides hovering over Theatres in the weekend, we like to watch free movies online or offline. Especially while being at home.

We don’t want to touch VCRs anymore. VCRs sounds too old today.

Yeah, we hit the Theatres in the weekend.

But, Theatre can’t hit our doorstep unless we bring it home in terms of Home-Theatre.

Home-theatres sounds fancy. And, you know what, they are expensive as well. Not everyone can afford that.

So, the best option left is to watch free movies online or download them for offline plays.

Watch Free Movies Online

Top 10 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

The top 10 sites to Watch Free Movies Online provides movies and TV-Shows for free download as well.

For Anime Lovers: Best Sites To Watch Latest Series Anime Movies For Free Online

However, it’s better to watch movies online free full movie rather than downloading them. I have some undeniable reason behind saying this so.

Why Should You Watch Movies Online?

#1: Downloading online movies Hollywood, Bollywood or from any Genre requires a reasonable time depending on your Internet speed. We just can’t sit and wait for complete download everytime we want to watch any.

#2: We barely watch the same movie more than once as time really matters in our busy life. So, no use of keeping a downloaded movie file on your Hard-drive.

#3: As the Hard drive is concerned, Movie files are large in size. You could use your Hard-drive space for other purposes instead loading them with old movies.

#4: Every single week, there are many new good movies are being released. So, why to waste our quality time on old movies while we could enjoy something entirely new?

#5: Internet is very handy today. We almost forgot the term “Buffering” today. So, watching movies online is a great idea.

#6: You may instantly access any of the sites I have listed here, search for your favorite movie or select from categories and enjoy your moment.

#7: You may enjoy your online movie watch on Computers, Smartphone, Tabs, Smart-TV, Gaming Consols, etc.

And, my personal opinion, it’s always best to watch online movies for free without downloading them.

Even If you can’t relate to my opinion, I got your back:  Best Movie Downloading Sites for Mobile, PC & Mac

Now, check out these Top 10 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online and pick the one suits your style.

1: WolowTube to Watch Free Movies Online

WolowTube site is considered as one of the websites to watch free movies online. And it is also recommended as one of the most recognized search engines for TV shows and movies. And, through this website, you will be able to find your most favorite TV shows and desired Movies.

wolow online movies hollywood

This website also allows you to stream HD quality movies. You don’t need any registration to watch your favorite movies. Currently, Wolowtube has more than 30,000 movies in its database.

2: PrimeWire to Watch Free Movies Online

PrimeWire website is also widely known as one of the best sites among many other reputed sites in this category. The website gets updated with hundreds of free to watch movies almost in every day. PrimeWire has consisted of thousands of online movies Hollywood starting from old movies to new ones. All the movie contents are streaming for free of cost.

online movie watchs

The main thing that you need to do is that you will have to create your free user account. And after that, right immediately after you log into your user account, you will be able to watch unlimited movies online for free.

3: Crackle to Watch Free Movies Online

Crackle certainly is also one of the best movies streaming websites in the whole worldwide streaming online movie watchs. The site contains all kind of movie genres that includes sci-fi movies, sports genre, horror, adventures. etc. You will find an option where you can create your Watchlist.

watch movies online free full movie

Besides the huge database of Movies, most popular TV-show episodes are also featured by Crackle. Of course, they are free to enjoy.

4: Hulu for Online Movie Watchs

This website is owned by NBC, FOX, and ABC. It provides you to watch movies and hit TV-shows online for free. For now, the site is limited to the audiences only from the US. So, if you are not residing in the US region, you won’t be able to watch any streamed movie accessing to the site.

watch free movies online for free full movies

Also, the site does not provide free lifetime access to its service. Whereas, you can get one-week free trial access. If you are happy with their service, you can go for the premium service anytime.

Though this does not make it free service, Hulu is worth mentioning in the list of top sites to Watch Free Movies Online for its quality service.

5: Viewster for Best Anime Movies & Series

Viewster has a large database of Anime series, Popular TV episodes, and Movies of all genres. It is specially developed for Anime Lovers where you can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well. This website is a trusted site by its thousands of users.


This is a great site for kids too as it contains many popular cartoon videos. From the Home page, you may navigate to any movie genre, channel, video collection, etc. They also have a blog where you may find interesting movie related articles. Or you can simply type your desired content title in the search box.

6: Movie4K for Online Movies Telugu, Bollywood & Hollywood


Movie4K is the site I like to visit when my mood is of watching high IMDb rated movies. The site does not look fancy with a colorful layout. But, it is a perfect site for real movie freaks. Here you can find movies of all genres and Popular TV shows with various languages.

online movies bollywood free hindi movie

You may also switch to only English language contents. The Homepage shows you to opt from there major categories such as Movies, TV shows, and XXX Movies (X-rated). You may also search for your content using Title or IMDb-code. You may also monitor the IMDb rating and quality of any content in the suggested list.

Here you will be able to stream and watch high-quality TV shows or Movies, without paying a dime. The site allows you to browse and play unlimited HD movies using any kind of computing devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

7: Streaming-Movies for Online Movies Hollywood

stream movies

This site has more than thousands of movie collection in its database. That is why it is rated as one of the top best sites to watch free movies online. But this site requires the flash player to watch your favorite movies online for free.

8: Watch Movies Online

In this website, the movie contents are classified into various categories such as Animation, Action, Horror, Sci-fi, Adventures movies and so on. You will find your favorite movie genre and the contents are available to stream absolutely free of cost.

9: Movie25 – Watch Movies Online Free Full Movie

watch online hindi movies for free without downloading

This website is also very good for watching online streaming movies for free. However, Movie25 has no collection of any TV shows and does not stream any. It has a massive collection of HD movies, and you can rely upon this platform if you are really into movies rather than any other thing.

10: Popcornflix for Online Movies Hollywood


In this website also you don’t need to do any registration in order to watch online movies. In this website, you can search movies by the popular genres such as Action, Comedy, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi, Drama, and more.

We have listed the top best movies streaming sites which will allow you to watch free movies online.  You don’t need to go for torrent sites and all. You can simply avoid blockage by watching free movies online. The best part of live streaming is you can easily watch movies from any of your devices including PC, laptop, iPhone, Android Smartphone or tablet that suits you the best.

Additionally, if you are fond of Animation movies, we have a bulk of sites for watching Anime Movies you must visit right now. And, to feed your hunger towards music, here are the best sites for Downloading Free Mp3 tracks.


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  • hello Rocky, I am very thankful to you as your article has given me lots of ideas and benefits for watching free movies online. Now i can enjoy my favorite movies by simply visiting these sites. Thank you!!!

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